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Don’t Abuse Animals – the Government Hates Competition!

Written by PETA | July 18, 2008

Do you know the saying “Don’t steal—the government hates competition”? I was reminded of it recently when news broke that the U.S. Army is shooting live pigs in an open range with high-power rifles at a training camp in Hawaii. The Army says it’s teaching combat medics how to treat battlefield injuries, but here’s the thing: The Army is required—by its own regulations—to use alternatives to animals in any kind of experimentation or training when scientifically valid and comparable alternatives exist. And guess what? Those alternatives exist.

My colleague Shalin Gala rattles off these humane alternatives like nobody’s business: the Combat Trauma Patient Simulation System, Simulab Corporation’s TraumaMan system (insert superhero figure with a T on his chest), partnering with trauma centers for real-life experience, and Dr. Emad Aboud’s “living” cadaver perfusion model. Shalin also tells me that he regularly receives calls from whistleblowers in the Army and the Navy telling him about the use of pigs, goats, and monkeys for trauma training and chemical casualty training—all in apparent violation of regulations.

Kathy Guillermo, the director of PETA’s Laboratory Investigations Department, had this to say: “In order to effectively save our soldiers’ lives, Army medics should be trained with human trauma patients and advanced simulators that mimic human responses. Shooting and maiming pigs is as outdated as Civil War rifles.”

I agree, but I’m kind of stuck on the fact that the horror of the Army’s pig shooting in Hawaii goes way beyond just that. Readers of The PETA Files are well aware that you don’t have to be Einstein to get your head around the few paltry regulations intended to protect animals in laboratories, but even so, violations of these regulations are rampant. A recent audit noted that nearly a third of U.S. laboratories are failing to search for alternatives. Is it any wonder when the government—charged with ensuring that laboratories comply with the law—doesn’t seem to have its own house in order?

Posted by Grace Friedan

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  • Carrot Top says:

    I am shock here. Not for how the army trains its life saving personnel but how this organization is putting the life of animals above that of human beings. If these tests save a single human life then they are justified. All of you previous posters need to get off your high horses and realize something. In order for your troops the defenders of your freedom to have the best medical care possible on the battle field these tests will go on. As the friend of several grunts in Iraq and Afghanistan right now I would be deeply angered if they did not have the best trained medics and corpsmen around. Does a dummy gush blood when an artery is hit? Does its shin rip and tear in the same way? No it does not A dummy is just a hunk of plastic and rubber in the end and has the same training impact of firing caps at targets instead of bullets. As far as the army being required to use any other scientific measures proven valid before resorting to injuring living creatures I have two things to say in response to that. First the army has an even greater obligation to the families of its men and women across the world to keep their sons daughters brothers and sisters safe and in the best hands possible. The second thing I have to say is that maybe there is not a valid scientific method to replace this barbarous practice. Ask a doctor if stitching a stab wound is the same as repairing a seem on a shirt. The way all of you are carrying on about this makes it look like you believe the Army is just shooting pig for the fun of it. No this is being done to save lives. And as I have already stated as long as this practice gives one medic the experience needed to save one American life then it has my full and unending support. The last thing I have to say is I am shocked and embarrassed by the behavior of many of the posters before me. How low have we sunk when we insult each other just because we have different opinions? I am sure you will insult me as well but I dont care I know youre just a bunch of folks letting their passions get the best of them.

  • Theresa K. says:

    ads in the news and on craigs list advertise no pets no smokingthey are the ones who are responsible for the abuseof animalsif you have a pet but have to move try the streets with youranimal.where are u going to put your pet when youfind that

  • MA Moore says:


  • shayna kortz says:

    i think killing animals is sick. i am not a vegetairien but i think i am going to become one. when i eat meat i go oh god i am eating a poor little pig. think of what that pig has to go though. how do you think they are killed.

  • asdf says:

    Soldier’s life pig’s life SIMPLE For those who speak lowly of the soldiers this isn’t Vietnam do NOT make the same mistake again. There is no substitute for live tissue as high tech as our technology is today we can’t simulate life. Reread the first line if you have trouble understanding this.

  • caroline white says:

    hey. im caroline white and im 13 i hate animal cruely im a vegitarien for 2 years now and i hate the sight of animal cruelty it makes me wanna kill them so im here to stop it if you want to sign the potision i started feel free leave ur name and comment thank you.

  • renata white says:

    i am 11 and i really hate abuse and them killing the animals i want to stop it

  • Tabitha says:

    I’m a little frightened by Ned…

  • questionmark says:

    Ned i didn’t quite get the point of this story what do you mean with this???????

  • Ned says:

    Hey Kristen I’m liking the Hitler Subject….we should all learn from that example instead of shooting pigs and goats we should do what the Hitler Youth Corps did. You give each of the new recruits a cute little puppy i was thiking german shepard for dramamtic effectand each private is in charge of caring for itwalking it naming it is important feeding it and so on….then after about 6 or 8 months of training with them we line each of them up Soldierdogsoldierdogsoldierdog etc etc. and you tell the recruits to kneel down and pat their friends lightly on the head….right after you strangle its little heart out. Talk about an “Army of One” D I can’t wait to enlist!!

  • ratking says:

    this shameful shooting on living pigs is a crime and remains a crime regardless to the upper discussions fullstop

  • Kristen says:

    For all of those above who are using foul language and hatred towards our fellow soldiers who are protecting this country shame on you! Not all German Soldiers Nazis believed in what Hitler was doing they were forced to do their job and Im in no way defending Nazis or the behavior of these German soldiers who chose to pull the trigger…they were just peons in the big scheme of things so you can’t blame all soldiers…remember they are fighting for our freedom if you want to hate on someone hate on the Senators and the Big Men or Women on campus who are making these decisions…We should act like civilized and educated people not swearing unintelligible white or whatever color trash! Please represent us Vegans and animal lovers in a good light.

  • Tabitha says:

    Dr. rock.

  • Kurt K says:

    Dr. Breen I agree that the 5.56 is a small round. The downside to the .30 cal is the weight of the cartridge. You can carry twice as much M16 rounds as the .30 cal. The .45 colt and Beretta 9mm have their pros and cons as well. The Beretta holds 1517 rounds while the colt holds only 9 give or take a few depending on the model. But the Colt is by far better at stoping a person. Depends on what you like I guess. Did you know the 5.56 actually has a higher muzzel velocity than the .30 cal? Anyway it sucks they have to use them on pigs but in the end they are only pigs. Valuable information is gained with these experiments!

  • Veggie Burger says:

    Kurt K obviously the military is your holy cow! until now i didn’t know that there are holy cows in america i thought that they make steaks out of them!

  • Kurt K says:

    Hey Green Mile what is your address? If you make statements like that about our military then you deserve to be dealt with! How dare you live under this blanket of freedom and then spit on the ones who provide it! Nagasaki and Vegan4whatever If you don’t like this country either get the fuck out or stay out! You people talk a big game on this blog! If you don’t like the military then let the soldiers and Marines know just how you feel and see what kind of response you get. You people have no idea what the military is like or what it means to serve your country. Do you really think the men and women of military give a shit what you think about them? They have bigger fish to fry than deal with you antiAmerican bullshit. You can call me all the names you want but it is sad when the military gets dragged through mud by people who have no clue of what they are talking about!

  • Judith says:

    AMEN ROSE!!! Most of my heroes wear masks! Peace for all animals!

  • Green Mile says:

    May God bless these animals martyrs of a hellish ruthless government system and may God curse this army arm of a devil’s rotten body!

  • vegan4animals says:

    I hate the corrupt frickin US govt. and the military. Sick bastards. What they do to animals on a daily basis is EVIL. And all of the pricks who eat animals are terrorists causing mass animal cruelty. Remember what the military did to blacks to test syphilis vaccine? and to orphans? Don’t think for one second that if helpless animals weren’t around to abuse and make targets out of that they wouldn’t use you or your family to test weaponsvaccines just like they did at Hiroshima to test radiation affects on a large city of humans. Know of the Gulf War syndrome? It’s all about money and greed. My tax dollars are paying for this?$! The NIH is just as disgusting and so is the disgusting USDA. Humans suck! Disband the military there shouldn’t be one. We need a new government based on ethics and real leadership where greedprofit and is not allowed. Please who can I write a letter to to express my disgust about this horrific crime?

  • Nagasaki says:

    So the american army didn’t just pollute the bikini atoll with the atom bomb experiments killing thousands of animals and bringing cancer to the population but now they are also bringing pestilencia to Hawaii with this shameful animal abuse so in the international war crime games they are stright behind France who puts their atom bomb very far from them they bring the gift in german language this word means poison to Guyana in the Amazone! So if something goes wrong the people and animals there can bite the dust and the ‘Great Nation’ remains clean! I ask myself who is responsible for the destruction of this green planet! America and Europe or the Near and Far East??????????????????????? If someone doesn’t like my talking he can bring me to Guantanamo! you fucking bastards without honor and backbone! hellish wankers! or make an invasion into Vietnam incinerating the forests! i’m hiding there you hellbound scum!

  • Mister Jingles says:

    Kristen you did right in stopping to date this monster! your post is very interesting and is the proof that animal abuse conducts directly to human abuse! these kind of mean unfair coward and prehistoric animal abuse is killing every humane feeling in the heart of these soldiers and is turning them into criminal war machines who don’t give a fuck if they are killing animals or soldiers women or children! you know where this woman who turtured people in Abu Graib prison was working before in a poultry slaughterhouse! for this reason the responsibles in the highest places are guilty of murder and war crimes and for a state which still applies death penalty this is a BIG BIG SHAME! these criminal leaders should first judge themselves before they judge others and i ask myself in all this international deadly poisonous war who is the real guilty in the game?

  • jesse says:

    of all the horrible things involving animals that i have heard over the years to know that the united states government is allowing pigs to be used as a “trauma simulation” is devistating! furthermore to know that there are people out there who believe that this is an acceptable method of training is sickening! i understand the value of our soldiers and how important proper training is to keep them alive but all life is valuable even pigs! americans have a choice to enlist in the military…..who singned these animals up? im sure that livestock is not capable of such a thing. as far as “alex” and “glenn” go….it is people like you that give the human race a bad name. no one asked you to come on this page and make a statement…especially one as disturbing and ignorant as you felt the need to leave.

  • rose corletto says:

    hey meg and glenn why dont you 2 sons of bitches do the honors for your country and offer your sorry asses for military practice hell im sure the bastards will get a rise out practicing on real suckers like you 2 but of course you 2 dont have the guts to sacrifice in the name of honor i hate bastards like you just thinking about the pain the poor animals feel make me sad .you 2 need to shut the hell up or go get shot boy that we’ll be good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hate you fuckers!!!!!!!!

  • joe says:

    this is terrible this is why i became a vegetarian and rescue animals this makes me sick to my stomach

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Kurt K Good thinking. NEVER question the motives of the government… Personally I think paintball would be a great way to practice. Shooting against an unarmed and unsuspecting target isn’t going to teach you very much.


    This practice is criminal and every kind of war is criminal every kind of killing is criminal may every cursed bastard on this earth get it once and for always and the holy war doesn’t exist neither for muslims nor for americans! war is not holy war is a crime! every political leader sending his folks to the war is a damned hellish bastard who may rot in hell where he or she belongs to because he or she is a war criminal and abusing animals for such a horrific crime in such a horrific way is sick sick sick and CRIMINAL please let me use the word CRIMINAL also concerning animal abuse this word has to enter into your brains your minds your conscience torturing animals is a CRIME a CRIME a CRIME if the abuser is a butcher vivisectioner military furrer or what the hell ever burn it on your forehead A CRIME!!!!!!!!!

  • Judith says:

    Meg You need to join Glenn in the battlefield. Let them shoot and take your life. You should feel honored to be able to help our country in this way. Enjoy! Peace for all animals!

  • Brandie R says:


  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Meg Griffin look for your honor inside your asshole and help your country by wanking the dancefloor!

  • Derek says:

    When I took my Advanced Trauma Life Support class 3 years ago I had the option of going to a class 10 minutes away and perform tracheotomies chesttubes pericardiocentesis etc on a pig or travelling 5 hours in order and use a TraumaMan. I chose to make the drive and was not disappointed in the feelgive of the synthetic flesh or “bony” landmarks and organs. In all honesty for those types of procedures porcine anatomy is similar enough but uneccessary save for the cost how else could we afford to fund another pointless war?. Having worked as a parttime ER doctor the past three years in addition to my regular office practice I and the few patients I have needed to do such procedures on can attest to the effectiveness of training with TraumaMan. I agree that a handson approach is needed but a pig is just another type of simulation. The pigs are completely sedated so are not “reacting” to an injury. I can refute or debunk every single argumentreasoningmyth in favor of using an unconscious pig for this type of training but it all comes down to one thing…money. To the thickheaded animalhaters I shall repeat that the use of pigs for this type of training is ONLY done because it is the cheapest option.

  • ratking says:

    to Alex and Glenn! It’s a disgrace that you both suffered lobotomy so maybe you could still join the army! They are in an urgent need of brain roasted wankers as you are!

  • Supermodel4u305@ says:

    Look what else the military is doing” This is sicking. I don’t want to hear that the animals are protecting the soldiers. The soldiers CHOSE to go to war and risk their life for a war over oil. The animals unfortunately have no choice and as usual are forced to do things that they didn’t choose to do.

  • Kurt K says:

    I am a little torn on this one. I do wish we could find another way to do such research without having to shoot animals. However if the military says this is the best way to train Army medics and Navy Corpmen then I have to believe them. Whatever it takes to support and protect our Marines and soldiers in combat! I know it isn’t the most desirable method but evidently it is one of the most effective.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Alex Unless the pig is armed with a gun as an enemy soldier would be I don’t see how killing an animal is going to assist at all in potentially saving a soldier’s life.

  • TAbitha says:

    Honestly war is an ugly business. Yes this sounds horrible. But if I was in battle I’d much rather have someone working on me that had experience with flesh and blood than a SIMULATOR which in no way no how can match the real thing.

  • Kristen says:

    I dated this guy who works at Quantico he said they blow up pigs and also cut them up so medics can experience what real trauma would look like on the battlefield…he said it’s a lot different trying to patch up a dummy than it is an actual bleeding animal hence the reason they use live animals. It happens in a lot more training places than Hawaii but no one wants to admit it!! Side note I stopped dating him after I found that out only because he said the situation was justifiable. Thoughts???

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    They can get plenty of training interning at any hospital emergency and on the correct species. The army is only using pigs because they can might is right. I’m sure no pig would agree to be shot. There might be war pigs but pigs don’t go to waronly humans are that stupid.

  • Meg Griffin says:

    Why do i need to be approved? so you cant here the real truth. the people of America would be furious if they knew that our own soldiers were being shot. A pig is below a human. The pig should be honored that they can help our country in this way.

  • Rose says:

    Perhaps Glenn Jaegar a moron like you should be target practice for the army. You can tell em all about how it feels A..hole.

  • Judith says:

    Glenn Hey pencil dick put yourself out there instead! The world needs one less of you! Peace and Love! Peace for all animals!

  • Glenn Jaeger says:

    I agree that it’s wrong for the army to train medical personnel by shooting live pigs especially when they have a much more palatable option they can use PETA members! Surely some of you morons will be willing to volunteer after all no animal should ever be killed for any reason…

  • Romina says:

    I am truly shoked to know all the horrible things being done on those innocent lives. All this cruelty must stop right here and right now.Before it gets MORE out of hands.

  • UnderMySkinner says:

    This doesn’t shock me at all sad I know. Why pay for something more hightech when innocent frightened animals are easy slow moving targets. It’s disgusting shameful and down right uncaring. And we wonder why some people have become desensitized go figure. I support the military probably more than most through monthly donanations and fund raising but if anyone I came across participated in this in any way I would not only call their patriotism into question but their decency as well. Sometimes this country does something that makes me fell shame this is one of those times.

  • Alex says:

    I love animals. But P.E.T.A. cannot get involved in everything. I strongly support a lot of things the organization does but come on! Have you seen war can you honestly say what training is best for our soldiers? What if the armies’ training on pigs saves one American soldiers life? I believe it is worth it. It is not a random killing. I heard a P.E.T.A. spokesmen say that pig training was irrelevant because the anatomy was so different. One that is false why do we use deceased pigs for medical research and teaching? A live animal will help a soldier deal with trauma and real blood more than a prosthetic non reacting patient.

  • nicole says:

    this is just ridiculous… who thinks up these training exercises anyway!!!! i am a vet nurse and a training registered nurse and i see no helpful correlation in wounding innocent animals and treating real wounded people. i just can’t believe how many people out there think that humans have all these rights to treat helpless intelligent animals in this manner. they are not objects they think and feel just like we do and humans should have more empathy and compassion.

  • jessie says:

    Get the murderers child killkers child molesters for target shooting not the poor pigs. The congress and federal judges are afraid of how painful these inmates dies did they ever think about the pain and suffering of the victims and their families??? It is enough people kill animals for food and now this.



  • Anne-Marie Jennings says:

    make a tshirt with thats slogan D I would so wear it!!!

  • Steve says:

    I read your report on the Army and what they are doing to Pigs to train their medics.THIS IS SICK. If they want to train their medics then let them be shot and treated. I pray you will stay on top of this and that the whole country will find out. I read that the Armys attitude is you cannot stop us and we plan to continue. Why do the people in Hawaii just sit and do nothing. They had to know what was going on. I am very happy you have exposed them and do pray the Army will be stopped.

  • Judith says:

    Generation Kill kill kill. I sent my letter. Peace for all animals!