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Early Christmas Gift for Dog Saved From Lab

Written by PETA | December 22, 2010

Yes, there is a Santa Claus—at least there is for Sheena, a lovable mutt who was slated to be used in cruel experiments at the University of Utah (the U) but is now safe in a foster home.

Sheena’s former guardian, Gayle, reluctantly surrendered the dog to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) in hopes of finding her a new home because Sheena wasn’t getting along with another dog in the house and Gayle could not afford to keep three large dogs. Unbeknownst to Gayle, who visited Sheena at NUVAS several times to make sure that she was being cared for, the shelter sells animals to laboratories for use in experiments. One day, Gayle called NUVAS to check on Sheena and learned that, without warning, the dog had been sold to the U. When Gayle asked NUVAS staffers what would happen to her dog and pressed them for details on the shelter’s arrangement with the U, she was told that shelter employees are prohibited from speaking with the public about it.

After contacting the U to make sure that Sheena was still alive, Gayle immediately called PETA’s emergency hotline and learned that dogs who are purchased from NUVAS by the U are often surgically mutilated and killed. Gayle demanded that the U return Sheena to her, and with PETA’s help, she found Sheena a loving foster home, where the dog will stay until a permanent home becomes available.

Sheena will have a merry Christmas after all! But many other dogs aren’t so lucky. PETA is urging NUVAS to follow in the footsteps of every other shelter in the state and stop betraying homeless animals by selling them for experiments.

If you are unable to properly care for your dog or cat and feel that you must find a new home for him or her, please make sure that you don’t surrender your companion to a shelter that sells animals to laboratories.

Written by Heather Moore

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  • hollie says:

    Good job PETA!!!! If it wasn’t for them we would have no idea what goes on in those horrible laboratories.

  • di says:

    =) go sheena! and go PETA!

  • L.Joe says:

    How hypocrite people. I’m glad that pretty and cute dog is now in a good place. Where she should be! Mutt dogs are SO adorable C:

  • kirkdeb98 says:

    Thank God for PETA. It is without conscience that any shelter would sell animals to laboratories….what in heaven’s name are they “experimenting” on? How can this be legal??? If you sign over (surrender) an animal to a shelter, you should be told up front that this is a policy that they embrace. I hate it so much that there are too many people that have NO CONSCIENCE!!!! I don’t understand why it doesn’t break their hearts as much as it breaks mine. I am so grateful for PETA~ Thank you for all that you do to save our fur babies and friends that have no voice. Blessings from God<3

  • Paul Nelson says:

    Profiteering scum. For a start it should be illegal for an animal shelter to sell the animals in their keep – they should have to sign and abide by a charter of animal care. Until that is done it should certainly be the law that any pet shelter that sells the animals in their keep be forced to proclaim that fact in bold letters on the front of their website, all official correspondence and on a big board above the front door of their buildings. That would end their practices pretty quickly as then everyone would know the disgusting truth . . .

  • Moi says:

    Thank goodness for PETA. I will continue to give as much as possible for the rest of my and hopefully continue with my daughter’s life! Kudos to everyone on the team!

  • Debbie Rubenstein says:

    Please think before you act..if you can not takr care of your dog or cat or any animal, you own. Please , take the time to find a loving home for them. It is not their fault. Thanks Deb

  • Laura says:

    How horrible that a sheltar is selling these animals for profit?! Isn’t it the sheltars main focus to find these animals a good home? Glad Sheena gets a chance at a new life.

  • ALOP says:

    Great job guys, I can’t believe these people. I am s glad you exposed them and saved the dog.

  • mouselover says:

    does the U still expiriment on dogs there has 2 be a law against that if they want 2 expiriment letb them expiriment on themselves they can’t get any worse anyway

  • Rosie says:

    Oh my goodness! There are shelters selling animals to labs?! How can they do that!

  • Eva Schmelzer says:

    Please stop that cruelty!

  • hassmann says:

    I hate pseudo-scientists.