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An Elephant for Your Store

Written by PETA | August 9, 2007

Seriously. If you have a store that could use a kickass elephant display for a few months, tell us where, why, and perhaps we can deliver it to you. It stands about 5½ feet tall when on its base, and about 3 feet wide. Ella weighs 150 lbs and the base an additional 700 pounds. A permit may be needed. She’s leaving NY and looking for a home since the circus took away her mom. You can read more about Ella’s story here.


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  • Aleasha says:

    That is so sad and so cute! I know of a great store that would probably like to use it for a while. She is just so adorable! It’s called Sprouts in Southlake TX.

  • chibbi says:

    man i wish i had a store.

  • Scarlett says:

    I am going to go visit her tonight. Such a great representation of the circus and it’s cruelty to animals. But it is also know for it’s exploitation of humans as well throughout history. When I was a child I was taken to a circus by a friend and her dad. It was HORRIBLE. The animals were so sad defecating and urinating all over. They were shaking so horribly and I cried almost the whole time. And what struck me the most was this poor leopard was forced to balance and jump all over and the poor thing urinated all over himself and people laughed. I was disgusted and embarrassed to be in attendance with those horrible people in the audience.

  • King Kobra says:

    this cute elephant baby is crying and this is so understandable! just some minutes ago i looked the peta video of ringling circus and i’m deeply shocked about the heartless ruthless behaviour of these socalled trainers! these are not even unprofessionals these are animal haters maniacs with criminal faces! how is it possible that this circus pretends to protect animal wildlife in treating these beautiful creatures in such a cruel and UNPROFESSIONAL way! i have to walk far to see such a disgusting thing again. i had personal contact to elephant trainers of swiss national circus knee. even if they were also shackled they were treated very carefully and nicely and had a long walk to the lake beach every day and their food was rich in vitamines! but this here is pure animal abuse and has even nothing to do with a ‘normal’ circus. i’m against animals in circuses in every circumstances because it’s always ending up in a drama! i’m sure these ringling guys worked in slaughterhouses before and they got also a tiger there which is treated in a very deplorable way! i just can hope that he shall devore the whole team as quickly as possible!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Hmmmm how much would it cost? Not that I have a place to put it…

  • burr says:

    That link at the end is lame. the comments are full of CCFcenter for consumer ‘freedom’ people trying to discredit PETA by spreading lies. I wonder how much the CCF pays them to search the internet for things like this? CCFlobby group for meat industries. they’re against MADD animal rights groups and healthy eating. anyways. nice post.