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Don’t Blame Big Business for Oil Spills

Written by PETA | May 3, 2010

Remember the Exxon Valdez disaster? It may soon be seen as small potatoes compared to the ever-spreading, ever-gushing oil spill off the Gulf Coast. But when it comes to how oil affects wildlife, even “minor” spills can cause major damage. As the International Bird Rescue Research Center points out, millions of birds die every year because of oil from jet skis and motorboats as well as oil washed off streets and into storm drains after it rains. That makes it pretty important to watch out for improper trash disposal.

But here’s a surprise: Much of the oil used in America is used to produce meat. It takes approximately 10 times more fossil fuels to produce meat than to produce vegan foods.

So instead of blaming big business for oil spills, let’s encourage people to do something positive! Ask everyone you know to curb America’s appetite for oil and reduce the chances of devastating spills—of both oil and manure—by going vegan. You might also consider making a donation to an organization that works day in and day out saving wildlife, including birds who are unlucky enough to suffer as a result of human carelessness.


A PETA staffer rescued this swan and removed painfully embedded fishing hooks from her foot and beak.


Written by Heather Moore

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  • SENS31 says:

    I disagree with this article. just recycling cans isn’t going to do enough or picking up trash. how is going vegan is going to reduce oil spills? be realistic. Ill take the blame on these companies.

  • kbomb says:

    its pretty obvious what peta is trying to say is that yes bp is horrible and we all hate them BUT we alllllllll need to take some responsibility. no one can say that they dont rely on oil. a way to reduce our consumption of oil is to reduce our consumption of everything namely the fuel guzzling industry of animal farming. it is common sense for every meat meal we eat 20 plant meals have been fed to what we’re eating.

  • Some random person says:

    ashamed your argument is so full of fail

  • Rose says:

    Ok I am a vegan and I disagree with your statement! I believe we all should be blaming them for this spill! This could have been prevented and they didn’t take the right precautions. Also all the wildlife affected by the spill are be helped by a rescue running on donations NOT funded by BP! I honestly am very suprised by PETA’s stance on this issue!!

  • Ashamed to be human says:

    Let the selfish humans rot we need to save animals. Humans are responsible for absolutely all evil I forgive the animals who bring down other animals they don’t know any better and it’s instinct not mass ignorance and stupidity. This world is crashing fast and it is all big businesses’ and government’s fault in every direction the actions of humans are to blame. Those of us not involved in the blind elimination of animals must protect them from our impersonators. It is absolutely nauseating that this has been allowed to occur not just once but multiple times! Even worse the way power is delegated the only ones with hearts or insight are helpless to save most animals from the repercussions. Fuck the green fight for nowanimals are our priority. While it is true that vegetation is also widely endangered it is not PETA’S territory! Let Greenpeace handle it! Meanwhile Going vegan will not help. Each time a vegan is born another destructive baby is as well. We need to storm the government if we want to see change and we don’t have time to wait for small bills to pass that take years to enforce. Militance is necessary. It’s time to fight fire with fire. If we don’t the worldwide animal holocaust will continue to be ignored. It’s time to be as relentless as they are.

  • Manic Monkey says:

    Let see. Big oil are the ones drilling off the shore. And they don’t maintain their oil rigs which caused it to explode and the fail safe to malfunction. How exactly do we not blame big business for this or any oil spill?

  • John J says:

    Saving the planet is as important that animal rights! Think about it if we lose the planet to global warming what happens to the animals? So Peta should emphasis conservation of the Earth as well. Why would one cause be more important than the other? What about protecting children from abuse? Isn’t that as important or even more important than animal abuse?

  • Toby Saunders says:

    I believe the best reason to be vegan is ethics. The second best reason is the green aspect. If PETA pushes the green aspect too much it risks convincing people that the prevention of global warming is paramount to animalrights. my local regrettably Conservative newspaper here in metroAtlanta reported ‘PETA Buys Ad Space On Dying Man’s Urn’… PETA paid for the cremation?! $800?! Plus $200 for the ad?! Really $1000 to get mentioned in MichelleMalkinfavouring ConservativeChristianleaning PETAhating local newspapers could be quite a deal on second thought.

  • Nick says:

    Poor baby. What a nasty mess. The poor animals Earth I cry so often and all I hear is the bleeding hearts of fisherman concerned about there stock quota’s it sickens me! What about the marine life? Do they care about that? I know they make a living at that but I’m sorry I shed no tears for them just for the marine animals birds and Earth. Humans won’t be happy until there is nothing left except them and then they will start most likely to turn on one another the same that’s how barbaric man is in my opinion! Nick

  • Bayan says:

    … plus i don’t see how going vegan can bring about change in ecologically irresponsible hazardous and criminal human activities let alone stop them or shift the entire paradigm of energy production supply and consumption

  • larissa says:

    Today I watched the birdwashers on the news. They were detailing the extent of this spill and the length of time that there will be consequences. I turned to my friend and said “You can’t wash those birds fast enough because you’ll be washing individuals 5 6 times each before this is through.”. I may have underestimated a bit. The same animals will need to be rewashed over and over while many will just die. I remember how proud I was the first time I heard about the 10 times more oil stat. I felt I was doing the least at least that I could. Now we’ve got to get these companies to stop hiding meat byproducts in what should be vegetarian such as vegetable soup and canned beans. Got an ap for that?

  • MH says:

    Vegan foods still require huge amounts of fossil fuels for tilling planting fertilization harvesting processing and transporting. That is why it’s better to go LOCAL not necessarily vegan.