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Your Election Day Treat From PETA!

Written by PETA | November 4, 2008

So off we go to the polls today (I went this morning; shazam!)—and we’ve got a lot of important decisions to make. Not all of us will get the opportunity to take a big step forward for animals, but we can all support the candidate whose platform includes going vegetarian to fight climate change, taxing meat for the environment and health, and eating our way to a smaller ecological footprint.

OK, OK, I wasn’t going to spoiler you on this, but I guess I can tell you—it’s Chris P. Carrot! He’s fantastic. I love him. I almost uploaded my “Chris P. Carrot Girl” music video to YouTube, but I got embarrassed.

I am particularly fond of Chris P. Carrot with hummus. Oh! Yeah, I went there.

So, you may wonder, how exactly does one vote for Chris P. Carrot? Why, by going vegetarian, of course!

Oh, and in case you didn’t realize, we’re talking about an anthropomorphic vegetable—not any of those candidates you’ll see on the voting slips. We’re a nonprofit, kids; we don’t do that. Similarly, don’t bother leaving comments regarding “real” candidates or any political parties—we just have to delete them, and it’s super tedious. Leave comments with your favorite Chris P. Carrot accompaniments instead, if you wish. (Baba ghanoush is really good.)

Happy voting!

Written by Amanda Schinke