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Why Your Pillow Could Mean Misery for Animals—Watch Now

Written by Chrissy Matthies | November 12, 2013

For geese, the down industry is anything but comfortable. Terrified, screaming birds are grabbed by their wings and pinned down by their necks as workers painfully tear their feathers from their bodies, often leaving gaping wounds that are then sewn shut without any pain relief. Dazed animals with torn skin stand shocked, sometimes dying from the trauma.

Watch “Down in 60 Seconds” and share it widely to spread the word that a coat full of down is a coat full of terror:

Don’t Be Down With Down

Sign the pledge to be “down-free” and choose only cruelty-free clothing and bedding options. Down torn from terrified birds has no place in your closet or on your bed.

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  • alexis says:

    i could only watch 15 sec of the video it was so sad

  • Lacey says:

    this is one of the most duiscusting and upsetting things I have ever seen…. the cruelness of this is completely unjust… f*** this, to be frank.

  • sam says:

    I had no idea. sorry. cruelty ishould not be permitted this must go out on tv, laptops everyone should be made aware. it has to stop thankyou for bringing it to my attention….lets hope the message gets to everyone else.

  • Lucinda says:

    Horrid! I thought they were killed first.

  • People, please think twice before deciding on down pillows, comforters, parkas, etc. Down products cause extreme cruelty to ducks and geese! The alternatives work just fine, are comfortable and much less expensive!

  • LynnCS says:

    I am pledging to be down/feather free. I ordered a down coat and just called to cancel. They said they can’t retrieve it, so I will refuse it when it arrives. I didn’t want to get it in the beginning and had a bad feeling when I ordered it, but my son lives where it’s really cold and he said to get one, so I went ahead and ordered it. I saw your site just in time. Thank you for posting this information.

  • christina says:

    You people are inhumane and extremely cruel. I think you should be held down and have all the hair on your body even peach fuzz, ripped right off and you have no way of explaining the horror and the pain. You people disgust me.

  • Ev Beatson says:

    Thank you for making people aware – I suspect most people don’t even think about where their down comes from. Another very cruel way people treat animals. Those poor geese, what gives people the right to treat them that way – I will never purchase down products – not needed anyway and I will spread the word of this awful industry……..

  • Rebekah Donahue says:

    I will never purchase ANYTHING containing down!

  • lyudmyla Andrukhova says:

    Я больше никогда не куплю подушку из перьев. Я не хочу, чтобы мои удобства приносили страдания животным и птицам

  • Dank je wel Peta voor de zending van gegevens die als petitie tellen.ik doe hiermee de belofte enkel te kiezen voor diervriendelijk en beddengoed en kleren.Wij weten hoe de dieren levend half gepluimd worden en dat willen we niet.met vriendelijke groet Walter Botteldoorne

  • Sarah says:

    Where was it taking place?

    • Nat says:

      I wasn’t brave enough to see the video… however I can notice how cruelty this activities are and for what? the pain those poor guys went through isn’t worthy. If there are sintetic fibers then I’ll go with that.