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No Elephants in Britney’s ‘Circus’

Written by PETA | February 4, 2009
signonsandiego / CC
Britney Spears

Unless you’re a die-hard Britney Spears fan and regular visitor to her Web site, you heard it here first: The top-secret stage design plans for Britney’s upcoming “Circus” tour will include no live animals.

That’s right, folks, in an “EXCLUSIVE: STAGE DESIGN ANNOUNCEMENT” (seriously, that’s what it’s called, all caps and everything), Britney’s tour designer had the following to say:

“We’ve taken the idea of a traditional ‘big-top circus’ and given it a Britney Spears twist. This circus is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s sexy, fun, explosive, and full of surprises. … While avoiding such traditional circus elements as live animals, we’ve created something innovative and exciting using contortionists, dancers, lighting, fire, and other special effects.” [emphasis added]

Omigaw! If I were 12, I would so be there.

You may remember that Britney ran into trouble with PETA a couple of months ago when we learned that she had used elephants and lions in her “Circus” video. We shot her a letter asking her to leave animals out of her Circus tour and—lo and behold—our wish has been granted.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • JacleJill says:

    Just testing to recognize if your say discuss fuctinon works supply doesnt!

  • Michelle says:

    Wow this actually makes me want to go buy a ticket to her concert. I’m really proud of her!

  • alexis says:

    that so thoughfull of britt i love elephants

  • CARLOS says:

    I noticed that she was on the sht list before via the Facebook page I’m part of. Though the article is old I think perhaps the ‘Britney Spears is On Our Sh List’ deserves an apology on peta’s behalf because not only did she do what was obviously brought to her attention but also because I am sure she wasn’t there every minute to see what the animals were going through. And if you can’t apologize perhaps you can say Thank you Britney for listening to us to help with our cause. Not this lo and behold our wish was granted. Thanks. A fan of both Peta and Britney.

  • madison says:

    im glad brittney wont be using animals in her circus!

  • Kendra says:

    I would never let an animal be a show toy. My dog is like my kid and I tell my parents everyday they’re grandparents!

  • Peggy says:

    Thanks Britt and PETA no animals that’s great!!!!!

  • preeti says:

    Thankx for being so concerned for animals.

  • Justin says:

    This is awesome. I have no problem supporting artists who respect animals! Go Britney!

  • Andrea Fernandez says:

    I love u britneyn now i love u even more gurl. u making the right choices now.

  • Erin Snyder says:

    britney you should see how circus animals are really treated. I dare you to go to and find out how circus animals are abused.DO you even care about animals?

  • luc says:

    she didn’t “changed the plans” she didn’t wanted from the beginning animals on her tour…. but in the video she just wanted to film some animals.. they weren’t doing tricks or stuff.. as much as i remember i saw some pics of her playing with dolphins..

  • shmae says:

    Great job Britney. if everyone could be like you the world would be a happier place for animals! By the way i loved you song Circus!

  • Christopher Foster says:

    I have been REALLY excited to see her first time but would not have gone if she used exploited animals. Thank you therefore for this post. I will buy my tickets now!

  • alejandra arel says:

    Yeha! Britney….u Are the best…well…but u should mOre 4 the animals gOOd!

  • keila villegas says:

    I am so glad PETA has worked hard to stop Britney Spears from having animals perform in her tour. It was discouraging to see Britney’s Circus video with animals who looked scared when performing ridiculous tricks.

  • lynda downie says:

    LOL You cracked me right up Turd Feruson!

  • Turd Feruson says:

    I think britney is a foxy grandpa

  • maria martinez says:


  • melissa says:

    i luv britney and this gives me one more reason to luv her more!

  • sheldon says:


  • Lisa says:

    Way to go girl! You made the right choice. We must all work together and stars like you are such an influence on the public to protect animal rights. Great Work.

  • Anna Kotaki says:

    I was really disappointed when I saw the circusvideo of Mrs. Spears. Now I am very glad that she realized what is wrong with circuses. She could use her famous name for talking against circuses with animals.

  • Christina,Joanna,Angelica Apostolou says:

    Animal abusers should be in prison. She is a circus herself why does she need to misuse animals?

  • Nicki Hill says:

    Thank goodness the girl has listened ! We all felt sorry for her losing her way but I was not pleased about her using animals to announce her come back. I am glad that she is no longer exploiting animals to get back to the top. She should be advocating kindness since this is what the public have given her.

  • jorge says:

    hey that great animals needs more suport from us lets speak for those that cant talk for them selves…..

  • Amy says:

    I was so sad when I learned what goes on at the circus the place I loved as a child. We cannot turn our backs anymore on these precious animals. Every single one counts. I hope she makes a new version of her video Circus without the animals in it!!! This would show an even more mature act on Brittney’s part.

  • Daniela Medioli says:

    Thanks to PETA! thank you Britney for understanding!

  • Lexy says:

    i love britney i have ever since she came out and i am so happy to hear this . She’s really a great person

  • David says:

    I am glad that Britney has made the responsible decision not to use any live animals in her circus themed show BUT I am also aware that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes at least not so easily. I’ll be a little more inclined to believe that she truly has changed after more time has passed and she has been able to maintain a CONSISTENT record of responsible behavior towards ALL living things.

  • laura says:

    I am a Brit fan but also a peta supporter and I am so glad she made the right decission to stop the use of animals in her vidoes or performes we need all the entertainer to stop using animals and wearing anything of animals on themselves to promote themselves.. think about it what would happen if u were a animal and someone used u to fight or perform u would not like it at all..

  • devin says:

    all right finally celebertys get call on for there stupid acts!!!!!

  • Shana says:

    Props to u Brit! this selfless decision made many people happy! thank you!

  • Eden says:


  • Alex says:

    Go Britney! Now I will actually pay to download your music. But you did have that snake in that other video.But its a step in the right direction.

  • Martin Field says:

    Well done ! I hope this proves beyond a doubt that circus entertainment can be every bit as thrilling and more than resorting to the outdated and invariably cruel use of animal acts.

  • Carrie Olivari says:

    I knew Britney was amazing and this just proves me right she is an animal lover as well as an amazing performer and I CAN’T WAIT to see her concert tour!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily says:

    That’s awesome. That really does say a lot about the type of person she is a lot of people would have just ignored that and said ‘I’m going to do what I want and I want elephants’ but she didn’t and I’m really pleased!

  • kat oakes says:

    i hope that more people learn from this and stop using wild animals in shows and mistreating them .. i am glad to see that she listened and she is making the changes that needed so badly to be made

  • Susan Ice says:

    Way to go Brit I’m sooooo happy about your turn around. Animals of all kinds are here to enjoy their lives just as we are. Again thanks for your consideration of ohter creatures that are not given choices for what they want out of life. Another animal LOVER Susan

  • Mandy Neltner says:

    If you have a heart Britney please stop hurting animals for your own selfish reasons!

  • Paris says:

    I am so happy to hear this! My boyfriend bought me a couple tickets and I was thrilled big undercover brit fan but I did not want to attend if there would be “trained animals” as I am very aware of the cruelty behind the image. Thanks for speaking up once again for animals without a voice!

  • van says:

    Way to go Britney!! Counter sue that dick Lufti.. He’s a gutter snipe who tricked you..

  • Helen says: