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‘Dump Dairy’ Demo Delights

Written by PETA | October 9, 2009

This week, PETA’s cavorting cow has been urging people in cities across the U.S. to dump dairy from their diets with a not-so-subtle hint.

Dump dairy


Why’s this heifer in a huff?

Last week, PETA released undercover footage of cows who were kept on a Land O’Lakes supplier’s factory farm in pens covered with feces. They were denied veterinary care and even kicked or stabbed with pocket knives when they were too weak to stand.

If dairy foods were deadly for your relatives, you’d want people to ditch it, too, right? Well, dairy foods have been linked to a slew of human health issues, including allergies, obesity, prostate cancer, heart disease, and autism.


Have you dumped dairy yet?(surveys)


Written by Heather Drennan

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  • Shawna Flavell says:

    chris Sure some farmers try to treat their animals well and do avoid some of the abuses that sadly are standard throughout the industry. These farmers form a very small minority though and our position is that there is no truly humane way to “harvest” milk from animals. If you haven’t already watched it please check out our recent undercover investigation into the dairy industry httpssecure.peta.orgsiteAdvocacy?cmddisplaypageUserActionid2515. While your cows may be treated more humanely the high demand for milk means that most dairy products on grocerystore shelves come from farms similar to this one. Plus because cows are impregnated every year in order to produce milk on a regular basis their male calvesconsidered “byproducts” of the dairy industryare generally taken from their mothers when they are less than a day old and sold to veal farms. Animals do not belong to us and we cannot advocate for their exploitation in any aspect of our lives. The only true way to minimize our contribution to animal suffering is to go vegan.

  • Igor says:

    veronica I drink milk very often i like cheese especially camembert and other dairy products and you know what? No health problems though i should cut on pastries a little and do some sport p no stomach problems either. Anyway the quality of those products is way higher here in Europe than in US and the way we treat cows is better too.

  • veronica says:

    To lgor non of us said that we were allergic or lactose intolerant. We simply said that milk has done nothing but cause the worse in what has happened to us. We have also only said that what milk contains has only caused problems to worsen. Sure you may think we are hiding those facts but you may ask anyone that has gone with out dairy and I bet you more than 85 will say they were allergic. No good day.

  • chrisLPN08 says:

    Reading “Skinny Bitch” was what got me off dairy for good. When you truly study the molecular makeup of cheese especially no wonder our thighs resemble it when we eat enough of it. Plus it’s literally addictive like crack. I find now that if I have anything with dairy in it bu mistake within 10 minutes my nose is running and I’m all congested. DAIRY IS SCARY. I find it interesting though that when I say I don’t eat meat I’m a freak but if I say I don’t do dairy folks assume I’m lactose intolerant and are very sympathetic at finding alternatives. Maybe I should say I’m allergic to meat…..

  • Igor says:

    I like reading comments here. It’s full of people saying how good their lives are after they’ve stopped the milk and that the milk is bad while it turns out that they were simply allergic or lactose intolerant…

  • Lori Diversey says: my family grew so did the health issues. My children were always on antibiotics fevers upper resp. infections ear infections brocitis ecsema asthma and an all out failing of immune functions.I started to believe there was more to the illnesses than my pediatritians casual explaination of “it’s just going around”. How could the human race have survived given it’s current dependency on antibiotics? I began to read! All the problems my family was having which also included my acne and my husbands constant sinus polyp and infections had links to dairy products. The very ‘food’ my government was telling me we should all consume for good health. I took all dairy and it’s fragmented parts immedialty out of our diets. The results speak for themselves…My family has not been on antibiotics for illness since we stopped dairy in 1995!! No acne ear infections sinus infections brocitis fevers ecsemasinus polyps and reduced immune function. We do not even have a medicine cache. Medicine is just not needed here. So do yourself a favor and learn from othersJUST SAY NO TO DAIRY

  • Veronica says:

    I for one think giving milk up is the best way to go. before I would drink it everyday and have sooo much ance and always wondered why. Then after discovering what causes pimples and all these breakouts I gave it up. At first I thought it would never work and that the only good that would come out of it would be saving cows. Now I have a clear face and a happy vegan life. I am always trying to talk to my friends about it. Most won’t listen and still have blemishes on their face.As for those that can eat anything and still have a clear face they think Im just trying to turn anyone I can into a “peta loving freak”

  • Audrey Rugamas says:

    FREE THE COWS!!! soy baby!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Dairy is a tough one to reject because millions of Hindu Buddhist and Jain vegetarians do eat dairy. Cheese is really bad because it contains animal rennet which is the stomach linings of slaughtered calves. Eggs gross me out and soy milk is frankly tastier than cow’s milk.