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Grocers Stand Up for Pigs

Written by PETA | September 26, 2011


With one move, two grocery store chains may have spared thousands of pigs from a good deal of suffering. Foodland Super Market and Times Supermarkets on Oahu have announced that they will no longer sell meat from pigs who were shipped live to Hawaii from the mainland. In addition to the pain of having their throats cut and being scalded during slaughter, pigs who are transported across the ocean alive spend days aboard ships in cramped, filthy conditions and stifling temperatures. Many become sick and die during the arduous voyage.

The grocers’ decision could spell the end for Oahu’s only slaughterhouse certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and could end all live transport to Oahu. Slaughtering pigs shipped from the mainland is the bulk of business for Hawaii Livestock Cooperative’s slaughterhouse. The facility has been struggling financially for a decade and surviving only with help from the government. The president of the slaughterhouse cooperative, Calvin Wong, said he isn’t sure that it can sustain the latest loss of business, calling it “another nail in the coffin.”

Want to add another nail to that coffin? Stop eating pigs.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • t says:

    Of course, let’s put a nail in the coffin of one of the few businesses in Hawaii. Most people can’t make enough to live, but let’s put down a business that was able to pay people. Screw people, save those pigs! ….who will be slaughtered on the mainland instead and shipped already dead to Hawaii.

  • Christine says:

    It’s time to nail the coffin shut, and go vegan!