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The Embryo vs. the Egg McMuffin

Written by PETA | April 24, 2009


Thank you Prolife Across America for your excellent billboard juxtaposition. We’re always trying to remind folks that the squishy part of their Egg McMuffin is just a fried chicken embryo*. You’ve done future baby chicks everywhere a favor.

Still hungry for an Embryo McMuffin? Mmm … doubt it! We’re definitely not lovin’ it.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

*OK, not exactly an embryo because it’s not fertilized, but “fried chicken period” ain’t so appealing either!

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  • John says:

    It’s only been in the last 100 years or so probably less that people have been vegetarians. if there was any before that time they were frowned upon because everyone else before knows that animals eating animals is part of the food chain. People have canine teeth for a reason we’re omnivores

  • Denise says:

    So can we get an official PETA statement on abortion and stem cell research? If you believe this article then I hope you’re staunchly prolife or you’re a total hypocrite.

  • SS says:

    Look at all of you…bickering needlessly…why can’t you all just try and be peaceful and have nice discussions for once…instead of tearing apart try building something new…make friends and have friendly discussions. We all have different ideas and views some are less informed than others and you may not always be the one that is right in these discussions. So instead of taking your own mind’s ideals and bitch slapping someone else in the face with it. Make a friend discuss politely and try to make everyone’s everyday a nicer place to live in. Much Love Sebastian

  • B says:

    U r right Frank only a “religious nutjob” would be against contraception. Abortion is clearly more debatable. Although an outright ban would obviously be wrong.

  • Kurt K says:

    Frank So killing a child in the mothers womb is okay. But killing a chicken to eat is wrong? You say animals have no voice so you must speak for them. What about the unborn children? Remember you were once one of them. Lucky for you your mother decided to keep you. Its unlucky for us we have to listen your crap.

  • Frank says:

    Well being vegetarian is good. Being ‘prolife’ is not. Who except for religious nutjobs would ever be against contraception or abortion?

  • Sophie says:

    Ok so im veggie but i eat eggs. This message got me thinking.. I wouldn’t eat an eggMcmuffin anyway and i only eat free range eggs. But im thinking of going vegan.

  • Eileen says:

    Too bad you missed the true irony of the juxtaposition unborn babies are just as defensless and worthy of living as baby chickens. Which is why I am a vegan prolifer. I get the connection. Do you?

  • Jennifer says:

    Well I have something to say to “Jt”. You obviously are very misinformed about vegetarians and vegans weighing only 80 lbs. and looking sickly!!!! I am a healthy 33 year old woman at 5’7″ and weighing 145 lbs. I am not skinny or sickly!!! I havent even had a cold in over 5 years or any other flu or sickness!!! I do not eat any meat or dairy at all!!! I feel great because I know that nothing had to be tortured or killed to be on my dinner plate!! I sleep very well at night knowing I dont put dead animals into my body and then it take days or months for my body to digest them!!! I guess the jokes on you when us vegetarians and vegans live long lives without heart disease or blood pressure and many other health problems that meat causes!! Ejoy your steaks as they rot inside your stomach!!! YUCK!!

  • Laura says:

    An Embryo has the potential for life but isn’t life on its own. A chicken egg is not a baby chick either…so both ads are wrong.

  • Elina says:

    John Howard you are so disgustingly ignorant.

  • Danicus says:

    Saucy I am neither naive ignorant or a dummy by the way its divine not devine. I was Just stating an obvious fact. Eating an unfertilized egg does not hurt the chicken. I apologize i spoke in general and not of specific egg farms. There is such a thing as free roaming. Letting chickens do what they do and taking the leftover egg. I am also neither hardhearted or hateful to animals. I don’t know what would give you such an idea.

  • Carmen says:

    I think the focus here is not whether the eggs are fertilized or unfertilizedbut the coming about of how they are collected. do some basic research on the internet and you will discover that the chickens are mistreated and abused to get them to lay eggs for us. they are confined in a small space where they go insane and weak. This is the condidtions where the eggs are created. would you be willing to eat it than?? i guess PETA is trying to show that the eggs are just like babies they deserve the right to live and not dream of being a burger i think that billboard is just plain stupid!! Before eating the burger from McD we need to think of the environment where it was created and what the mother hens had to go through.

  • Saucy says:

    Ronald Why would Jesus appear in Spirit form walking on water to the apostles when he was alive and in the flesh? I do not believe it was Jesus who appeared before them but a familiar spirit masquarading as Christ. Demons appeared before Christ over and over. Do you not think they appeared before the appostles? They were imperfect men who could not even stay awake with Jesus to pray with him before his arrest. Why would Jesus famous for fasting care so much about their fishing trip? Jesus rebuked Peter saying “Get thee behind me Satan” Jesus told Peter that he did not have a heart after God and to become “fishers of men”. God Bless PETA they caught this fish. P.S. If a prophet Messiah asks you for a loaf of bread don’t hand him a fish.

  • Marie says:

    Ok…so are you saying that a fertilized human egg which I agree is a baby is only as important as an unfertilized chicken egg. Birds even wild ones will lay eggs whether the eggs are fertilized or not. It is like when a woman has her period each month Would you call not being pregnant constantly abortion? Unfertilized eggs are being dispelled in the same manner as chicken’s eggs? It just happens that they are not eaten they are flushed. I do disagree with the conditions in which many of the large chicken farms keep their laying hens. On the other hand the only way to insure that disease is not spread through the chicken population and eggs in such farms is to keep chickens separated. If it was up to me all meat eggs and milk would be produced from freeranging animals. In my experience those animals produce a better product. Personally I am working on going through college but when I am in a position to be able I would like to have my own flock of birds which would be freerange as much as possible without putting them in danger of being injured by cars and predators. It would be impossible to quit using any animals for milk eggs or meat. These animals would have to be killed or released after so many years of domestication. The animals that would be released would be facing almost certain death.

  • Kelly says:

    The eggs are unfertilized therefore I’m not actually killing a baby chick. eggs r not living nor will they evey be living if there unfertilized. I dont disaprove of eatting eggs i disaprove the way the animals lay there eggs

  • Ellie says:

    Actually it’s the equivalent of eating a chicken’s period. Gross yeah but believe it or not it is sometimes possible to get an unfertilized egg from a hen without hurting it one bit. Especially if you have your own chickens

  • s says:

    funny thought of the day women’s eggs like chicken eggs have an expiration date. and yeah the more you think about what exactly an egg is the less appetizing it becomes. who was the first person who saw an egg come out of a bird’s hind end said “i think i’ll eat that.” ?

  • Michael says:

    So this is proof that PETA is pro life? I’ve been wondering about that. You can’t be both for saving animals and pro choice can you?

  • Nikolai Terry says:

    I love egg mcmuffins but prefer sauasage mcmuffins with egg. I am all for treating animals in a humane and ethical way. I am down for any PETA cause except going veggie. Tried it made an honest effort but I like Pizza Donner kebabs and egg salad.

  • Jt says:

    TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN!!! humans can eat anything we want do what we want anytime and place we want! thats the perk of being at the top. If you vegans want to join the lower portion of the food chain then by all means do it! cows chickens and their baby embryos pigs are all useless besides for food! and they taste good. vegans think they’re so cool cuz they eat natural organic greens….um unless you grew your greens with water and soil yourself and know EXACTLY how the “organic” food came from the farm to your plate step by step don’t assume its 100 organic! either way have fun looking sickly and unhealthy weighing in at 80 pounds hope it works out for ya!

  • John Howards says:

    how dare mcdonalds. you guys make me sick.

  • I love PETA! says:

    AWESOME AD!!!!!!

  • Ronald says:

    saucy if god is so against eating meat then why did jesus help his disciples catch fish and jesus wasn’t a vegitarian

  • Tina says:

    fried chicken period… hahaha D

  • anna says:

    Brianna said “Um hello…eggs that most people eat are unfertilized and therefore will either be eaten or go to waste. Think before you speak PETA” Umm hello those eggs wouldnt EXIST if humans didnt consume eggs in the first place. egg laying hens are selectively force bred and exploited for their “product”. If its not meat then its eggs. By consuming animal product whether it’s meat milk cheese eggs… you are creating a demand and a place for an industry that treats animals like slaves. Furthermore eggs are not meant for humans they are produced by chickens for a different reason. not everything in this world exists for humans. so maybe YOU should think before you speak.

  • Orthocladius says:

    One of the great things about discussing economics compared to other scientific or sociological topics is that everyone regardless of education can participate in a meaningful discussion because everyone is personally involved if only they stop to think. We all have an intuitive understanding of supply and demand. We desire an item a McSandwich we evaluate competing items and we make a choice and then exchange our money for the item. The company that produced that item gains revenue and if they gain sufficient revenue they will continue to produce those items. Conversely if people buy fewer items at that price the price will be lowered andor fewer new items will be made. If demand is low enough the item may cease to be produced at all. Over the long term the choices that you me all of our neighbours and people around the world make will determine the type and nature of the items produced. This is the simplest and most effective way that every individual can act for the greater good and the simplest way that organizations like PETA can lead everyone to make simple changes which also happen to be good for their health and their soul. By bringing to light the secrets of these industries some people will choose to avoid their products it will influence their evaluation of competing items. I also contend that voting with your wallet becomes more and more important as the moral and ethical nature of the product or industry becomes more and more questionable read money is the only language they understand. People often argue that if we all stop using animal product X meat fur eggs etc there will be a surplus of animals and what will happen to them? That is true and those animals will probably meet a horrible end see above statement regarding moral and ethical nature of products and industries. Many of our domestic animals would have no chance in the wild either as individuals or as populations. But without economic change more and more NEW animals will enter the system and perpetuate the suffering and stopping that suffering now is the goal of us all.

  • Saucy says:

    dancius you are a dummy and you lack imagination. If confusion reigned supreme you could be king. You’re naive and ignorant. You are hardhearted and hateful to animals and one day GOD is going to stop you in your tracks. It is a violation of the LOVE OF GOD and all creation a violation of the DEVINE to torture animals and then eat them or their “by products” of torture the TABLE OF SATAN. I prefer the TABLE OF CHRIST. The Kingdom of God is VEGAN. Genisis 129. McDonalds………….YUUUUUUUUUUUUUck

  • rambojay says:

    i’ve just finished watching EARTHLINGS a very eyeopening film.just watch it .oh well.the juxtaposition is really great.although the manner of how the hens were raised is in d film.they are packed in battery cages often incurring infections due to living conditions.oh well.eating something so defenseless as a chicken embryo fertilized or not is still.gross?.hahah

  • matt says:

    all you people defending eating eggs ahev clearly never seen any actual footage of what goes on in egg laying battery cages. keep talking about how “its not that bad” and how “its okay to eat eggs”…until youve actually seen the footage or read up at all about how awful it is youre just making yourself look grossly uninformed…stay ignorant! yay!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow some people are so uninformed! Baby chicks bred to be egg layers born male are slaughtered whether in grinding machines or left to suffocate in plastic bags in trash heaps. Then egglayer hens are used to the fullest of their capability enduring starvation dehydration mutilation confinement and eventually sent to the slaughter once they are no longer useful only 56 years. There are no “humane” farming animal operations. Please do more research before assuming ignorant ideals.

  • danicus says:

    Saucy If people ate less eggs or NO eggs there would probably be even more birds on the way to the slaughterhouse wouldn’t you think? You have few options. Either allow the birds to breed and have more meat on the menuallow them to lay their eggs and have them pile up and eventually rot or people can consume them. Its a reproductive byproduct it causes no suffering to the chicken. You’ve confused peoples indifference to the consumption of an unfertilized egg with the support of animal mistreatment Also having a differing opinion from you doesn’t make one a dummy.

  • Gracey says:

    Im a lacto ovo vegetarian but i only eat free ranged and i found this nice amoish farm by me and i think im gonna get my eggs from there but i may go vegan hmmm…

  • Adrienne says:

    I actually disagree with the top ad. Embryos are NOT babies they have the potential to become babies. Then again I’m prochoice and I detest prolife right wing propaganda. As for eggs I am more concerned with the treatment of the hen which is why I do buy freerange organic egg. Though I do agree it is quite gross to think that you are eating a chicken embryo fertilized or not.

  • Saucy says:

    Duh Duh Duh Dummy alert! If people ate less eggs or NO eggs there would be alot less birds suffering in battery cages on their way to slaughterhouses. Making any living thing suffer in this way is immoral and unpardonable.

  • Jarin says:

    Fertilized or not no chicken lays eggs to satisfy my appetite. Therefore what right do I have to steal it. Not to mention the horrible lives chickens raised for egg production have to endure. A little research goes a long way! Be informed.

  • Brianna says:

    Um hello…eggs that most people eat are unfertilized and therefore will either be eaten or go to waste. Think before you speak PETA

  • danicus says:

    No not that appealing to eat. But also not harmful to chickens. Your footnote admits that the egg is not really an embryo but the actual piece you wrote could easily be construed as propaganda. There is nothing wrong or immoraljust gross about eating an unfertilized chicken egg. Focus on the situation in slaughterhouses that’s the real shame.

  • rozon says:

    I don’t get it they only use non fertilized eggs the more you guys try to stretch the truth the angrier people get at you. and you know it your turning more people off then you are gaining people. that’s just my opinion though

  • Denise says:

    When it comes to eggs I really have no problem eating them unless you look at how the mother hen is treated. The eggs are unfertilized therefore I’m not actually killing a baby chick. But then there are those eggs I find in the carton that have blood in them or one time I found a really tiny chick. Kinda made me sick.

  • Ashley says:

    HA! Love this. VEGANS RULE!!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    I guess this comparison looses its impact if one is not pro life in the whole stem cell cebate.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    A compelling and evocative billboard. I loathe slaughterhouses animal abuse fishing hunting trapping and abortion.

  • shannon says:

    Mmmmm delicious irony.

  • Aneliese says:

    That will get people thinking as they’re chowing down an eggmcmuffin.