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End the UnBEARable Cruelty in Canada

Written by PETA | March 10, 2008

After a recent investigation in Canada exposed how tens of thousands of black bears are killed each year in North America by a cruel practice called “bait and shoot”, PETA sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to support a ban on this indefensible practice.

Bear baiting is so cruel it has been banned in British Columbia and in many U.S. states, and is condemned by the majority of Canadians and by numerous hunting and conservation groups as being cruel and unsportsmanlike, yet black bears continue to be cruelly slaughtered in Canada.

Alexia over at the PETA UK blog has all the latest on conservative MP Ann Widdecombe’s public unveiling of this shocking footage at the House of Commons. Click here to get the entire scoop!

Please click here to join us in contacting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and ask him to help end bear baiting in Canada. Plus, I created this action alert, so you know it’s an important one!

Hugs,Christine <3

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  • valerie klassen says:

    BTW I’m a Canadian living in Toronto and I’m as outraged by Canadian practices i.e. the seal hunt that abuse animals as I am those of any other country. It might be helpful for your effort to know that Harper’s not all bad he and his wife foster stray cats at the official prime minister’s residence and apparently ask people who who visit there to also foster shelter cats. Perhaps you might appeal to his better nature considering this info.

  • Caroline says:

    Wellits not just this that’s wicked and appalling who can ever forget the mass bloodbath when Canada skills seals each year!!?? Apparently some people get a kick out of seeing animals suffer… shame shame… hope this ends.Amen.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Monica The Canadians are our sisters and our brothers. We are fighting the same fight together. To stop animal suffering. That makes us stronger. Their leader is as bad as oursno doubt about that. We will do this together as it should be. Peace!

  • Michele says:

    MOST Canadians do not actually support the killing of bears for those ridiculous hats just as most do not support the seal hunt. Do not paint all Canadians with the same brush just as we would not say ALL Chinese people are animal abusers just because their country’s track record on animal rights is so awful. It is the Canadian government officials and the sealers who are very much just a small portion of this country’s population who should be ashamed of themselves. Please Canadians and nonCanadians alike keep up the pressure to boycott the use of seal skinsoil and bear skins get other countries around the world to enact laws to forbid the use of these “products”. Once the demand is significantly reduced there will simply be no more need to kill these innocent animals.

  • Monica Simonassi says:

    Canada is being known around the world for its cruelty towards animals. Bears seals etc. Does the people of this country deserve this narrowminded authorities????

  • ANNA says:

    im not gonna insult you im gonna pray for you guys so god can chance your heart or the devil can take you to hell so you can burn alive so please stop be in so cruel to our beautiful animals.. please stop

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Judith! Don’t ever worry we can disagree and still be on the same side! Of all the things that haunt me poaching of wildlife and destruction of their habitat are at the very top. However if I were watching my children starve and I grew up in a violent sick society I can’t say I wouldn’t have a sick mind as well. None of us could. Bush and his evil allies wealthy zoos and wealthy western culture are supporting this rape of the Earth. Do we punish the homeless drug addicted teenage prostitute or do we punish the 50 year old pervert child molestor with all the money? I realize some poachers know exactly what they’re doing. Hang them by their thumbs I say. But some poachers are willing to change their behavior it’s the Westerners who insist on seeing endangered animals in zoos who are DEMANDING these wild animals be captured for the pet trade and for zoos. Punish them as well! Namaste my partner!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Maya Have you seen the way the monster poachers catch Elephants? I have watched it on AE and ended up taking a Ativan for I was at a loss for thought or words. A lovely woman and many beauitful African men take care of the babies that were there and watched their mamas and papas die. They never forget this. The people that are the care givers are amazing many babies that are found are very close to death. Some are saved and some are not. These men are monsters. I have never hurt anything in my life Maya but if I were there to witness this and someone put a gun in my hand by the way I have never even touched a gun and I am 57 years old I think I could have pulled the trigger without any guilt knowing I was able to rid Africa of one more poacher and that is a very hard thing for me to admit to. I have seen so much of what the poachers do and it is criminal and HORRIFIC. These people are cold blooded murderers without a soul. There are a lot of African websites trying to keep the Elephants from being killed. Maya I really respect you and enjoy reading your posts. But I needed so badly to tell you about this. Keep fighting the good fight Peace! Judith

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Marcy Courtney and Kacey Bush is the same way it’s like both of these monsters are twins. Bush’s morons are taking away all of the land for wildlife so the poor cattle will have a place to go and eat then get slaughterd. They are still killing the horses and in Yellowstone they are one again getting ready to shoot the Bison which we all fought for last year. Both of our leaders are monsters who have much blood on their hands. Let’s hope things will get better for the animals and let’s continue “fighting the good fight”. I think Ana coined that phrase. Peace!

  • David Hochtritt says:

    Unspeakable that such cruelty exists. Every Canadian should be ashamed.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Ana!! Long time no see! I don’t remember making those sweeping generalizations you’re implying I made….all I meant to say is that Kasey was right there are two sides to every story. And as you said each case is unique and not simplistic as some people think. I would like to see poachers nailed of course! There was an amazing nun who was doing conservation work in South America and she was brutally shot by 3 poachers. Terrible. However there are environmental police who are involved in a program where poachers are retrained to make a more productive living and get out of poverty! Once they know there is more money on the right side of the law sometimes a more peaceful solution can be worked out rather than just throwing someone in prison!

  • Maureen says:

    As a Brit living abroad it makes me cringe whenever I see one of those awful beehives or whatever they call them these days. I am so glad that Anne Widdecombe has come out so strongly against this carnage. The Ministry of Defence should have stopped using these slaughtered bears years ago.

  • Marcy says:

    As a Canadian I am so ashamed at the complete disregard for animal suffering in this country. The philosophy here is if it can get you a few bucks kill it! Harper is a coldhearted man. He won’t do anything about this.

  • Courtney says:

    It’s true. Harpers an idiot…and he’s more concerned about ending gay marriage then stopping any kind of abuse. I have notified Dalton McGuinty a few months back and got a response back pretty much stating what they do for animal rights blah blah blah. But just typical political B.S. Our government needs to grow some testes and stand up to the rednecks that still partake in this barbaric torture.

  • Ana says:

    Maya with all due respect the immigration problem is a lot more complicated than the way you stated it. There also are criminals that are arriving to the USA illegally and those with legal documentation deserve the most consideration in reference to staying here. There is a lot more but I will leave it at that. Your statement about poachers is also too simplistic and does not always play out as you put it. These poachers also kill the people hired to protect the animals that are being poached. Many are not poor but are involved in other types of criminal activity. More to the point the socalled “democracies” need to respond to such violence against animals in a humane and just manner. Animal advocates need to remain relentless in their pursuit for justice for animals. Peace!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Kasey you made an excellent point. This reminds me of the immigration debate where these poor folks cross the border so their families can survive and they are punished while the scumwad wealthy who hire them get away scott free. Many poachers not the case in the bear situation are poor folks living in poor countries. The ultra rich want to dine on endangered species and are treated like kings and queens and the poachers are the ones put in jail.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Oh my God this is horrible. Bastard’s.

  • Jaclyn says:

    This is truly sad. It’s hard and heart breaking to watch this video I can’t even imagine the type of human being that would want to kill a bear. I’m finding this so disturbing…

  • kacey says:

    As a Canadian I am ashamed that our government has absolutely no moxie when it comes to protecting animals. Bears seals or anything else for that matter. The laws created for persecuting animal cruelty are a complete joke!!! But alas I digress. Without question we need to pressure the Canadian governement to implement laws protecting our habitat. I praise PETA for bringing these issues to the forefront and raising the awareness. However from a global perspective if there’s no demand there’s no market. Stop supportingbuyingendorsing and perhaps that may quell supply.

  • Peta Lover[not real name] says:

    this is so sad you don’t have to look far to see mankinds evilness

  • Maya, CVT says:

    ps Excellent letter nonetheless and it’s worth noting that black bears may be declining in number. They won’t ever see the ES list while Bush or Harper are in office though.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’m sorry and no offense to my Canadian friends but Harper is worse than a cardboard box. He does not respond to anything. He’s as bad as Bush when it comes to eco and animal issues. However the good people of Canada have their own forms of rough justice community policing and local action which has always impressed me. I hope this effective system kicks in for the bears! Also I’m thrilled to hear that bear bating is outlawed here HOWEVER many many black brown bears are still killed here because some of our citizens are too dopy to know how to seal trash. Once bears get a free meal they will literally break down doors and endanger humans to get more food. Keep food sealed air tight and use bear proof garbage cans and bags!!!