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No Justice for Ailing Elephant—Yet

Written by PETA | August 4, 2011
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There’s no justice for Lucy—yet. Despite what PETA and Zoocheck Canada described to an appellate court as blatant violations of Alberta’s Animal Protection Act by the Edmonton Valley Zoo, the court today refused to give Lucy her day in court. But in a groundbreaking dissenting opinion that takes up 45 pages of the 56-page ruling, Chief Justice Catherine Fraser found that PETA and Zoocheck showed “a prima facie case of the City’s unlawful conduct vis-à-vis Lucy,” and they deserve their day in court.  

Lucy has lived for years in what Chief Justice Fraser calls “solitary isolation” at the zoo. She is suffering from severe psychological distress as well as upper-respiratory problems, arthritis, obesity, and chronic foot ailments.

Undeterred by today’s decision, PETA and Zoocheck will continue to fight for Lucy and are weighing all of our options in light of today’s ruling. You can help by sending a polite e-mail to Edmonton City Council asking them to free Lucy before Canada’s long winter sets in, during which time she will be relegated to a cramped, dismal barn.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • jacqueline says:

    letter done

  • Cameron says:

    As an EDMONTONIAN I am so embarrassed at the way our city is putting profit before Lucy. FREE LUCKY! I promise… -To NEVER visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo -To NEVER encourage anyone to go there.

  • Brenda Armour says: This is an ugly response to Lucy’s condition. Please response to the Edmonton Sun and let them know they are wrong. Post your comment online at the Sun and tell them to FREE LUCY !

  • Carla* says:

    Letter sent! Please everyone get together and help her out!!

  • miriam says:

    I support PETA all the way

  • Angela Gamblin says:

    How would anyone feel being couped up in lonely, cramped conditions that compromised both their physical and mental health? Should anyone care about an elephant suffering from such an untenable existence? I answer with a resounding YES.This magnificent creature lives, all life is precious and deserves dignity. Give Lucy her day in court and allow her that for which she deserves.

  • Dorrie Rizzo says:

    PLEASE free Lucy the elephant before Canada’s long winter sets in, during which time she will be relegated to a cramped, dismal barn!!!!

  • Sara says:

    Well… This.. is .. UnBelievable!!! This must be stopped

  • kt says:

    I am pretty sure if Canada can waste court time on a French man who didn’t get served his 7-up in French on an an airplane and then reward him the money, we can give at least one day to a poor elephant trying to find a solution for the remainder of her life. There is something seriously wrong with our priorities in Canada.

  • Cati Malavé says:

    Please free Lucy before Canada’s long winter sets in. We love The elephants and the animals! I write from Caracas Venezuela!

  • amy says:

    emails sent!