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Eight Legs: Good; Two Restaurants: Bad

Written by PETA | April 23, 2010

We have to thank Joan Jett and her tweeting ways (Joan, you’re in close competition with Chrissie Hynde to be my favorite sassy rocker chick) for the great turnout at yesterday’s protests against two Queens, New York, restaurants that serve up octopuses and other animals while they’re still alive. (No, I am not making that up—I wish I were.)


East Seafood


The owner of East Seafood restaurant was apparently so terrified that a kraken was going to seek vengeance on him for the torture of her smaller brethren that he locked the restaurant’s doors for the duration of the protest. Good—no customers!

Please, help stop this abomination by writing to the Queens County D.A. and asking him to press cruelty-to-animals charges against live animal–serving restaurants such as East Seafood and Sik Gaek.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • kiki says:

    Am I on the wrong site? Isn’t this suppose to be about stopping the cruelty towards animals mammals all creatures? Not bashing each other. Pointless. If you have so much anger use it to fight these people that hurt mame and kill innocent living creatures. Those restaurants are disgusting and who knows about if they feel pain. NO ONE…but I bet they do. If anyone one chef should be stopped its Andrew Zimmeran he is a pathetic human being his show is horrific and just makes me sick.

  • Sydney Howlett says:

    This is to mattkid I am so sorry if i offended you in any way i accidently mixed your comment up with John J’s I’m so sorry! As for you John J why don’t you go back to school and learn that Octopi can indeed feel pain.

  • Anonymous says:

    This comment is for both lexii and Sydney. First kudos Sydney!!! It’s driven teens like you will change the world. Ignore people like lexii they will try to bring you down. And as for you lexii as if you didn’t swear when you were Sydney’s age. What kind of mature adult are you bashing a 13 year old? For second Sydney is also entitled to her opinion and was not taking away the rights of anna rose and mattkid. And also I’ve met some teens waaaaaaaay more mature than adults so who are you to say that she doesn’t understand the world? And lastly to Sydney if lexii’s comment offended you don’t let it she is one insignifigant person of millions who will agree with opinion! Stay just they way you are you’re doing great!

  • lexii says:

    Well Sydney for one thing quit bugging on Mattkid. All he said was that’s disgusting which it is. Two grow up and stop swearing like you’re a big girl. You’re 13 and you don’t know anything about anything. Get used to it. You don’t understand the world trust me. Three people are entitled to their opinions you don’t have the right to call them names for it. Act as old you think you do. Anna Rose this is truly not a delicacy. Imagine the horrible pain that these creatures go through while they’re eaten alive. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it. I’ve been severely burned before and I would have to imagine that it’s the most painful horribly slow way to die. Don’t eat the fishies. Love them.

  • Sydney Howlett says:

    Mattkid and Anna Rose FK YOU!!!! These are living creatures that should be treated like living creatures. I’m only 13 in seventh grade and even I understand this world pretty damn well or obviously better than you evil basterds. This is ungodly cruel and extremely disturbing. How DARE these “people” do this to sensitive and beautiful octopi? they are proven to be very intelligent and feel emotion just as well as humans. One fthe most truamatizing experiences of my life was when I saw “whole calamari” in a chinese food market. “whole camari” turned out to be WHOLE octopi carcasses lying on ice cubes. I bawled my eyes out when I saw this. I support the PETA all the way! THIS MUST END!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    On Saurday my husband and I went on our weekly grocery foraging trip at a Food 4 Less. As I was heading for the peanut butter and he was sorting through the apple pies I noticed the store was selling catfish. There were these pathetic dead fish wrapped in styrofoam and plastic and I noticed that their faces were positioned under the price sticker possibly so no one could look in their eyes and get a well deserved guilt trip as well as being able to tell how long they’d been dead.

  • John J says:

    They can’t feel pain!

  • mattkid says:

    hmm that sounds disgusting. wouldent the meat still be raw eww.

  • Melanie says:

    Ewww! Yuck

  • roxanne says:

    what kind of sick person can eat as a living being suffers in pain right in front of their eyes? This is so perverse and so backwards. I think even cave people are more progressive than those who enjoy such meals.

  • jin says:

    Like foie gras this is a delicacy. and this isnt the only place their doing this. Maru in dallas.for ex.

  • Anna Rose says:

    What the heck Lets let the animals die in even more painful slower death

  • Anna Rose says:

    this makes me sick how could pepole do this?

  • Marnie says:

    Phew… is that awful… no words to say !!! How can one eat or boil alive or whatever with appetite? No bad conscience ???

  • troller says:

    i love the Animal Farm referance in the title.

  • Lauren Richards says:

    This is just awful! How could anyone do this to those poor innocent creatures?

  • Victoria says:

    “Feasting on his favorites beef heart and bone marrow on country bread.” This Anthony Bourdain guy is a really sick person. His favourite food is BEEF HEART and BONE MARROW?!?!?! HOW DO YOU EAT BONE MARROW!!!! HOW WOULD HE LIKE IT IF SOMEONE ATE HIS MARROW!!!! “The waiters brought a pot of steaming already dead seafood and placed live octopi on top to cook slowly. The tentacles were still wiggling as they ate them.” WELL DOESN’T THAT SOUND DELICIOUS? not. “dead” seafood and “live wiggly tentacles”? what the heck? “Bourdainism “‘Local’ ‘grass feed’ terms for which I only give a little shit.” Well his children are going to live in the most polluted disgusting chemicalfed meatfedmeat world ever. Welcome Avian Flu Mad Cow Disease and Swine Flu by the hundreds!