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Elephant Cruelty: Your Government Inaction

Written by PETA | November 18, 2008

It seems that some circus industry folks—including Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company—have donated more than $40,000to certain Chicago aldermen and their respective ward organizations in an apparent attempt to derail efforts to pass an ordinance to prevent some of the worst cruelty that is inflicted on elephantsin circuses. And—what do you know?—a large amount of that money went to the ward organization of the same alderman (*cough* Willie Cochran *cough*) who blocked the vote last week—long enough for Ringling to set up shop in the city.

Now, before our lawyers take a bullhook to me, I should add that there’s no absolute proof that these donations are causing these aldermen to have, shall we say, a certain lack of enthusiasm for the ordinance. I’m just saying ….

Y’all do the math, OK?

My favorite bit in this story is this: “Feld spokesman Stephen Payne said he had ‘no knowledge of’ the campaign contributions.” I mean, it’s so easy to just lose track of hundreds of dollars, isn’t it? Maybe it just slipped through a hole in their pockets.

Of course, anyone familiar with those sterling and upright folks at Feld (and, yes, I’m being sarcastic) won’t be at all surprised by this latest apparent indication of their complete and utter lack of scruples. After all, this is a company that hired operatives to infiltrate and spy on PETA and other animal protection groups, illegally recorded conversations, removed confidential documents, and so much other creepy, slimy stuffthat I can’t list it all here.

When we sued, Kenneth Feld, chair and CEO of Feld Entertainment, got off the hook by claiming that all the spying was done by his staff, and that he didn’t know about it or all the money spent on it. Not a very observant bunch over there, are they? Trust me on this, though—PETA is paying very close attention to Feld, Ringling, and this ordinance.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • twixcookie says:

    Why should it matter if Feld’s employees or anyone else testified against him if they have evidence? What does the government expect the animals to come to the police?

  • Pascale Finkeldey says:

    Circuses!! They should definitely quit using animals they have enough consanguineous human with one too many chromosome to entertain even the simplest mind

  • stephen blank, Sr. says:

    coldhearted creepy over animal rights.polticians are scum.

  • Rebecca Cahoon says:

    I think the Ringling Brothers should have all animals to be taken from them for good. It is total abuse what these animals go through day in and day out and don’t deserve to be treated with no respect for the animals. I hope when the go to court in Feb of 2009 that he goes to jail for the animal abuse has to pay a lot of money. Circuses should be banned for good.

  • David says:

    After learning about Feld’s complete lack of morals and ethics not to mention his willingness to violate federal statutes with impunity it hardly comes as any surprise that he and other vermin like him would be willing to buy their way in by throwing money at some of the slimiest politicians that money can buy. I say give the whole parasitic bunch two blows of a bull hook in the keister and I’d let the elephants they abused have the first shot.