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Why Ellen Went Vegan

Written by PETA | November 9, 2009
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As if we needed another reason to adore Ellen DeGeneres, the delightfully ubiquitous comic loves her vegan lifestyle and wants everyone to know it. She’s dedicated a page of her Web site to promoting her cruelty-free existence. On this new Web page, she writes the following:

I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer. I read books like Diet for a New America and saw documentaries like Earthlings and Meet Your Meat, and it became an easy choice for me.

If you choose to educate yourself, it’ll be an easy choice for you, too. Click here to take a look at a variety of reasons for living a vegan life.

This has me wondering if we can petition to change the American Idol rules: Can Ellen, who is next season’s new judge, be crowned American Idol? After all, her powers of persuasion are undeniably charming, and I can’t think of anyone better to convince people to make the compassionate, healthy, and environmentally conscious decision to go vegan.

Posted by Logan Scherer

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  • ritamaerose says:

    another phoney actress

  • Patty Britton-Pierce says:

    Has Ellen Degeneres ever commented on her endorsement of Cover Girl and Oil of Olay? I have written to her show’s email and well as many other people but can’t find a response. Also, how about Carrie Underwood and her endorsements of the same companies?

  • bob says:

    Last I remember this was still the United States with freedoms to make your own choices. Is it possible that the above people and peta don’t believe in true freedom you have to do as they want? Do you really go as far to say I can’t eat meat?

  • E says:

    Kunal….you have no clue. Go educate yourself on the issues before you give an opinion.

  • Marie Perkins says:

    While I applaud Ellen for going vegan the fact that she is doing commercials for Cover Girl which is owned by Procter and Gamble is disingenuous to me. Procter and Gamble has been a major target of PETA for years. If only you can get her to stop with those ads PETA.

  • Donna says:

    I was checking out Ellens website and she has so many meat recipes. On her show the chef was making meat dishes. There was no reference to non meat meals. This was post her change to veganism. I wrote to her site but have had no reply. There are no changes that i have found. I love Ellen and she is such an admirable human. I was disapointed though to find meat recipes on her website and see them on her show.

  • LeeLee says:

    Ellen…you are an inspiration. I remember you interviewing Alicia Silverstone a vegansome time ago and mentioned you admired her choice of diet but there’s no way you could give up on eating hamburgers. Well Ellen.. you have proved that your compassion has outweighed the beef!! Good on you GIRL!!! O

  • Lisa Wilson says:

    I emailed Ellen about Proctor and Gamble and asked her to use her influence to get PG to stop “all” animal testing. Even if Covergirl makeup is not tested on animals the mere fact that PG still tests almost all of their “other” products is a reason to still boycott this company. Just imagine PG stopping animal testing it would be a great victory for animals as other companies would follow right along.

  • Saucy says:

    God Bless Ellen. She’s a total VEGAN ICON. I love watching her show. It always puts a smile on my face. And the whole Vegan wedding thing made me GREEN with envy. To be able to afford a Vegan chef everyday now that’s what I call LIVING. A LIVING LEGEND. Thanks Ellen for having the courage to be you and for having the GRACE to speak out for animals. Love and Kisses Saucy

  • Tom says:

    It’s the height of Hubris to say that people who make a different choice than you aren’t as “educated” as you are. Eating meat is a choice and regardless of whether you choose to consume meat or not has nothing to do with you education or intelligence. I applaud Ellen for making a choice and a difficult one to forgo meat and dairy. But she needs to be less condescending to those who are either on the fence or chose differently from her

  • Shelly says:

    Chris you’re facts are incorrect. PG AND yes Cover Girl STILL test on animals! And for the record I pass on the flu shot including the SWINE FLU shot. Ellen is saving so many lives by going vegan and hopefully more by promoting a vegan lifestyle. Let’s look at her partnership with Cover Girl as an opportunity to use her fame to convince them to stop all testing.

  • Lea says:

    I think if someone does even only ONE thing for the animals they are amazing! Love you Ellen!

  • Joanna says:

    Its not enough Ellen is taking responsibilty for what she puts in her mouth? Now she should control everything in her corporate reach as well. Maybe she should only fly on animal friendly airlines visit towns with mandatory spay neuter laws make friends with only vegans and force all advertisers to her own personal diet and belief. Good Grief give her a break. At least she has a sense of humor which is not often noticed on this blog.

  • Chris says:

    I love Ellen and honestly I don’t think it’s that bad that she’s the spokesman for PG. The company doesn’t test their makeup on animals and that’s what she’s the spokeman for. Who here get’s vaccines? H1N1? Flu? Chickpox? etc… Those vaccines are incubated in eggs!!!! Plus a large number of vaccines are tested on animals. So unless you’re going to boycott all vaccines and medical treatments most cancer treatments are tested on animals you should leave Ellen alone and boycott any and all PG products that involve animal testing.

  • Kunal says:

    It’s great that Ellen’s vegan. But her show sponsors should only be cruelty free companies and she also shouldn’t be doing those ads. It’s not like she wouldn’t have a queue of cruelty free companies wanting to market themselves via her. Plus she doesn’t have money problems so why sell out? Also she should make only vegan or at least veggie pet food like other companies. Maybe she’s only a dietary vegan but doesn’t mind using animal tested products etc? She via her showads can easily put animal issues in the spotlight. I know she wants her show to be about fun etc. and that’s fine but even just 12 shows about the food meatdairyegg AND fashioncosmetic industries animal testing fur farms will get the message out there to many millions of ppl. Still at least she’s happy to let people know she’s vegan

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Before signing with Cover Girl Ellen was diligent in making sure that Cover Girl no longer tests on animals. She made it crystal clear that the companys “no testing” policy was essential in order for her to agree to be its spokesperson. We love her for that! It is because of principled people like Ellen that we will see an end to animal testing for cosmetics. Cover Girl’s parent company Procter Gamble PG announced in 1999 that it had revised its animaltesting policy. PG stated that it will end the use of animal tests for all its current nonfood nondrug products. This indicates that PG realizes the importance of the animaltesting issue. However PG has not permanently halted all nonrequired animal experiments. According to PG it will not perform experiments on many existing products but it has not agreed to stop testing new ingredients and products on animals. In addition PG subsidiary Iams continues to perform unnecessary tests on animals.

  • Whitney Delk says:

    I think that is wonderful that she became vegan. I hope to be one soon i just think it would be hard but i adore animals and i think it is horrible what we do to animals. I mean there living things to with feeling just like Ellen said.

  • Mary Ellen says:

    I adore Ellen! She is such a great advocate for animal rights. However I too was wondering as to why she is a spokesperson for a product by a company that still tests on animals. So I decided to ask her via her website if and when I receive a response I will let you all know.

  • Casey says:

    I love Ellen! She is wonderful…and what a wide range of people she is in touch with… hopefully some will follow her lead and go vegan. I know since I have gone vegan I feel more energetic and my skin looks better!

  • John Carmody says:

    I absolutely love Ellen she is a great animal rights supporter i am a big fan of hers here in Ireland.

  • Casey says:

    Exactly why is she supporting Proctor Gamble in ad for Cover Girl and Oil of Olay when they test on animals??? Tell me Ellen!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Ellen Degeneres is a very cerebral funny intelligent and humane human being.

  • Samantha says:

    Ellen being vegan is just another reason I adore her. She is my ultimate celebrity crush not just because she’s adorable but because she truly cares for other people animals and the planet.

  • CHINA GAINES says:


  • Lisa Wilson says:

    Hmmmm… So why is she a spokeswomenmodel for covergirl? Last time I checked they still test their cosmetics on animals…

  • michelle says:

    She looks amazing with her new diet. She looks ten years younger! I’m a vegetarian and working very hard to go vegan. Stop Factory Farming! Go VEG! Go PETA! I just received my Animal Times this month and the article about horse slaughter in Japan is so disturbing and just heartbreaking! People wake up!

  • Jennifer says:

    You know I love Ellen. I think she is totally awesome. However the question I have for her is why did she decide to become the face of Covergirl when they Proctor and Gamble test on animals? Maybe she can get them to change their ways so I can start buying them again…

  • Allie says:

    As I have said before it’s amazing to see people talking about veganism more and more. It gives me a bit more hope for the animals and humans alike. Kindest Regards Allie

  • carla says:

    Good for you Ellen .. just another reason to love you!