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Dumb Things Said to a PETA Investigator

Written by PETA | January 31, 2013

UPDATE: Victory! As the Chief Saunooke Bear Park struggled, a private benefactor offered to purchase all of the bears. The park quickly accepted the offer and the bears were finally retired to a spacious sanctuary. Read more about the victory and how the bears are doing now here.

Originally posted January 31, 2013: 

Not since a pig farmer told our investigator, “Hurt ’em! There’s nobody [who] works for PETA out here,” have we recorded so many dumb statements on camera.

Yesterday, we told you how, following PETA’s investigation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture fined Chief Saunooke Bear Park and suspended its exhibitor license. These are some of the conversations that helped land the bear abusers in hot water:


1. Bears Biting the Metal Bars

They know the bears are miserable.

2. Hiding Things From the USDA

I’m sure the USDA loved this.

3. Not Feeding the Bears


4. Eating the Bears


5. Discrimination Against Native Americans (Who Own the Park Land)

That must have gone over well with the landlord.

6. Your Questionable Work Ethic

Things that don’t go well together: impaired awareness and handling bears.

7. How to Treat a Lady

Susan’s laughing now!

8. OK, so Now Pick Your Jaw Up off the Floor

These guys are so dumb that they could get their own reality show.

9. And Take Action for Bears!

The bear pit has been indefinitely shut down, but we still need your voice to ensure that the animals are safe for good. Sign the petition to request that the USDA immediately confiscate all the bears from the Chief Saunooke Bear Park and place them in a safe, reputable sanctuary.


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  • Stephanie Kosak says:

    Enough is enough.It isn’t fair to have people this stupid caring for such an intelligent animal.Please get them out of there,they have suffered so much and deserve to live the rest of their lives being free and happy.They deserve better.

  • Barb Falls says:

    Plain and simple. Human Beings disgust me if you want to call them human. Leave animals alone to live in peace. They share this world too. God will make these people pay soon if not now. Animals are beautiful.

  • Marla says:

    Please see that these bears are transferred to a safe and reputable sanctuary. They’ve suffered enough.

  • Laura Saxon says:

    Yikes! That was super dumb.

  • Alison Bentlin says:

    Please release these innocent bears and let them lead the life nature intended for them. Please we have to all speak for them to help them out of this miserable existence.

  • Niebes says:

    You really should put those gifs in a slower frame rate so we could read the sentences “one shot”. Other than that… i’m freaking tired of these animal abuses. The best thing for wild life is the human race extermination… yeah i know it’s kinda hard to get but look at the facts.There’s no way around this.

  • Beth says:

    YOU MUST PROTECT THESE BEARS! I am appaulled that this has been allowed to take place! Thank you PETA!

  • Kelsey says:

    I like what you did here but next time slow them down, many of them were too hard to read because of the text and how impossibly fast they changed. Frustrating.

  • Maryna Zharkova says:

    Just stop doing all those disgusting things,you are not humans,you are not animals,you are freaking creatures

  • Yawnie says:


  • Sky Gross says:

    please do everything to release these bears!

  • iris mead says:

    This is such a disgrace. The bears should be placed in a sanctuary where they are properly cared for and not exploited. No animal should live according to the whims of idiots.

  • Lynn says:

    I agree with Liz Dee. Action must be taken immediately to save these bears. I know we have been there several times and if I had known this I would let my children have seen them. The USDA must support us in this matter.

  • Linda says:

    Free all tortured, abused wild and farm animals!

  • Susan Morse says:

    I can’t believe these idiots were ever employed to take care of these poor innocent bears. Please release them all to a sanctuary to live their lives with plenty of food, socialization and an environment with stimulating activities!!! Is it too difficult to find compassionate loving caretakers???

  • Shirley Cooper says:


  • Michele says:

    Based on the information already collected on video by PETA, there should be no question as to the next step. Someone needs to step up and get these bears to safety where they can live a happy, healthy life. They have already suffered enough abuse and neglect!!

  • Bobby Merrick says:

    These bears have endured enough .Please —please –lets get them placed somewhere safe and humane.

  • Raven Light says:

    Ok that’s great the bears are away from that abuse. Where are they being taken and are they getting treated any better? I would really like to know this.

  • Mariah says:

    what a sad world we live =(

  • Melinda says:

    Please free these bears! They deserve a wonderful life like everyone and everything else! Haven’t they been through enough?!

  • Debbie Kirby says:

    they have no voice, we have to speak for them!!!

  • mummy250271 says:

    Please ensure these bears are rehomed in a sanctuary, or anywhere apart from where they are now

  • eilan regan says:

    Please let the bears lead a peaceful and restful and unexploited life now. Emancipation today! Thank you.

  • Liz Dee says:

    The USDA must immediately confiscate all the bears from the Chief Saunooke Bear Park and place them in a safe, reputable sanctuary where they may live out the rest of their natural lives in peace.

  • Lauren says:

    Release these bears!

  • Melissa says:

    Absolutely disgraceful! It’s up to us to make a step and give animals a voice.