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Drive-by Shooting

Written by PETA | December 29, 2006

The footage isn’t the highest quality in this video of our recent POM Horrible campaign launch, but it interests me because it’s a great example of how the technology helps with the flow of information (and if you watch the full video you’ll see it gets better at the end). That’s a no-brainer of course, but my point is that there is added value with doing things like a demo outside of POM’s headquarters. You’re not just doing it for the passersby to take it, you’re not just doing it for the media to cover—anyone could stumble upon the information that POM kills animals just to help market their juice.

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  • Thelia says:

    Wow POM kills animals? I had no idea. Your video was awesome and I hope some day I can take a stand and show what I belive in like you guys.