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PETA Elephant Tails President’s Trail

Written by PETA | August 29, 2012

As President Obama hits the road, he’s finding himself dogged by an elephant. PETA is asking Mr. Obama to direct the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to start confiscating these abused animals, who are so cruelly trained and treated by Ringling Bros. and other circuses.

Circus Cruelty Is Bull(hooks)

In fact, in the circus, abuse is the norm. Handlers frequently embed the sharp end of a bullhook into the soft tissue behind elephants’ ears and knees and under their chins. The USDA has the ability and the responsibility to seize suffering animals, and yet the agency allows them to travel up to 50 weeks a year in cramped and filthy boxcars and trailers, to be kept in shackles, and to be beaten. Even lame elephants are forced to stand with all their weight pressing on their hind legs and to perform tricks that can only be painful.

PETA’s complaints against Ringling Bros.—filed over several years—regarding beatings and the death of elephants, including one particular baby among several who succumbed during training, resulted in the largest fine in circus history. But while fining Ringling Bros. and then Cole Bros. circuses is a good step in the right direction, it is only small step, and it does nothing to abate the horrors that elephants are enduring right now. The USDA must use its powers of confiscation and remove from abuse the dozens of elephants who are still suffering in circuses. That’s why PETA is appealing directly to the president.

What You Can Do

Please take a minute of your time to weigh in regarding these suffering elephants and push for them to get the retirement they deserve. Please use this form to urge President Obama to order the USDA to confiscate all ailing animals from Ringling and other circuses now. And, if Ringling or another circus is coming to your town, please contact us, and we’ll give you all the information and materials that you need to convince people to stay away. 

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  • deborah says:

    It is a disgrace to have one of the worlds most intelligent,emotional animal confined and mistreated by humans for nothing more than entertainment and money. It is so disturbing to me that this is allowed when it could easily be stopped. Humans destroy all that is good when does it stop. Please help them they deserve a life they were born to have. PLEASE before its to late.

  • ana says:

    Fuera maltrato animal de una vez!!dejemoslos vivir en paz

  • rr says:

    Save all non-human animals!!!!!

  • Stephany says:

    Save these poor elephants please!!

  • Stephany says:

    Save these poor elephants please!!

  • Mar Garcia says:

    Por favor que esta tortura se acabe, los Elefantes sienten igual que los humanos. Sufren, y también sufren las personas al verlo. Hablo de personas equilibradas y de gran corazón. Los animales no se merecen esto.

  • Hayley says:

    The Green Party has a platform which includes animal rights and it is time for the Democratic Party (which I support) to show leadership and initiative on animal rights issues. Please make it imposssible for cirucses to use these beautiful and intelligent creatures for entertainment purposes.

  • Pernie says:

    Animals do not belong in a cage or on a stage!! send them out in the wild again, where they are born and ment to be. I feel sick just watching that video, shame on the people who support it, and shame on those who can do something about it, but chooses not to. Free the poor circusanimals, Mr. President, you can do something about ut !!

  • Karla Sanders says:

    Please order the USDA to remove all sick and abused elephants from ALL circuses in the US! These beautiful animals should never be in captivity, much less “trained” to entertain humans. Shame on all the “trainers” who abuse them!!

  • maria says:

    it’s unffair for them they don’t have a voice to say what they feel or think please stop!!!! all this abuse.

  • Deidre Koch says:

    Animals do not deserve a life of abuse and suffering. Please take action on this very important issue.

  • Mandy says:

    Dear Mr. President, Please look at these videos and see the abuse of circuses that use animals. These animals need help. They can not speak and stand up for themselves, but those who care can. Please help end this torture and let these animals be free. They deserve to be happy and treated well. This is slavery. Please do something about this.

  • Brenda Harris says:

    These sweet elephants have feelings and deserve to live a normal life. Please help them Mr President.

  • Marina James says:

    21st century and we still have abusive animal circuses??!! Progressive society but there is room for animal abuse to entertain this society?!

  • Ellen Strohmeyer says:

    President Obama, please tell the USDA to confiscate all circus animals from Ringling Bros because of animal cruelty. Animals should not be tortured for entertainment. Animals are living a life of hell in this world, and we have to be their voice.

  • Mercedes Martell says:

    “Let circuses entertain with human skill and please leave animals out of circus acts.” I agree. When I was a little girl and my parents would take me to the circus, I never enjoyed the show because I always felt that animals were being abused. The animals never looked happy to me.

  • Trudy Apple says:

    Please please stop circuses from showing ANY performances with animals. Animals are not ours for entertainment.

  • Manon Proulx says:

    Animals should not be abused an not be used in any circus. Peace and freedom for animals and let them in nature where they belong.

  • Ria Papadopoulos says:

    wild life belongs to wild nature

  • Nathanael Saint-Cyr says:

    Please stop the abuse! Elephants are the uncles and aunts we never knew we had! Thank you PETA for standing up for Elephants and all animals. Move forward!

  • monnie says:

    please stop allowing animals to be abused for peoples few minutes of entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maryann says:

    Dear Mr. President. Please help stop the abuse of these elephants. They did not ask to be born into such cruelty, and you can make it stop. Let us see what a great president you really are, and how you listen to the pleas of the people. Thank you very much Mr President Obama.

  • Patty says:

    we have to be their voice…..we have to protect the animals.

  • emma lee todd says:

    i hate this!

  • Mike Parks says:

    Cirque du Soleil, far as I know, uses ZERO animals and is still the best circus around.

  • Jose says:

    Deberían prohibir el uso de animales en el circo. Hay que conseguirlo.

  • Margaret Wilhelm says:

    Let circuses entertain with human skill and please leave animals out of circus acts.

  • Shanelle says:

    I wont go to the Circus, it is too sad to see animals being so mistreated.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Please stop the abuse to ALL animals, especially at the circus. Thank you.

  • Marcela G. Jurado says:

    Please do not promote these practices… we all know how animals are treated, cramped cages, no exercise besides dramatic training, no being able to walk and sometimes stand… Explain your children why you aren’t taking them to these kinds of circuses.

  • Lisa Pirock says:

    Please help stop this abuse

  • Jayanthi says:

    Sir, Please help us to free animals from abuse.. They are innocent and sensitive living beings. It is our responsibilty to save animals and give them freedom life. May you be blessed with the divine power.

  • Linda says:

    This needs to end!!!!!

  • Marcie says:

    This is a no brainer…stop the abuse and keep animals out of the circus.

  • Andra Gouws says:

    Please, Stop this!

  • Yve says:

    Animals in circus should be forbidden! Greetz from Germany

  • Doug Shohan says:

    Animal abuse has to stop. People used to like going to circuses to see the animals, but now that we know about the abuse, we can’t allow it to continue.

  • Candice Bolt says:

    I dont take my kids to the circus because of the cruelty of animals.

  • annamaria bini says:

    …look at the Cirque du soleil….the best ,most expencive,most required….andNO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!so let’s all of us be happy…I mean ALL…animals included

  • Alexandra Tomicova says:


  • james Drake says:

    stop imprisoning animals for our entertainment

  • senthy says:

    Non aux éléphants dans les cirques, où leurs vies est faite de souffrances et de mauvais soins….

  • B.Gutierre says:

    Dear President Obama,You are in a position to help these animals who still suffering from this cruel circus,please,STOP THIS!Please free them, Thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue.

  • Gray says:

    This cruelty is unbelievable – and the fact that it’s ‘legal’ is beyond me. It has to stop. Profit should not come from cruelty.

  • rocketgirl says:

    Dammmmm why ppl are so cruel????? what animals do for us bad that we are doing this with them? Animals must live in free! In their natural home! OMG! i hate cruel ppl! Animals for them just meat!(((((

  • teagan says:

    President Barack Obama please ban animal circus’s. It would mean banning animals from pain, suffer and humiliation. These animals do not deserve to be mistreated. Let the animals be free and not used for sick entertainment!

  • simon says:

    Commands us to be respectful to other

  • simon says:

    As President Obama hits the road, he’s finding himself dogged by an elephant. PETA is asking Mr. Obama to direct the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to start confiscating these abused animals, who are so cruelly trained and treated by Ringling Bros.

  • Marilyn Preston says:

    it is time to recognize the complexity of animal brains, their ability to feel love, loss, pain, and fear and so on and release them from their horrible plight of human exploitation without regard for comfort or safety or freedom from unnecessary pain. The circus is on my list.

  • Alena says:

    Alec Baldwin = super cute. I have hated circuses since I was barely 5 yrs old. Aside from annoying clowns, a terrible smell, and never ever being close enough to view an aerial act… here’s yet ANOTHER thing to add to my “why I have always f’ing hated circuses” list.