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Ellen DeGeneres’ Puppy Troubles

Written by PETA | October 18, 2007
TimeInc/Creative Commons

For anyone who may have missed this story, Ellen Degeneres adopted a puppy from a shelter a little while back, but gave him away to her hairdresser when she found that he wasn’t getting along very well with her cats. When the folks from the shelter called to check up and found out what had happened, they took the dog back from the hairdresser, who didn’t meet the standards of a background check that the shelter requires of anyone adopting an animal.

An awful lot of people have been contacting us to find out where PETA stands on the issue, so I figured I’d share our official statement on the subject, since there really is a bunch going on with this story. Here it is:

At a time when so many people in Hollywood—like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton—are making impetuous “pet” purchases, PETA commends Ellen DeGeneres for adopting a homeless animal from a shelter rather than buying a dog. Every purchase of an animal from a pet store sentences to death an animal who is desperately waiting in an animal shelter for a home. We know that Ellen was trying to do the right thing in finding the dog a new home. She just missed a step in neglecting to contact the agency first. PETA does think that the agency’s policies of doing home checks and not allowing people to transfer animals to others are good rules that protect animals. Ellen was just trying to do the right thing—she is a huge animal lover—and she surely has learned from this experience.

So there you have it. It really sucks that Ellen had a bad experience after doing the compassionate thing and adopting from a shelter, but you can’t really fault a shelter for going the extra mile to make sure everyone who ends up with one of their animals is likely to be a responsible guardian. I guess we just see both sides of the story on this one.

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  • Frank Smith says:

    I believe that this is a good case of helping the ‘underdog’ for Ms. Generes to use her show to cause these people such grief is kind of monstrous. As lovable as she is she wields a lot of power and could get somebody that is doing good work seriously hurt by using that power so spitefully. She has lawyers on staff you know! She could have accomplished what she wanted without the effects she had on the animal people.

  • Frank Smith says:

    I believe that this is a good case of helping the ‘underdog’ for Ms. Generes to use her show to cause these people such grief is kind of monstrous. As lovable as she is she wields a lot of power and good get somebody that is doing good work seriously hurt by using that power so spitefully. She has lawyers on staff you know! She could have accomplished what she wanted without the effects she had on the animal people.

  • Ana says:

    No you adopt that is why sheltersrescue groups can take the feline or canine away from you if you break the contract that you signed at the adoption. Breeders do not even consider that once the money $$$$ is handed over it is a done deal. It is a purchase. I adopt out my feline rescues I do NOT sell them.

  • Tamara says:

    Hey KELLY Do not challenge me to do anything for animals. Did I strike a nerve someplace? Perhaps when I said the shelter did not give the hairdresser’s family a chance? WHY were they NOT given a chance? Seems a little biased to me. Even though I do not feel I should defend myself I will. I work for animals but I do not go to killshelters etc. I work to get the chain pet stores to stop selling animals. THAT to me is just as important as dogs and cats. Go check out the “PetsMart” section on PETA’s site. It’ll explain to you how birds etc. are raised in mills. Mistreated when they reach the store etc. I have witnessed obviously ill animals in pet stores and tried to get them vet help only to be put off by the manager. I have called Animal Control state animal offices and all the way to the USDA and could not get any help for this bird. I am certain it was put in a back room left to suffer and die. I also was active on the PETCO campaign and organized protests in the STL area. Do you know what it’s like to be told by a member of the only animalrights group in St. Louis that they will not help you protest because they were “asked not to protest by the rescue groups who receive money from Petco.” ????? Alot of times it was only ME out there. So before you speak and accuse I could say something. But I will be civil and say think before you speak. I know of which I speak. Does that disappoint you?

  • Lateefah Douglass says:

    FOR CHRIST SAKES THE NAME OF THE FREAKING SHELTER IS MUTTS AND MOMS!!!!! How could you first of all name a shelter that. It’s a awful name!!! Secondly Ellen did not use her show as a “Publicity stunt” as some would say. She is an huge animal lover. She bought the dog thinking that the dog would get along with the cats and vice versa. That wasn’t the case and decided to give the hairdresser the dog. The fact that the shelter said that the family wasn’t “capable” of having a pet cause of the age of the girls. ONE OF THE GIRLS WAS ALMOST 14!!!!!!!!! Obviously this shelter don’t understand that young kids can show all size dogs the attention that they deserve and need. If you think that Ellen was wrong that’s your opinion but I stand by Ellen 100

  • Whitney says:

    PETA isn’t “siding” with Ellen…their stance was clearly objective. They agreed that the shelter has the right idea but come on a little sympathy is in order! Not making exceptions for celebrities is a good idea but when it gets to be this big an issue the animal shelter should just let it go. There are obviously extremists on both sides death threats are uncalled for but so is flaming PETA and Ellen for trying to be fair and compassionate. I personally am not very sympathetic to celebrities who make a scene on TV and maybe it was faked but it’s not as if Ellen doesn’t have the right idea. If her “fake” tears work then good for her for trying to do what’s best for the dog. Everyone needs to step back and take a look at all sides of the issue.

  • Mars says:

    For the record you purchase a dog from the shelters not adopt.Breeders can just as easily call their fee an adoption fee and be just as correct for it.

  • Anonymous says:

    To Hitchjr October 19 2007 1212 AM I have an idea for you. Go to Ellen’s website and look for her “Welcome to My Lunch” blogsection. Please do enlighten me as to how she is a vegetarian yet eats pigs cows chickens fish any kind of animal really EVERY DAY. Please. She goes into GREAT detail on how her daily meals are prepared. Great detail. And yes I actually do know plenty of people who unfortunately continue to eat meat … they too “like” animals. BUT they do not go around the world shouting “I LOVE ANIMALS I LOVE ANIMALS I LOVE ANIMALS”…”Animals are my life” blah blah blah. And they do not adopt animals and then break the adoption contract ditch the animal and then run a smear campaign on the rescue that actually went out and RESCUED said animal. I found it interesting that “somehow” the TMZ Ellenloving camera people were involved…hmm. Wonder how that happened? Ellen is not the one out in the trenches doing the hard work. The rescue and shelter workers are the ones doing all the rescuing. They are the ones actually doing the hard work. Ellen is the kind of person who will say that she has “rescued” a dog from a “rescue”! I think she means “adopted”. Where are all of Ellen’s other “adopted” dogs? What happened to them? Moreover $3000 to somebody like Ellen is like .03 cents to me. No amount of money could have convinced IGGYIT to become the perfect dog in 2 weeks. Give me a break. She is NOT a vegetarian and she is NOT this true animal lover that she holds herself out to be. She says those things only to get kudos attention whatever. And yes whilst it’s I suppose great that Ellen’s temper tantrum somehow led to a story on puppy mills … well she could have just as well devoted a few shows hell maybe a week on the plight of homeless animals. Instead we get 2 minutes on puppy mills on ET or whatever. That will stick in most people’s minds for … oh 2 days or so. And this at the price of destroying a rescue that has undoubtedly rescued hundred if not thousands of animals in need. And destroyed their personal reputations. And led to death and arson threats. Oh but that’s OK because it’s the Mighty Ellen. And she just LOVES LOVES LOVES animals panfried on a bed of rice so there.

  • Gabby says:

    lets assume that was a baby the one who was adopted by Ellen. would she give it away just because he wasnt getting along very well with her other kids? Even a monkey knows that friendship between humans co animals takes time.

  • Brandy says:

    Looks like PETA doesn’t want to offend a celebrity unless heshe is wearing fur of course. Nauseating.

  • Aimee says:

    Ellen needs to watch a good episode of The Dog Whisperer the next time she thinks of adopting a dog. I read that she gave it up because it was too hyper and boisterous. I’m sure that poor dog wasn’t getting adequate exercise or the proper discipline it needed from her. I’m sick of celebrities being completely clueless about animals and parading about as if they are the biggest animal proponents out there. How much time do you think Ellen actually has on her hands to devote the right amount of attention to a dog? Dogs are a lot of work and if you can’t provide the leadership they need then you shouldn’t be getting one in the first place. The adoption agency has every right to be pissed and reclaim that dog. I wish every adoption agency out there were just as strict. Ellen was an idiot for going on national tv and complaining about them and giving out their names. It’s terrible to just pass off a dog because it’s overactive. No dog would be that way in the first place if the owner was taking proper care of it. Boo to her and boo to PETA for kissing her ass just because she’s a liberal.

  • Zoe says:

    I understand that some people believe that all celebrities use and abuse animals but I think Ellen did the right thing by ADOPTING a dog instead of purchasing one from a pet store. Not only that but she REALIZED she would not be able to care for it and therefore took a responsible action in that she found a good home for Iggy. Lets think of the other possible options she could have done a give him up to a pound or back to the rescue organization or b left him at home all day while she worked and didnt have the time for him. He probably wouldnt be receiving the proper amount of care love possibly exercise or nutrition. I think Ellen was responsible in this way in that she cared for the dog and she wanted him to be with a good family. Just because she is famous doesnt mean she will treat her animals like the majority of stars we see with their little designer dogs in People magazine who shouldnt be allowed to have companion animals in the first place. What would you have done if it was you and you had rescued a dog and realized you could not care for it? Although I believe Ellen did a commendable thing on her part especially because she told the agency the truth where the dog was now living I also agree that the agency was correct on their part. They have policies that cannot be broken. They cant bend the rules for one family and not the other. They want the best care for their dogs. I do believe that Ellen was trying to use publicity from her show to get the agency to see how upset she was and possibly give the agency a bad rep and this shouldnt have been done it should have been a private matter between her and the agency.

  • Anonymous says:

    funny someone would say that she got the crazies all worked up when this is posted on the peta web page the organization that has a history of poking it’s nose in situatipons it does not belong for once peta needs to back off and let the situation resolve itself and quit trying to cause more hype and hysteria over the whjole situation

  • Susan Bortell says:

    Well well…Ellen is taken to task for using her television show to fight for the pup. I agree Ellen should have followed the adoption rules rules apply to all of us. ‘Tis just sad her name isn’t Orpah…then none of this would have happened!

  • Mars says:

    The shelter was 100 correct.She signed a contract and she broke it. Too bad for her. The shelter did investigate the other family and found them unsuitable and removed the dog. Why didn’t she give away the cats?

  • S says:

    The hate and vile displayed by many here is truly disturbing. As a recent vegetarian convert of 6 mos I certainly don’t think I was some kind of animalhating monster 1 year ago just because I ate meat. I educated myself and made a choice. Ellen made a mistake. The rescue group I volunteer for one myself is trying to make a point and I think they took their policy too far. Any group that says children under 14 years of age can’t have dogs is suspect. What would my early childhood have been without my beloved pets?

  • Hitchjr says:

    This issue has such a gray area… However the ONE thing I definetly disagree with is people who claim that you can be a true animal lover and still eat animals… I conisidered myself one of those people until I became a vegetarian and I can say for certain that I was wrong before and that I was unrealistic to think that way at all… If you love animals you cannot eat them PERIOD. Not that this involves DEGENERES considering as I already stated this information I have found leads to her being a vegetarian… Peace.

  • Carla says:

    From home to home typical! What’s gonna happen to the dog now?

  • EAS says:

    There are no villains in this story so stop pretending there is? Ellen did the right thing by adopting from an animal shelter in the first place and then when she realized that Iggy dog’s name? didn’t get along with the cats she took it upon herself to do the responsible thing in her mind at the time to find a loving home for him instead of dumping him off at the side of the road which happens a lot across this “great” nation. Mutts Moms did the right thing by sticking to their policy. Standards have been set up in order to insure that the animal involved ends up in the best situation for the animal. Yes both parties made mistakes. I agree. Ellen should have gone through the proper channels. Mutts Moms should have done an assessment at the home and made the decision to approve or disapprove of the adoption to the family right then and there no matter how long the assessment took. Or the family could have signed up to be a foster family while Mutts Moms went through the proper procedure. Either way neither party should be put in a bad light. All these despicable comments about Ellen and those death threats to Mutts Moms from the general public just shows how disgraceful we as human beings really are. Were always looking for some kind of way to express our anger even though some situations do not warrant it. Regarding these comments about PETA People are always criticizing PETA for being extreme and when their view is neutral they cant handle it either. PETA is allowed to be on the fence with some things. Its all about the animals and whats best for the animals thats what the A in PETA stands for BTW. Regardless of what people may think of PETA theyre making the world a better place for all living beings along with other Animals Rights and Wildlife Protection organizations. Its a positive and peaceful difference. When looking to complain about things look at yourself first. Think about your actions. What are YOU doing to make the world a better place for all living beings? What are YOU doing directly or indirectly to cause the problems or letting the problems continue from generation to generation? Be the change Ghandi once said. EAS We ARE only human. We need more EVOLUTION.

  • Dell says:

    The animal shelter’s actions were overthetop. I used to stand behind PETA but it has become apparent to me that it is one fanatical fucked up organization.

  • Susannah S says:

    Rescue groups can NOT bend their rules just because some celebrity made a mistake. Ellen probably does have a good heart but Ellen also used her TV show to gain sympathy for an issue that should have been between her the people she gave the dog to and the rescue group. Rescue groups CAN go too far but their rules are there for a reason that reason being that the there are many many unsavory people out there who will take a “free” dog whether they’re suited for it or not and the dog can end up in a labor as bait for dog fights. The use of her TV show to further her own cause seemed shoddy to me. Ellen would seem to be falling prey to “Oprah syndrome” i.e. the conviction that the entire world is about HER what she does who with what she thinks feels wears right up to details about her private life a tour of her new home her Emmy etc etc. She’s not quite as egotistical as Oprah not yet but she’s working on it by all appearances. As is often the case in disputes about animals the animal ended up being the one who suffered most not Ellen who had her entire TV audience for a “support group.” The dog though lost TWO homes now instead of one. And why did Ellen rehome this dog after only two weeks anyway? There are plenty of trainers et al. who could’ve helped her get the dogs used to the cats. Her “love” of animals seems more sentimental than real to me based on what I’ve read so far.

  • Ana says:

    Bravo for the shelter all shelters should have such standards. Ellen’s hissy fit has caused the shelter so much harm in more ways than one. The shelter ascertained that the hairdresser’s background check was not acceptable by their standards and stepped in and took the puppy back. Because a puppy is adopted and you sign papers agreeing to the shelter’s conditions the shelter can retrieve the puppy once those conditions are not met. I for one am tired of the glorification of celebrities and Ellen is no exception. PETA needs to make a stronger statement in defense of the shelter. Ellen with her deliberate temper tantrum has done more damage for those shelters such as this one who are doing their best in the interest and care of the cats and dogs they are there to protect. Please STOP the glorification of Ellen Ungenerous.

  • Lynn says:

    that is horrable of that animal shelter to lie and steal someones petwe have an animal shelter out here that seems to thank if someone gets an animal from a breeder or from someone they can take and tell the owner they have to pay them for their own pet

  • Stella says:

    If peta really cared about animals they would side with Mutts Moms not Ellen. Who made Ellen queen?

  • AnimalLib says:

    Here’s where I stand. The rules are in place to protect animals right? She broke the rules sure. And the rules must apply to everyone. But there surely should be a way to transfer ownership it shouldn’t be hard and fast seizure of animals. She was going to give it a loving home surely that is better than a shelter. But the rules are in place for a reason.

  • Megan says:

    I am very disgusted that Ellen used her show to gain sympathy. It is unfortunate that this happened and I do think that she thought she was doing what was right but every rescue agency has to have these rules in order to Protect the animal. I too have adopted a dog from a rescue agency and I have to comply with those rules just like everyone else and that applies to celebrities as well. The big loser in this is the dog he’s getting tossed around like a towel I really hope this new home he’s in will be his forever home.

  • Maggie says:

    I don’t disagree that Ellen should have contacted the rescue group first but I think they went way to far. Why did they not make the new family fill up an application and do an interview and home visit to discuss the well being of the dog? They could even have made the family pay a new adoption fee. Taking the dog away from them was too much. I volunteer for a rescue group and I’m very familiar w the adoption process. The well being of the dog comes first always! And hosnestly to say that a 4 month old dog cannot be with children under 14??? Get real!

  • kelly says:

    Below I found a description of one dog that this rescue group has saved that I found cached online because they had to take their website down due to death threats. One among many. Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres now this rescue group can’t rescue other Chrissies. I just cry to think of what Ellen has done to this wonderful rescue group! “Chrissy had NO hope at the shelter. She was emaciated sick with kennel cough and had a broken tail that had heal like a “J”. She faced the back wall of her kennel and had given up. No one was stopping to look at her except to make fun of her tail. We kneeled down and called her over she came slowly unsure of us. We began to pet her though the bars and she rolled over on her back for a tummy rub. We took her out of her cage for a walk and she was so sweet and loving. You could tell she’d been through alot in her life. We bailed her out and took her to the Vet who said she should put on 10 lbs which would bring her up to 50 lbs she is 2 years old. He said her tail had healed and nothing could be done. We just wanted to make sure she wasn’t in any pain. We think her tail gives her character. Chrissy loves people and other dogs. She is a little shy at first and more on the timid side so only homes with another wellbehaved dog or no dog will be considered. Chrissy is a loyal girl that follows her foster mom around and loves to be petted it’s as if no one ever touched her before and she’s so grateful for the attention. We love Chrissy and are so happy we were able to save her precious life. ”

  • kelly says:

    Hey Tamara. Here’s an idea. You go to highkill shelters pull some dogs that are near death nurse them back to life health and happiness in your home. Then you place the dog…..and see how you feel when the adopter whimsically gives that dog away to some employee of hers like a toy. Ignores the contract she signs with you lies to you. Goes on national television and smears you and gets the crazies to attack you. Then you see how you feel about this. It sounds like you are just a little starstruck with a selfish celebrity who dumps dogs while claiming to care about them. And then dumps on a rescue group that saves some of the neediest dogs in this country. And while you are at it visit some of those hellhole California pounds and shelters that this group has rescued dogs from. Maybe if more people like Tamara did something about it things could change for dogs in a big way.

  • Brian says:

    IDIOTS!!! All of you criticizing PETA and Ellen. Laws are not BLACK and WHITE and the bitch who runs the shelter knows that. She could have told the family how to legally adopt the dog. And anyone who had the same forum Ellen has would have done EXACTLY what she did. I applaud PETA and Ellen. From Brian

  • Hitchjr says:

    why does everyone just assume Degeneres eats meat? from the information I’ve found on IMDB etc. she is a vegetarian… Also she did not attack this shelter at all she simply wants the dog and the little girls to be back in each other’s lives… I totally agree that PETA over does the celebrity thing and chooses the wrong celebrities to endorse the movement pamela anderson steveo etc. but this time it is definetly not the case… I think Degeneres is very sincere about what she tried to do and I can bet she is horrified that people are threatening the shelter etc… I’m sure she knows why there are rules and I agree with the rules however all rules can be bent and this is one case where they probably should be… Peace.

  • Naissa says:

    Ok the first thing I would like to say is that Ellen does not wear fur. and not all people that love animals are vegetarian. Lets get that straight. while I am a vegetarian I know many people who adore animals that do in fact eat meat…so theres that. personally I agree with PETA on this one. there are two sides to every story and ellen bless her heart was only trying to do what she thought was best. do you really think she would have handed iggy into an uncapable family. and rude is it that the organization just literally barged in? I do applaud the organization for taking care of their animals though. I just hope they all make peace…for Iggy’s sake.

  • Carol McGinnis says:

    Those who dislike Ellen’s “crying behavior” ought to realize that this open show of emotion bringing much attention to the plight of homeless animals. Tonight on Access Hollywood a spot is being done on puppy mills. This exposure may help to stop some of the public from buying pets that come from these mills. I meet people all the time who know nothing of the horror of this type of business and I want the world to know. Personally I thank Ellen for being so open. The rescue people at Mutts and Moms are doing the right thing. There needs to be lots of background checking on people taking an animal out of a shelter. I don’t think Ellen was doing anything but trying to give Iggy a good safe loving home. The entire situation is sad for everyone involved but lets hope this media attention helps other animals in the future.

  • Barbara says:

    Please remove Ellen’s photo from this blog. She makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Ingrid W says:

    She violated the rules of the contract. It’s just that plain and simple. There are rulesregulations and surprise surprise even celebrities should abide by them.

  • VestaGirl says:

    To Tamara October 18 2007 0949 PM I stand by what I wrote. Ellen holds herself out to just LOVE LOVE LOVE animals. She’s even done commercials featuring animals and we know how most of feel about using animals in show business. Ellen obviously believes she is above the law. She believes that her celebrity entitles her to break the rules. I for one applaud the rescue for standing their ground … this despite all of the death and arson threats. THEY are the ones in the trenches RESCUING the animals. NOT Ellen. Who merely adopts them and then ditches them when they become inconvenient. I mean come on 2 weeks! She gave the puppy 2 weeks to fit in with her cats. That she threw $3000 at the dog means nothing to me. All of these fake tears … and the entire time she referred to Iggy as “IT”. At least 9 times go ahead count. She called him IT a few times today as well. No sorry she is a hypocrite. And she has done far more harm than good here. And I hope that PETA will not be too quick to take the side of this faux “animal loving” person. Like I wrote before … sure she loves animals especially those who land on her plate.

  • Robert says:

    Isn’t it funny how there’s a box of tissues next to Ellen during her tantrum? I looked at a dozen random past tapes of her show on YouTube and alas no tissues. Guess the crying was planned. Rescue groups needs contracts and rules. It is sign of disrespect for Ellen to violate them. If she wants to rescue dogs then set up a rescue group yourself with your own rules. I’ll bet she reads her tv contracts and doesn’t treat them so cavalierly.

  • Barbara says:

    Just another celebrity who thinks they are above everyone else. Ellen didn’t follow the same procedures that everyone else has to. She’d rather make a big production about it and try to take down an honest business that didn’t let her have it her way. Yo Ellen this ain’t Burger King you don’t get to have it your way this time.

  • Tamara says:

    Can we cool it on the “likes her animals fried on a bed of rice” comments? And all the other vegan etc. comments? That’s not what we’re talking about here…

  • Advocate in Iowa says:

    I was also disappointed in PETA after hearing their spokesman on TV basically rave on about Ellen while offering no support for this Rescue group who did nothing wrong. I run a Rescue Org and have the same rules and people try to get out of certain aspects of the contract to save a buck etc. The mother knew full well she was to return the pup and she didn’t do it so why would the Adopters try and deal with her any other way and why would they adopt to her after that. I wouldn’t. That pup will have it’s share of excellent PERMANANT homes to choose from and I think they have found one and it’s been rehomed again. Ellen did not try very hard with this pup 2 weeks?? That is great she gives $$$ and adopts I hope she does better with the others she adopted but sounds like maybe not? But just because she gives $$ does not mean she is a suitable home for a pet. PETA seemed like they were trying to get a few bucks by raving on about her. You let us little guys down out here PETA that work out TAILS off and spend $$$ far more wise to our salaries then Ellen ever will. I think PETA needs to throw their support the way of the agency. The public talk about PETA wackos Ellen’s fans are the ones out of touch with reality. What a bunch of kooks.

  • August says:

    Ellen is not an evil person neither is the pet shelter. As “J” said below it’s an unfortunate situation. Regardless I applaud the animal shelter for sticking to the ruleseven when there’s a celebrity involved. The rules are there for good reason. We know that people abuse dogs and while the hairdresser’s family was obviously a good one if you make an exception for them you’d have to make them for everyone. Again just because a celebrity is involved doesn’t mean the rules can be broken. Michael Vick is also a “celebrity” after all. While I think Ellen should have handled this differently my opinion of her hasn’t changed I still like her and think she’s a wellmeaning person. I just hope some of the hardcore crazy fans will calm down and stop threatening the shelter. That’s totally uncalled for.

  • Jacquie Nielsen says:

    I am very disappointed in you PETA!! I would still like to hear the WHOLE story with all the details. Did Ellen not read the entire adoption contract?? Did the rescue PRESS the issue of returning the dog to rescue if things did not work out?? Did the rescue allow the hairdresser’s family to apply for adoption and go through the whole adoption process?? Ellen REALLY took a cheap shot by making it an issue on her television show! She has done a great deal of damage to a rescue that is a non profit organization and only operates to save lives. I do rescue and foster and I can appreciate what this rescue must be suffering. We save animal’s lives at our own expense and the reward is to see the dog go to a loving permanant home. I will never understand Ellen DeGeneres!!!! She may be a TV personality but she knows nothing about finding a good permanant home for Iggy. I have the feeling that she thinks it is all about how SHE is feeling. I also don’t think she has the best track record for adopting dogs. Also why did the rescue place the dog in a home with cats?? I would NEVER place my foster dog in a home with cats. This whole thing is bigger than ELLEN and it is really a shame because she has done a great deal of harm to the rescue! I have lost all respect for Ellen DeGeneres. Jacquie Nielsen Versailles KY

  • J says:

    Ellen has a very good heart. It’s just an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. But I hear they’ve placed Iggy in a new home. I’m sure it’s a loving family and Iggy will be happythe shelter obviously screens people and takes the whole process seriously which is a very good thing.

  • Karen M. says:

    I am dismayed by PETA’s comments and viewpoint regarding the news item posted on PETA web page “Ellen Degeneres’ Puppy Troubles”. Evidently threatening an animal shelter with a lawsuit because Ms. Degeneres believes she is above the rules fits your PETA’s agenda.

  • Michelle says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. We need though to help folks understand why animal rescues have these rules in place. Everyone isn’t Ellen. They may knowingly or unknowingly give a pet to a second hand lab dealer or a bad home and then what? People have really gotten riled up about this. The rescue has gotten death threats. That is wrong on so many levels. Thanks PETA for stepping up and telling both sides.

  • Tamara says:

    BUT the shelter deceitfully took the dog saying they were there to do a “home check”. The head of that rescue is on a power trip. Pure and simple. They have never given that hairdresser’s family a chance to apply for the dog. Even though the children are under 14 from what I have seen on tv they are mature enough to handle this dog. Ellen released a statement today. Here is part of it DeGeneres said several agencies had offered to provide the family another dog even one that looked like Iggy. “And unfortunately Ruby the little girl doesn’t want another dog she wants Iggy” said DeGeneres on the show to air Thursday. “It’s not a toy that’s broken that you can replace. It’s a dog.” Ellen has it right and understands. She knows the dogs have individual personalities etc. Like I said this powertripping rescue director has never given them a chance.

  • Melanie says:

    I think that the animal rescue group should have made an evaluation of the home before they took the dog from the family.This could have and should have been resolved peacefully. I personally believe that the rescue group took the dog from the home out of hard feelings and not from a clear frame of mind. Ellen clearly loves animals and would not put the dog in harm’s way.The group should see that now and not keep the dog out of spite.

  • VestaGirl says:

    I beg to differ. Ellen did break the contract. This is not the first time she has adopted and then “rehomed” dogs. She did not get her way and then used her celebrity uhhmm like somebody else we know to try to get what she wanted. She repeated referred to the dog IGGY as “IT” very strange considering the big tearful show she put on. AND THEN her crazy fans started threatening the rescue! Not until today did she call off her henchmenfans. Ellen claims to just “LOVE LOVE LOVE” animals… sure preferably fried on a bed of rice. I think perhaps PETA is getting a little bit starstruck here. I’m disappointed. Not as disappointed as when you published the story of Michael Vick attending your course … but getting there. I am tired of celebrities being above the law. In Ellen’s case I find her objectification of animals highly offensive.

  • Donna says:

    I am really confused Ellen claims to be such an animal loverm yet she continues to eat and wear them? I say if show fits get it in the Vegan style!!!

  • kelly says:

    I was beyond disgusted at the way Ellen DeGeneres used her show and the media to attack this rescue group. This rescue group saved dogs from highkill shelters and nursed them back to health. Now thanks to Ellen they are receiving death threats and arson threats. They can’t save animals now because Ellen had a temper tantrum and got the crazies all worked up. What’s worse Ellen DUMPED this dog and apparently she has a long history of dumping dogs plus she’s bought dogs from puppy mill breeders. I think she’s one of those people who claim she loves animals but doesn’t act like it. I would love to see her prove otherwise.