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Ellen DeGeneres’ Puppy Troubles

Written by PETA | October 18, 2007

TimeInc/Creative Commons

For anyone who may have missed this story, Ellen Degeneres adopted a puppy from a shelter a little while back, but gave him away to her hairdresser when she found that he wasn’t getting along very well with her cats. When the folks from the shelter called to check up and found out what had happened, they took the dog back from the hairdresser, who didn’t meet the standards of a background check that the shelter requires of anyone adopting an animal.

An awful lot of people have been contacting us to find out where PETA stands on the issue, so I figured I’d share our official statement on the subject, since there really is a bunch going on with this story. Here it is:

At a time when so many people in Hollywood—like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton—are making impetuous “pet” purchases, PETA commends Ellen DeGeneres for adopting a homeless animal from a shelter rather than buying a dog. Every purchase of an animal from a pet store sentences to death an animal who is desperately waiting in an animal shelter for a home. We know that Ellen was trying to do the right thing in finding the dog a new home. She just missed a step in neglecting to contact the agency first. PETA does think that the agency’s policies of doing home checks and not allowing people to transfer animals to others are good rules that protect animals. Ellen was just trying to do the right thing—she is a huge animal lover—and she surely has learned from this experience.

So there you have it. It really sucks that Ellen had a bad experience after doing the compassionate thing and adopting from a shelter, but you can’t really fault a shelter for going the extra mile to make sure everyone who ends up with one of their animals is likely to be a responsible guardian. I guess we just see both sides of the story on this one.

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  • Mars says:

    Judith wrote “Ariel You said I wonder what “it” does when it’s pup’s come into heat? As crazy and sick as this wacko is I can hardly fathom what this pervert might be capable of doing to these poor pup’s.” What a moron to believe a “pup” goes into heat.

  • rojo says:

    juvenile humour at it’s best how long have you been out of high school?

  • Ariel says:

    Ana I completely concur with your final dx that “it” had a botched lobotomy. That would be consistent with “its” lack of reading comprehension distortions concoctions and irrational outbursts. The procedure could have only been performed by the prominent Dr. Colon I. Wreckedum a graduate of Uranus U. school of nonmedicine. Credits also include Ass. Professor of Crapology and a graduate of Juvenile Deliquent High School cum laude. Literary credits include “How to be a Hemorrhoid.” which seems to be required reading for the “anti” establishment Judith Freedom Fighter “It” probably at least gets “excited.”

  • VestaGirl says:

    Nick I’m sorry did you say something?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Nick Refrain from trying to bully VestaGirl. Her intelligence far supasses yours. Just leave it be and try to be a good boy. Judith

  • Nick says:

    VestaGirl WOW you are truly incapable of having an adult debate. What are you 12? Here’s some advice READREADREAD the actual postings.

  • Aleasha says:

    There is no such things as a responsible breeder. Most people know to avoid puppy mills and “backyard” breeders. But many kind individuals fall prey to the picketfence appeal of socalled “responsible” breeders and fail to recognize that no matter how kindly a breeder treats his or her animals as long as dogs and cats are dying in animal shelters and pounds because of a lack of homes no breeding can be considered “responsible.”

  • Mars says:

    ” Again paying several hundred or over a 1000 $$$$$ did not guarantee a responsible and loving caregiver in a lifetime home.” Nope it doesn’t. Nor does any kind of a background check. Ellen passed that check and it doesn’t look like it turned out so well. Nonetheless it is fact that the more something is worth the tendecy is to take better care of it. Ariel posted “Since I don’t concoct things like the s.c. does the space cadet should ask the rescuers on here how many times they came across purebreed dogs that they had to rescue” I did ask that question and have as yet to recieve a factual answer. Probaly because shelters are filled with way more mutts that people let breed out of control and “lovingly” let run around the neiborhood. ” I guess any irresponsible breeder would leave the PURCHA$E to chance without doing any background check AFTER the PURCHA$E.” After? It was done by the breeder BEFORE the purchase. The shelter purchase didn’t even ask for residency. “I wonder what the s.c. does when “its” dogs go into heat” Easy don’t breed them. “which causes unspayedunneutered dogs to undergo a lot of stress? ” So what? Stinks to be a female animal of any specie in that regard including human.I suppose you have been spayed so you don’t undergo stress each month and don’t produce mutt offspring.

  • Cathy Jones says:

    I am very disappointed that PETA sides with Ellen Degeneres on this. As the truth comes out it appears Ellen is no better than a collector. The only difference is she doesn’t keep the animals.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Ariel You said I wonder what “it” does when it’s pup’s come into heat? As crazy and sick as this wacko is I can hardly fathom what this pervert might be capable of doing to these poor pup’s. LOVE YOUR POSTS. Keep them coming. Judith

  • Jacqueline says:

    Well I’m a big fan of Ellen Degeneres and I think that she just made a mistake. I love animals and hate to see them hurt so that’s why I’ve chosen the lifestyle of being a vegetarian. But to say just because your not veg means you can’t love animals doesn’t make any sense to me. I think that you can love animals just as much as a vegetarian does. Just because you choose to eat and wear animals shouldn’t mean you don’t love animals. I think that Ellen does a strong love for animals and that she simply made a mistake. So like Peta I can see both sides of the story but I don’t think that people should bash Ellen for making a simple mistake that anybody could have made.I also don’t think that Ellen used this as a publicity stunt because everyone knows how much Ellen loves animals.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Nick Put down the pipe … put down the pipe. That you believe yourself to capable of “grown up” banter OK if you say so. I believe you are the one who is a “blind follower” blinded by celebrity ooh look how much Ellen gave to XYZ she must be the bestest person on earth. And per your original post nope as I write this I’m not “waring” hemp and have no intention on doing so. Thanks for your instructions to stop posting. I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Nick says:

    “VestaGirl” Thanks for the grown up “bantering.” I’m glad you took the time to address some of the issues that I brought to your attention note the sarcasm. I will gladly engage in web blogs with you if you will actually READ what I have to say. Did I say anything pertaining to the fact that I disliked PETA or that I agreed with Ellen’s actions? aah NO I did no such thing. I attacked YOU and your childish postings. The only thing I said about Ellen was that she didn’t demand the dog be given back she asked for the dog be given back. And I gave you and Barbara a site to check out about her donations. So until you actually READ what people are posting and have an actual response. Do us all a favor and stop posting. Oh and by the way I did check out the article. Very one sided but full of information. And who knows what she did with the other dogs she adopted. See that is how you have a “grown up” debate WOW so you do walk everywhere and wear recycled clothes! I’m impressed…really. Tell me how long does it take you to walk to Florida? Oh and does your computer run on solar power? Please don’t bother posting back to me if you don’t have anything adult to say.

  • Ana says:

    There are breeders who require documentation of a spayneuter or they will not give the papers indicating the history and breed of the catdog. Trusting anyone that their dogcat will not breed is both foolish and irresponsible. There are many “pure” breedbred catsdogs in the shelters so money is no indication that a catdog will receive a lifetime home. Also I am involved with adoptions for rescued Siamese cats whose “owners” decided they no longer want their expensive cat. Again paying several hundred or over a 1000 $$$$$ did not guarantee a responsible and loving caregiver in a lifetime home.

  • Kara says:

    When everybody thought she was a fabulous person inside and out.

  • Ariel says:

    Can anyone tell me what part the space cadet MARS doesn’t understand to my quote concerning “UNCARING breeder$…mutilate CERTAIN breeds…” the last I heard no one clips the ears or tails of bloodhounds but for one example they do with dobermans AND once again the s.c. made ANOTHER claim I was SUPPOSED to have said about “flooding shelters.” Concering the s.c.’s comment supposedly? the breeder took the time to do a background check? criminal investigation? and TRUSTED? the space cadet to be a loving? responsible? owner? who would not allow “him” then “it”? not to breed out of control?. what does “out of control” mean? And the space cadet paid $1000? which of course wouldn’t include or call for the bh to be spayneutered? Hmmmmmm. LOTS of questions to be answeredproven there And for $1000 I guess any irresponsible breeder would leave the PURCHA$E to chance without doing any background check AFTER the PURCHA$E. Paying a $1000 or for free doesn’t guarantee the care and love a person has for hisher dogs.just ask any child or adult who has lost one that they treated like a family member on the other hand how much does it cost the vicious dogfight promoters to purcha$e purebreeds to train them to fight OR do they get them for nothing OR do they get them from irresponsible shelters OR from “for free to good home” ads? Since I don’t concoct things like the s.c. does the space cadet should ask the rescuers on here how many times they came across purebreed dogs that they had to rescue especially since there are specialized rescuers who take in greyhounds borzois mastis etc. OR go to purebreed rescue websites. Ask the shelter caretakers how many time they came across purebred German Shephards Jack Russells dalmations etc. The last two breeds in particular were “purchased” because of fads ie Frasier tv show and Disney. I’ve seen them in our local shelter andor know about them. Now having written all of that I wonder what the s.c. does when “its” dogs go into heat which causes unspayedunneutered dogs to undergo a lot of stress? wow that’s a lot of “love” and being “responsible” And $65 for paysignngo shelter dogs. wow. a real “responsible” shelter

  • Mars says:

    Ariel posted “Uncaring breeder$ on the other hand mutilate certain breeds of pups by having vets clip their ears andor tails. Otherwise they are not “sellable.” You mean the same animals you claim and can’t back up are flooding shelters who in turn sell them to the next person? FYI the breeder I bought my Bloodhound fromunder contract did a criminal background check as well as a residence check and did not require that I surgicaly mutilate the dog against his will but trusted me to be a loving responsible owner who would not allow it to breed out of control.Paying $1000. for a animal tends to make a person take care of an animal instead of the dime storediscount shelter animal. Also my “shelter dogs” only required I pay the $65. “adoption fee” and sign I would have it mutilated by a vet.No checksnothing. Paysigngo.

  • kelly's mom says:

    We have two cats and a dog all adopted from shelters. The “I didn’t read the fine print” thing makes me laugh. The fact that you have to bring the animal back if things don’t work out isn’t in fine print. It’s the main thing you are signing and the shelters I have dealt with emphasized the fact verbally as well. Oh our cat didn’t get on with our pup after two weeks either. That’s why we were still keeping them separated and introducing them slowly. A year later it’s one big happy furry family. Two weeks and you give the pup away? Please.

  • Ana says:

    Hi Ariel! Thanks for your support and kind words. Someone I know who bought a cat was also charged TAX on the purchase. No questions asked about the home responsibilty and no followup calls to see that all is well with the cat. So the cat is an object to be TAXED NOT A BEING. WHEN I ADOPTED MY CATS FROM SHELTERS I HAD TO SHOW PROOF OF ADDRESS AND THAT I HAVE A VET THAT HAS TAKEN CARE OF MY previous and present cats. I needed to supply names of people that could vouch for my responsible care of cats and both the shelters and rescue groups that I considered adoptions with denied cats to those who would declaw the catskittens. Spayneuter is necessary because of the many reasons you stated and also because there are simply not enough responsible and loving homes. I think the mutilation referred to is the scarring from the lobotomy it received on Uranus. Apparently that surgery has not been perfected there. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Anonymous says:

    Mars Isn’t it time you returned to your home planet?

  • Ariel says:

    Ana As always you are right. Shelters take in homeless unwanted dogs feed and take care of them. at least the good ones take care of them properly. The dogs must be spayedneutered before they are adopted or at least have definite arrangements for the procedures plus the adoptee must sign a contract. The contract I signed for my dog was VERY clear and that was the only “paper” I received besides the proof of his neutering. My adoptee fee went towards his neutering and included a donation for his entire stay and that was under $100. Irresponsible moneyloving breeder$ on the other hand intentionally “produce” liters of pups only with the intention of SELLING them for the almighty dollar. Then they can sleep good at night when they get their $800 or so for one pup priced mostly because the puppy has “lineage papers.” So contrary to what anyone would like to believe rescuers try and do find homes for the dogspups to be adopted breeders try and do find prospective buyer$ ONLY for pup$. And also contrary to what anyone would like to believe spayneutering is not mutilation. It is taking responsibility so that there will be that much less unwanted pupsdogs ending up in shelters to be among the thousands that are euthanized daily and they also adopt them out AS IS. Uncaring breeder$ on the other hand mutilate certain breeds of pups by having vets clip their ears andor tails. Otherwise they are not “sellable.” And I agree with you and everyone else who sees this as nothing more than a “poor CELEBRITY Ellen” issue. Anyone who has adopted rescues before as she supposedly has shouldn’t even have to need to read any more following contracts in order to know the rules. I feel really bad for the rescue shelter getting a bad rap and for all the dogspups who may not get adopted now because “poor celebrity Ellen” was treated socalled unfairly or harshly. To all the rescuers and foster pet parents on this forum THANK YOU for all that you do!

  • pat says:

    Please lets just think about the animals.

  • Di says:

    We Pet Rescuers are human you potential adopters etc try and pull a fast one or think because we are just lowly volunteers we deserve little respect? Piss us off we react like most humans and say to heck with it and you and move on to another potential adopter. Don’t have to like me but don’t attempt to step all over me to save a buck or because you may think you know what is best for this pet. All wrong we have some of the widest shoulders we have too as we see and have to take a lot of crap and biggest hearts smallest bank accounts on the planet. We protect our fosters fiercely like we would our own. Until you have extensively done Rescue work with animals you haven’t a clue what you speak about. We are either saints or sinners depending upon how you have to deal with us. In the end we are gifted humans whom use our gift for the good of homeless pets no more no less. Mutts and Moms are the Alphas of their pack not Ellen or Portia or the Hairdresser. I still believe the hairdresser was trying to get out of paying an adoption fee and is why this went down like it did I believe that was their motive at the beginning and then maybe they fell in love with the dog. Ellen has passed along more then just 12 dogs she’s adopted. That is wonderful she gives $$ but maybe she is just not cut out for being a dog owner stick to cats Ellen they’re easier to care for. Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones not the birthdays the graduations the weddings not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of a memory unannounced stray dogs that amble in sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these! Author Susan B. Anthony Spay and Neuter your Pets! “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

  • Lauren says:

    I understand why rules like this are put into contractual agreements between shelters and people getting their pets from these shelters. Although Ellen missed a step in the process of giving the dog a new home the correct procedure should have been for the agency to inspect the home of the people Ellen gave the dog to not come in and rip it away from the children who fell in love with it! Both sides are wrong but think of those poor kids who fell in love with the dog and are obviously good people who will be doganimal lovers for life! Their home should have been inspected and upon clearance the dog should have been allowed to stay with this family.

  • KITTY says:


  • VestaGirl says:

    To “Nick” You’re amusing … in a quirky kind of way. When you wrote “Some people are such drama queens” … uh I’m guessing you were referring to Ellen and her girlfriend who went on NATIONAL TV TMZ no less to attack the rescue? As far as “full circles” are concerned … sorry pal. If in your little world you believe this to be a competition I beat you and Ellen hands down. ’nuff said. I think that maybe you’re not so much WEARING the hemp but smoking it. Since you’re so knowledgeable please do tell me what happened to all of Ellen’s adopted animals. Where are they? As I wrote on another post I’ll stop posting if somebody can answer this question. On a final note you surely fancy yourself to be a comedian … but it’s probably best to stick to your day job. I have a suspicion that you’re the kind of “joker” who writes things like PETApeople eating tasty animals. Hysterical ha ha ha snigger snigger snort snort…not. boring Yeah you’re a real wit. More or less. About half. Take a look at this if you dare www DOT opednews DOT com You’ll find an interesting article about this whole drama.

  • Roland says:

    Unfortunately the one who ends up suffering the greatest loss is the dog because it had bonded with the new family and the children and then got its heart ripped out again only to end up back in the shelter for X number of days before being placed in a new home. Yes Ellen messed up but I think the shelter was clearly wrong in removing the dog without at least letting the new family apply. Another thing that irks me is that this is Ellen DeGeneres who placed the dog in the new home. I’m not her biggest fan but my point is it’s not like some unknown person who you have no knowledge of and whose motives you can’t be sure of who adopted the dog and then placed it in a new home. I can see the shelter getting upset when they don’t really know the motive behind it but after all this is Ellen DeGeneres. Do they think she is just going to be reckless? Not saying I am a big fan of hers what I’m saying is that the one who suffered the most was the helpless dog the one who supposedly the shelter should have had the bests interest at heart. The children can get over it because they have the capacity to reason and someone can explain to them why things happened the way they did. But the dog doesn’t have the same capacity for reason and all he knows is that he has been in and out of a shelter yet again got attached to a family only to be ripped away from them again and has no idea why. SHAME on those shelter administrators. Ellen was wrong but so were they and the one who came out the loser was the innocent dog who thought it found someone to love it and who it loved. And also since it was Ellen’s hairdresser and she had a relationship with them she could have also continued to visit the dog so that it wouldn’t feel totally abandoned. But not now. Really a bad move on the shelter’s part.

  • Advocate in Iowa says:

    On TV last night TMZ who first condoned Ellen’s actions and treated her like a victim are now talking about all the dogs she has had that no one sees anymore they showed them as well. In the last few + years they counted 9 with only two still being seenaround? This is the second dog that she got from M+M they said the first one went back due to the cat problem too. This is the latest on the deal and is probably why she shutup about it she got far more then she bargained for when she had a cry fest real or fake I mean she is an actress and certianly let it all out with the camera’s rolling. You know what they say don’t bitch too much you may get what you ask for and a whole lot more! And Portia signed the contract not Ellen but since Portia evidently can’t speak English or is mute or is camera shy Ellen will do all the talking. Peta screwed up when barking about how great Ellen is without offering any support for the Rescue guess money is PETA’S idol not animals!

  • Gail says:

    For those of you who don’t know read watch the videos etc. MM did try to get this family to do the application they refused. They did try to do a home evaluation and application.. they refused. The hairdresser then threatened the rescue with the police and bad PR etc. Their policy is no small dogs to families with kids under the age of 14. The rescue didn’t snatch Iggy from anyone. The police heard both sides read the contract and told everyone the dog belongs with MM. This rescue DID try to work at letting the family have Iggy. But the holier then thou and above the law refused to do what EVERY other person has to do to get a rescue or even a breeder dog. Wake up people.

  • Joan M. says:

    As a staunch PETA supporter I am stunned that PETA would condone Ellen DeGeneres behavior. I also think that the author of this convoluted piece should get the facts straight before writing such a trivial and celebrityworshiping response. Mutts Moms is not an agency or a shelter. Mutts Moms is a grassroots rescue group and Ellen has been the responsible party for allowing this to get out of control. Ellen has made this situation into a battle that is ALL ABOUT ELLEN. I am so disappointed in PETA for criticizing Mutts Moms and I think it is a sad day when a former PETA grassroots organization chooses to align themselves with a manipulative irresponsible and egodriven celebrity. Cmon Ellen cried on television then decided that she wasnt going to talk about Iggy until he was returned to HER hairstylist and further in an unimaginable fit of pique she did not appear on her own show because she was overwrought. Can you say Drama Queen? Ellen and her gal pal did not have the authority to give Iggy away. I have seen so many posts on various sites that state The dog was in a loving home and I truthfully wonder how anyone knows that Ellen’s hairstylist’s home would be a loving and PERMANENT one. Because Ellen says so? Rescue groups pour their hearts and energy into every rescue and if a prospective adopter cannot live up to the stated clauses within a legally binding contract go elsewhere. Exceptions to any adoption can be made but the rescue group has the right to make that choice. Had Ellen approached Mutts Moms they may well have allowed the adoption. However Ellen circumvented the process by giving the dog away. Rescue groups are not humane societies or animal shelters and they take extra care to place their dogs in permanent homes. Ellens home was merely a pit stop and M M did not expect this. M M should not be persecuted because they choose to enforce what is again a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. I continue to back Mutts and Moms decision and I think Ellen and PETA should be ashamed for vilifying this group. Rescue groups choose to be careful about adopting their animals and if again if you dont like their “stringent” requirements please go to an animal shelter and save a life. Dont bash a group because of media hype and Ellens disrespectful and bullying attitude the volunteers at M M have better things to do with their time. Shame on you PETA and you have lost my respect and you have also lost perhaps more importantly an advocate of your organization.

  • Gail says:

    Ellen broke at least one contract if what I am reading here is correct. Any adult knows to READ contracts before signing them. If she was unable to keep Iggy and the contract she signed agreed to return dog to rescue group if she was unable to then thats what she should have done. Dog rescues struggle daily to save lives of dogs who would be killed and need to know before hand where their dogs are going. Ellen messed up……… and the dog will be placed in a loving home. Period.

  • Mars says:

    Nope Ana shelters sell animals just like the breeders. The contracts are almost the same thing. The only difference is a breeder contract does not condone surgicaly mutilating the animal that shelters call nuetering or spaying.

  • Maltese Lover says:

    Mutts is a very degrading statement. If Mutts and Moms is so wonderful why did they place a puppy with cats.Was it the large donation Ellen made? Has this rescue place been checked out to see the conditions these animals are living in until they are placed? PETA needs to check out Pet Barn It is always smelly and dirty food dishes and cages unkept babies.

  • margaret morgan says:

    I love the way the hairdresser does Ellen’s hair…….so I believe Ellen can give the rescued dog to who she knows will provide a good home gor the dog. Noe If Ellen’s hairdresses would do my hair like Ellens i be so happy. nothing to do with dog but hairdresses…..had same hair style 30 yrs + I am 56 and entering a new and scary phase of my life…kids out of house husband left before kids. I could not accept his lower standards in our marriage. I would love a new make over…..and bet that dog would have strutted down the street with the BEST LOOKING HAIRCUT!!! MARGARET MORGAN

  • Martin Whitman says:

    Weeping with the cameras rolling is a choice. A stunt. A pardon the expression dog and pony show. Ellen could have done her weeping off camera and kept this whole thing more rational. And you don’t adopt dogs and then give them away like you would a lamp that didn’t match your sofa. Dogs have feelings.

  • jennifer whitson says:

    i think ellen degeneres is a wonderful kind sweet person that just wanted to do the right thing by giving iggy a good home because she was unable to herself as far as mutts and moms is concerened i think that they should be more concerened in just finding animals good homes instead of such strict rules and wonder if they went after ellen degeneres just because she is a celebrity and they could get money out of her. and also i think that some of the comments that other people have left on this web page are mean and this is supposed to be a website that is for the animalspeople for the ethical treatment of animals does not sound like what some people care about at all and even peta’s statement that was posted is unkind. get a life

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t buy the “Ellen loves animals” line either. One look at here celebrity food blog will tell you otherwise. And Ms. Degeneres used her celebrity to harass the pet rescue org even though she knowingly broke the contract. Also she showed no real emotion beyond greed and selfishness making a tearfest out of her missteps and bad judgements.

  • kelly says:

    Why does Ellen continually refer to Iggy as “it”?

  • Kathy says:

    PETAI agree with you on this. I think Ellen tried to do the right thing but anyone dealing with a rescue MUST respect their rules and regulations which are in place to protect the animal. I think the saddest part of all of this is that the animal rescue has been made a villain for enforcing its contract in the best interests of the dog. I commend them for that and stand by their decision that the hairdresser’s family was not suitable. We do not know all the facts and should not make the assumption that they took Iggy out of the home for spite.

  • Sonya says:

    First of all I was a 8 yrs.old when I saved my first AKC Dog.I when to a place that did not kennal or cage thier animals.I’m a vegan age 10 yrs. ages and not cause of aniamls rights all cause of the tastes. But this has nothing to do with being veggan and my dog. PETA you attacking labs. and other places that kept animals in cages or not clean kennalwhy not attack any agency with kepting animals in cages or place in a kennal for 1 day or yrs. on end? You do know it’s not the right place for any animals to be lock up and the harm that comes from this? Anyone who loves animals will save it from being hurt or kill or locked up! As far for Ellen she was doing both. Iggy was going to be place meaning a good home that was not going to hurt or kill Or put him in a cage. Ellen I’m not a big fan of you but my heart goes out to the little girl and dog. I saw me there when my dog bite me and my parents gave him away. Ellen did tell mutts and mom where the dog was and why.Mutts and mom had the family put papers in and took off the paper their address to steal and lied to the family.They did not care to see if he was care for or if the mom and dad was going to support them the parents was there for 2 girls. 2 girls was there for Iggy. Iggy you are lucky and loved is by all. After all said done you put Iggy in cage again until a new person want him. All Iggy wants is to be loved and care for him that family was it.I know rule CAN BE BEND in this case. Even if he was put in a new home. That’s not right for Iggy. Mutts and mom is putting the dogs and cats in a cages and PETA needs to tell them to stop cause it’s wrong! Have them take a class on cages and kennal what it does to the animals! I’m not mad about what people said or what they are saying but when it comes to onebody talking or writting about the animals in cages and kennal of what it does to a cat or a dog 1 day or yrs. being place in lock up is not good for them. Please look at IAMS video see how they act in a cage. Ellen you have a great heart for animls please made it clear if you did not want Iggy in a cage again? PETA please tell people how to save or recess animals and the right places for them to go to and not to buy animals from a store first and the harm that comes with this? Anyone who loves animals will save it from being hurt or kill.After all said done Mutts and mom does cages PETA needs to tell them to stop cause it’s wrong! Have them take a class for the way house and not cages or kennal and what it does to the animals! I’m not mad about what people said but what they are not saying or doing about cages and kennal of what it does to a cat or a dog 1 day or yrs. being place in lock up is not good for them.Please look at IAMS video see how they act in a cage. Ellen you have a great heart for animls please clear it up if you did not want Iggy in a cage again? PETA please tell people how to save a recess animal that is right place for them to go to and not to buy animals from store first? Ellen did have dicipline classes for Iggy and gave it to the family.Before you say anything get infor. right THANKS! Seriosly get over Ellen and Iggy let them handle it the right way! Sonya P.S.Save or recess animal today you be loved.

  • Nick says:

    People Like “VestaGirl” and Barbara crack me up. Before you open your mouth and let all that hot air out you should really learn to do a little research. She supports donates to numerous foundations both animal AND human. Let me make it easy for you here is the link Ok and this issue with “”LOVE LOVE LOVE” animals… sure preferably fried on a bed of rice.” Some people are such drama queens. I have adopted two cats both of which cost me $25 a piece NOT $600 and I have yet to BBQ them. I also have a horse and I haven’t sold him for glue yet either. However I eat chicken pork and steak. I also drive a car ware shoes clothes etc. What does that have to do with anything you say? Well let me just enlighten you…I am sure you don’t walk everywhere. Therefore you are contributing to pollution which in turn effects global warming which effects animals etc. Do you get the point probably not? Do you ware recycled or hemp clothes and shoes? Uumm my guess is NO! I’m sure you’ll say that has nothing to do with animals. I beg to differ THINK ABOUT IT it’s ALL RELATIVE FULL CIRCLE. But people like you are hard to argue with because you are what we call “blind followers.” Take in only the information that you agree with. So don’t imply that people who love animals have to be vegetarian or they really don’t love animals. PLEASE. One last thing Ellen never said “GIVE” the dog back. She “asked” the shelterby the way initially she never mentioned the shelter. people figured that out on their ownto “please”give the dog back. There is a big difference. Uugh I’m done I have cat to BBQ.

  • Robert says:

    I’m not buying the “Ellenissokindhearted” theme. Kindhearted people don’t tell their staffers to threaten the businesses of homeless pet volunteers. Threatening people with financial ruin is simply not kind.

  • Susannah S says:

    I shouldn’t have said what I did about Ellen she’s not egotistical and that was wrong. She was mistaken and didn’t read the fine print when she adopted the dog. But hurray for her for adopting to begin with! The rescue group though doesn’t have access to the media the way Ellen does and that did seem unfair to me. My apologies though to Ellen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks anonymous I loved your post to hitchjr. I do RescueFoster work here in the Midwest over 20 years and I have the same policies in my contract and get damn ticked off when people mess with me on it and have not gotten one dog back due to a gal from WI that is not only a wacko found out later she called herself a behaviorist for animals and I was gulliable and I am now kicking myslef but sometimes your hands are tied and you hope for the best once that animal leaves. I also am the one that doesn’t go on cruises a short vacation is a nighmare to set up all hours of the day and night we take calls from pet owners and help out the Shelters with overflow and behavior troubles with wonderful animals that deserve a second third or fourth chance. WE are the ones pulled over rendering and aid and paying for that injured pet due to a jackass of an owner and we get no hourly fee. Ever! Potenial adopters are all agreeable like Portia was and then bam they don’t want to drive that far to bring the pet back or I wany my money back though it states clearly no adoption fee will be returned as this is to be a permanant family companion. I also have pets that I won’t adopt to seniors kids college students etc etc etc. Each pet is different and I will decide which home is right for it not the ones that decide they can’t handle it anymore and then pass it on to another. 2 weeks Ellen had that pup I tell my people unless that dog is salivating and has you in a corner I expect you to give this no less then 30 doays and work everyday on the issue if problems arise you will be surprised at the strides made when you go by months and not days and weeks when looking at progress especially for a puppy or kitten. And if that person cannotwon’t keep said pet any longer the pet COMES back Here at their expense and time. I rarely run into problems as we have a military strict criteria before they ever leave and I get plenty of people tell me to F off as they don’t like the rules or they are the perfect home and I just don’t think so and they are denied. But you do get pets back now and then and run into problems as people lie and become lazy and lose their commitment to a pet THEY chose to be a part of THEIR life. WE don’t have crystal balls we do our best to get them the best life we can and most of the time it works and when it doesn’t it is the fault of the adoptee not us! We are their voice and try our damndest to do right by them. But we still make mistakes and error in judgement at times. That’s what being human is and yes Ellen could have done worse things but there is no way I will believe that they were not tyring to pull a fast one and get the mother out of paying an adoption fee. They were told to return the dog they refused they brought all of this on themselves. And I don’t care how great they may be if they pulled that crap on me I would not trust them to adopt to them for fear of future troubles. Now please go out and adopt a medlrg mixed breed black dog or a black cat the first euthanized last adopted and face death far more often then other colors or sizes and then SPAY and NEUTER!

  • Di says:

    I odn’t have a problem with PETA’S positive comments about Ellen I have a problem with PETA having nothing to say in a positive light about the Rescue Org. They had no opinion of them at all. PETA should have stuck to talking about what is best for the pets we foster in our Rescues. Instead they were a platform about how great Ellen is.As one of the little people that does Rescue work and not a big TV star I was VERY insulted by PETA as when you don’t back that Rescue group you hurt all Rescue groups that are reputable like this one certainly appears to be.

  • VestaGirl says:

    To Tammy October 19 2007 0432 PM What part of Now thanks to Ellen they are receiving death threats and arson threats.” do you not understand? Oh I guess it’s Elvis’ fans who are threatening this rescue huh? Perhaps you should try to look at the other side of this story. You can search online for the police reports if you wish. Not all of the facts are out on this story. I would feel better about everything if somebody could tell me what happened to all of Ellen’s other “adopted” animals. Can YOU tell me? Didn’t think so.

  • Amanda says:

    Naw. It’s not thanks to Ellen that the shelter is recieving death threats. That’s rediculous. It’s thanks to the people that made death threats. Stupid.

  • Susan Bortell says:

    Oh My Goddess…I just reread my post and I typed the spelling of OPRAH’s name incorrectly. Sorry for such sloppy editing on my part. I do not however apologize for the intent of the message.

  • Tammy says:

    “Now thanks to Ellen they are receiving death threats and arson threats.” Haha this is the most ignorant statement I’ve heard in a while. So Ellen held a gun to unstable individuals’ heads and made them present death threats? Whatever. Those people were obviously off to begin with. Rationalsane people don’t act out like that. But seriously I’m sure Ellen was just overly emotional as any animal lover would be in this situation. She knew she ultimately messed up and felt horrible about it. Now can we please move on to real issues?

  • Jessica says:

    Personally from what I have seen I truely believe that Ellen is an animal lover. She is constantly telling stories about the wildlife in her yard and her own personal pets. I think saying that she “ditched” Iggy is totally off. She recognized that she didn’t have the time the dog needed and sent it to a loving family that could offer the dog more than she could. She put his best interests above her own. That’s a lot better than I’ve seen over the years. Most people just give them back to the shelter which compared to a nice loving home sucks or they keep the animal neglect it and don’t give it the attention and exercise it needs and in turn the animal develops behavioral problems which most people again don’t want to deal with. I would imagine that Ellen is a good judge of character and that the home Iggy was placed in was a great home. I completly support shelters and I love that this particular one does in home inspections I wish they all did. I can totally understand the signed contract but it would seem that ultimatly that was meant so that someone couldn’t be paid to adopt a dog for a lab or an unfit family. It does seem that it could have been handled better on the shelters part but then again we wern’t there were we? I don’t think Ellen was using her show and throwing a big tear fest to make the world feel bad. People use what they have she has her show it’s her “blog”. There is nothing wrong with that.