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Dry Cleaners Refuses Fur and Leather

Written by PETA | May 22, 2007

I’m not sure how many people heard about the “Compassionate Business” Award that PETA gave Mark Mayes, owner of Monte Carlo Cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ, last week, so I wanted to mention it here. Mark received the award for instituting a unique policy of refusing to accept items made of leather, fur and angora rabbit wool, proving that compassion and good business go hand in hand. If you live anywhere near Scottsdale, make sure to give Mark your business, he sure deserves it. Monte Carlo Cleaners is located here. And if you could use a guide to compassionate clothing, check it out here. Thanks Mark, you’re a superstar to all of us.

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  • maggie says:

    Comma Splice? I think you missed the mark completely Patrick…. Great Job Cleaners!! A well deserved applause for standing by your principles.

  • nadia says:

    I hope more dry cleaners follow in mark’s path!!

  • K says:

    Wow that is truly fantastic! On a side note.. Does anyone have any advice what to say in a card to someone that gives you a gift that was tested on animals?

  • Patrick Thrasher says:

    “If you live anywhere near Scottsdale make sure to give Mark your business he sure deserves it” is a comma splice foo’. atb aptpat