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The Dutch Continue to Be Awesome

Written by PETA | April 24, 2007
Holland, being awesome since 100 B.C.

I’ve talked about how rad The Netherlands are before—when the Dutch “Party for the Animals” (yes, Holland has a legitimate political party dedicated to animal protection which holds seats in parliament) paid to run spots of “Free Me” on Dutch national television. Well, the latest news from our clog-wearing friends is that Holland has just become the first country where vegetarians are eligible to receive discounted health-insurance because of their diet. According to Ode magazine, which reported on the story, the policy, called VegePolis, “operates on the principle that people who choose not to eat meat live healthier lives.” Apparently, members also get a 10 percent discount on vegetarian dinners, and a portion of the insurance revenue goes to animal welfare groups. What a kickass country. Nice job, The Netherlands.

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  • Stacy P says:

    WOW! So awesome!!! A new age for animal rights is starting to push through let’s keep the momentum rolling….

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Larry Shame on you! Use your common sense it is the people that have not given up meat that you should be attacking if that is your thing. What is important here is the fact that WE have given up meat regardless of what we have watched or read the important thing is that our bodies are meat free and we are working very hard at stopping the horrific animal slaughter altogether. Judith

  • Linda says:

    Hello I’m a Dutch vegetarian and I am indeed glad that in Holland we now have the Party for the animals. Of course I am supporting this Party and I hope that other countries will follow this example soon.

  • RabidLeroy says:

    What a great move for a small country! It’s great to see more and more vegetarians spring up from nowhere!

  • Larry Buck says:

    wow judith started being a vegan after watching a TV show about it on PBS? what a well researched and contemplated reason!!!

  • Michael says: You might find the link above a little faster to access the “Free Me” video. The Dutch link seemed a bit slow ah but a good way of life. Congrats Judith and hubby on your grandson. You might have another George Bernard Shaw on your hands.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Finally a place where my husband and I could retire to. We both gave up meat almost 12 years ago after watching a special on PBS. Our grandson is 7 years old and this is his first year of giving up meat. He is so healthy and growing like a weed. His Doctor is in full agreement. “ALL BEINGS TREMBLE BEFORE VIOLENCE. ALL FEAR DEATH. ALL LOVE LIFE. THE BUDDHA