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Ducklings’ Rights in Boston?

Written by PETA | April 9, 2009


citizenarcane / CC
Make Way for Ducklings

Someone needs to cut Boston’s bookworms a break. First, one of the ducklings from the Make Way for Ducklings tribute statue in Boston’s Public Garden was stolen. Then, the city announced budget cuts that will result in layoffs for 26 library employees.

Since lots of Boston’s book lovers must be duck lovers too, we just might have the solution to save the city’s Mallard brood and the librarians’ jobs. We are offering to pay the Boston Parks & Recreation Department to erect a permanent sign behind the Make Way for Ducklings tribute statue that reads, “Say ‘No’ to Foie Gras!”

No one who’s read Make Way for Ducklings would support the sale of foie gras, especially once they learn that Mrs. Mallard’s close relatives are force-fed by having pipes shoved down their throats until their livers become painfully engorged and their internal organs sometimes rupture. The ducks and geese used for foie gras shiver with fear and pain between feedings and become so ill that they stop preening and have difficulty walking. That several restaurants in Boston still sell this ugly, cruel “delicacy” means that some people apparently didn’t read the book—or are just “ducking” the issue. That sign would be a hard-to-miss reminder of how Mrs. Mallard and her brood shouldn’t suffer for someone’s gluttonous, fatty meal.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I recently saw a real life version of “Make Way For Ducklings” while walking my dog along the Santiago Creek Trail. A mother duck and 10 perfect little ducklings crossed the busy street near the trail and attempted to make their way down to the creek which unfortunately has been blocked off due to a massive cleanuprestoration project. I went to the ranger station and reported her problem and the ranger came out and helped get the family down to the creek safely. The project by the way is to help restore the creek to it’s natural course clean up all the graffiti left on the rocks and the trees over the years and establish a nature education center to teach the public about the importance of the ecosystem of Santiago Creek.

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