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Drag Queens vs. KFC

Written by PETA | July 21, 2008

Colonel Sanders has finally met his heavily accessorized, bouffant-wearing, monster-sized match: Lady Bunny. The queen of all queens has teamed up with PETA to create an awesome anti-KFC billboard, which just went up in New York City. The larger-than-life female impersonator’s ad advises tourists and commuters that the Colonel’s “secret recipe” is cruelty to animals.


Lady Bunny joins other gorgeous pin-ups, including Pam Anderson and Imogen Bailey, who have protested the well-documented abuse of chickens who end up in KFC’s deceptively pretty buckets of breast meat. However, only Lady Bunny can talk about there being “more than meets the eye” (regarding animal welfare, of course).

I’ve cocktailed at enough gay bars to know firsthand what happens “when queens attack”—and it ain’t pretty. After all, who wants to upset a burly guy who has spent an hour squeezing into a size 3 dress and a pair of high heels?

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • stevie wilson says:

    This is nothing just think of how people are treated in this country.It seems to me this is all AMERICANS know and it will not be stopped.Because the only thing Americans have respect for is money and what they want when they want it.Everyone has something to say but no one has the power to stop all the bad things that happeneds here or anywhere.people are simply out of controll we seem to be lost in want greed lust power sexdrugs etc.There is no hope for us or are childrend no matter how hard we try we are only heard but no action follows. and some of us should not be heard because we cause more harm.THis is not the case here with the animals.the fact is we must eat it is how the animals are treated before death that hurts my heart. And just think some people are treated far worse. Were do we start? because this isnt helping what do we do?when a child is hungry?or an adult.Seems we are in something we cant get out of. there will always be someone out there killing there will always be some one out there doing something bad always somekind of hate always something

  • yf says:

    this IS the way to reach out to people on not just KFC but on all the other issues of abuse and mistreatment of animals which in general I feel some if not most of the gen public are ‘blissfully unaware’ of.. and the location TS.. even better.. Advertising.. getting the msg out.. that is the way to do it and to use your funds as effectively as possible Peta! try and curb the shocking tactics.. any billboard.. the fact that it is there.. and ‘in your face’.. even if it was just a picture of paint drying with the subheading.. ‘paint drying’.. believe it.. pepole will still look at it and read it!! tackling the nasty fur buying and wearing habit in NY would also be a good idea too .. mild shock tactic there wouldn’t go too amiss either..

  • Chantelle says:

    Oh…I thought the drag queen you were referring to was Pamela Anderson! Huh.

  • Doris O'Sullivan says:

    I don’t like KFC never have now I know why I did get fooled my Tyson never again I promis its hard for me to believe a human could do something like this and think its okay they can’t have a soul and do something this ugly. I hope they all Pay big time for what they’ve done and not just a fine and a slap on the hand their not only did what they did to the poor chickens they also put children and adults in danger of having a life threating sickness they should all be put in prison for life. Doris O’Sullivan.

  • Philip says:

    One word AMAZING!

  • Sinon Robert says:

    gosh brandie. you don’t see the highheelsanimalsaving connection? you must be new at this. seriously though. lady bunny’s a celeb. people recognize celebs easy and for better or worse tend to take what they say into consideration more than they would the testimony of an expert in a related field. she’s mainly a gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered glbt celeb so not everyone will recognize her but the many millions of americans that do will probably be more interested in learning about the kfc campaign as a result. plus a guy in women’s clothing is pretty attentiongetting don’t ya think? i dunno about you but it’s atypical to my daily routine…

  • brandie r says:

    so… how does this make this man more special than others? i’m not seeing the relation between saving animals and dressing as a woman. because his name is lady bunny? educate me.

  • Lex says:

    Bunny is a Lady and KFC is a DRAG.

  • Curtis says:

    Go Bunny!

  • Roxanne says:

    great billboard but what about the horse drawn carriages? I have not seen any public billbards since Pink’s buck cruelty. the horses are really suffering in this summer heat wave in nyc

  • Judith says:

    Lady Bunny you rule!!!!! Great job PETA! Peace for all animals!

  • says:

    Peta never ceases to impress me with their creative fun eyecatching and clever concepts that convey serious messages. That’s a tough combination and yet Peta pulled it off again. Well done.

  • Daniela says:

    it’s amazing that there’s people who want to help make the change. i hope someday people will get to understand how important it is to protect animals!