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Why We, but Especially Elephants, Love West Hollywood

Written by Alisa Mullins | September 17, 2013

On Monday, West Hollywood cemented its position as the most animal-friendly town in America by unanimously passing an ordinance that bans circuses and other entertainment acts involving wild and exotic animals, as part of an effort to “protect wild and exotic animals from cruel and inhumane treatment.”

PETA pointed out the following in a letter sent to the City Council in support of the ban:

[I]t is simply impossible to make elephants and other exotic animals travel and perform unnatural tricks in a humane manner. All elephants used by circuses undergo violent training from the time that they are babies, perform under the constant threat of abuse, and are subjected to cruel confinement and grueling travel. Tigers and other big cats—who would have home ranges of hundreds of miles in the wild—are whipped and spend most of their lives confined to cramped transport cages that are barely larger than their own bodies.

West Hollywood was already well on its way to being one of the most progressive cities in terms of animal rights legislation all the way back in 1989, when it banned steel-jaw traps and animal testing of cosmetics. It became the first city in the country to ban declawing in 2003, and it banned the retail sale of cats and dogs in 2010 and the sale of fur in 2011.

Now, West Hollywood has joined other California cities, including Santa Ana, Pasadena, and Encinitas, as well as other jurisdictions across the United States and around the world that have enacted legislation to protect wild and exotic animals from being exploited for “entertainment.”

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  • Robyn Wright says:

    I love these progressive California cities! Go California and may you rub off on the rest of the United States so that peace and safety can be the norm for exotic animals in the U.S. rather than the exception.

  • Dixie Lee says:

    After participating in a circus protest this past weekend, that is especially good to hear! What an great accomplishment!! Let’s keep going until all the cities across America make the same decision!

  • Nancy Kirk says:

    Keep the ELRPHANTS out of the circuses

  • anita schwarz says:

    Animals deserve freedom. what give us the right to imprison them and use as slaves. I am thankful organizations are here to reverse this process.

  • syzygysb says:

    West Hollywood is showing the world that humans can respect and protect our fellow creatures. I cannot begin to express my admiration for such humane and compassionate steps as have been taken by West Hollywood. Way to go! I hope other cities around the world will watch, learn and act.

  • Geri Hunter says:

    I am ecstatic with this great news. Right on West Hollywood my previous hometown. I pray that other cities will follow suit.

  • Adair Leonard says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you, West Hollywood and all the other California cities that have banned wild animals from circuses, animal testing, declawing, sale of fur, and retail sale of cats and dogs.

  • Rhonda Kennedy says:

    Love you for this one West Hollywood!, thank you for your compassion on the babies <3

  • dana dodge says:

    I want circuses using exotic and wild animals banned in every city in America! Way to go West Hollywood. Why can’t we get this legislature at the state level to speed up the process???