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Where Does Donna Karan Stand on Fur?

Written by PETA | November 20, 2008

We have a bit of a history with Donna Karan. This might surprise you (OK, so it won’t), but we don’t like it when people tell us they’re going to stop using fur and then go back on their word. That’s why we like to visit Donna—at her apartment, at her fashion shows, and even on her runways. Eventually, we figure, she’ll stick to her multiple promises to stop using fur—especially if consumers boycott her designs.

And that, my friends, is why you might see our posters around Donna’s office and apartment in Manhattan. The posters show a woman’s foot pressing on a rabbit’s neck beside the tagline “Where Does Donna Karan Stand on Fur?” You can check out photos below—we hope they’ll convince even more people to boycott Donna Karan, bunny butcher, until she sticks to her promise and dumps the fur once and for all.


Donna Karan
Photos: Swing Media
Donna Karan


Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Bunny says:

    Hey! You killed my familly!!!

  • stacey says:

    this is for jen and lisa. we are not talking about a charity looking for donations. we are talking about people who care enough to do something about saving the lives of those that can’t save themselves. anything peta can do to even get someone to stop and think about it is worth it. no matter how big or small. it only takes one person to make a difference. maybe you think it’s ok for donna karen because she isn’t the worst?! need i say more? be that one person to make a difference!

  • Angela says:

    Lets try it in a language the ‘Chic and Savvy’ will understand…….FUR LOOKS TACKY. PERIOD.

  • vip says:

    I think Peta should also target the ‘stars’ who keep these designers busy with using fur i.e. Madonawith her self rightous ways right. She is a hyprocite JLo etc…I remember when I first became aware of it all my child was four years old and I even cancelled going to the circus!

  • Dé From Holla says:

    Rondi Spurling I agree with you. Im now a vegeterian not because i think it’s wrong to kil a animal for food and use the remains I think it is wrong HOW we do it so out of protest I stop eating meat and fish for most of the time. Most of the time means Once in two monds I go to the market and buy good quality biological meat from a guy who have a smal farm and always pictures of his animals in his pocket. I don’t feel bad about that becaus I have a uge respect of the animals I eat. We treath living beings like products and the bosses only think about money money money. The world lost respect for al the beautiful living creatures on this earth we also lost respect for this earth. Killing an animal only for fur after it’s been tortured it’s whole short life afters we stealed the life they deserves I think that is ridicalous. They are killed only for the arrogance of some rich people. We don’t need fur for survival and killing an animal only for Fashion is completely stupid. Am not against al fur take the Inuits they need fur they use the whole animal every pice of it they live in harmony with nature. We the ‘civilized’ people torture kill abuse animals and fish the oceans empty for what kind of purpose? Because we are gready. We think we are the most omportand on this planet we want everythg cheap especialy our meat we know the costs but we don’t wan’t to think about thatbecause we think a penny is more omportant. We must understand that the world is more importend that life of animals are precious. We are not civilized. Only real people who are take only what the nead an tread animals with respect. The only few tribes left like in the amazone and the iniuts are the real civilized people here. The most are just what we are GREADY APES

  • simon treslove says:

    There is something seriously wrong going in the world when this kind of animal cruelty is going on. How would these designers like to be hung up and skinned alive. It makes me feel sick it really does all in the name of fashion what a load of bollocks

  • Mario wilkes says:

    radonna i look your idea lets do it to her whole family

  • Lynn Jones says:

    Donna You should be ashamed of yourself and other designers that use any type of animal for your own profit. This is why the world is such a horrible place because of the things that people like you do to living creatures. I hope you get a place in heaven. Please pray that you are not destined for a place in hell. Do you read the bible which is does say thou shall not kill. Obviously you must be to busy killing beautiful animals to even know what a bible is. Also to all others whom are killing animals as well you will be judged. Think about this real hard. If this were a living loving animal that you loved would you allow the torutre and killing for your own personal gain. I really hope this stops soon. You obviously dont understand that people should go to jail for this type of treatment of killing animals or any other creature of nature. I think you already make enough money on your clothing now. Leave the beautiful animals alone. Tired of you wealthy people getting away with Murder.

  • betty lathouwers says:

    let’s rip off the skin of DK and those other sadics who still use fur in their fashion collections. I will be proud to wear her skin around my neck!!! Let’s continue our war against animal abuse PETA

  • Bernice van Eck says:

    Im in the fashion business and I will not sell a garment if it has real fur on it. Well done Peta you should also target the other designers. They should be taken to the farms to see how badely the animals are treated!!!

  • T.R.Y says:

    Dear ms Lisa i agree with the comment by forlisa.PeTa focus on DK thats because that bloody goes back on her words so Peta should have aim more at her! In a way to warn others too.Also Peta does not have the means to convince everyone yet so it is going slowly byb convincing one by one!.GO PETA i will support it 4eva!

  • RiQ says:

    PETA Rules!!! Leave the Bunnies alone. DKNY and Donna are NOT welcome in TEXAS.

  • Anita says:

    I have never thought about the cruelty involved with the fur trade before. Until PETA showed me what goes on behind the scenes. I have always been an animal activist because they cannot speak for themselves but I am even more so now. I find myself noticing those women in their fur coats and I also notice the CHINESE peolpe walking around in Canada with fur on their coats probably made in CHINA. I find this disgusting and if those people wearing fur would have the nerve to watch some of the footage as to where their fur has come from perhaps they would become more comfortable in their own skin!! Donna should be setting an example being who she is she is nobody anymore and I will rally against her her clothing line and do anything I can to spread the truth about her line of fur bearing clothes!!

  • Nancy Distler says:

    Civilization has come so very far since the caveman age when people had to kill animals for food to survive and also use animals hides to keep themsevles from freezing in the harsh winters. Now that civilized people have so many choices as to what to wear why on earth and under God’s eye would they choose to make life so very miserable for a poor and helpless creature. So barbaric and the way I see it is this If you are a helpless animal or a small defenseless child and you end up in the wrong hands HEAVEN help you !!! People who torture and abuse animals are barbaric and sick …. and all for WHAT. I don’t get it. Let’s ask Donna herself why she is so evil and unkind. I am sure she would not like to be caged the rest of her so called life only to have her skin ripped off while still alive but then we will let God take care of that part because they say what goes around comes around !!! It is not good to be mean and cruel when you don’t have to be mean and cruel. Obviously Donna is not a “kind” or “honest” person and some day she will experience the hell she has inflicted on the animals by the bad choice she has made.

  • Deedee says:

    I have several Donna Karan items eyeglass frames and DKNY jeans clothing. My daughter has DKNY Delicious perfume. I distinctly said “no” to the Vera Wang frames because of Wang’s use of fur. Anyway NO MORE Donna Karan anything! I am appalled. Vanity Fair did an issue on yoga some time ago and featured Donna herself in a leaning yoga pose. Yoga is a philosophy of mind and body…and peaceful thinking. How can someone so supposedly spirituallycentered be so blind to animal cruelty? Many practioners of yoga BTW are vegetarians on MORAL grounds. I also educate my teen girls on crueltybased products and clothingand they tell their friends. To say you espouse yoga and let your company so heartlessly kill animals is a hypocrite.

  • ISABELLE says:

    bunnies do not deserve this freakin cruel treatment… did you know that most people working there ENJOY doing this job?? this is a cruel way to earn money and is not right nor is it holy to touch an animal in a hurtful way… AGAINST GODS LAWS!!

  • Ihsan says:

    Go PETA! You guys keep it real errr faux!

  • Omar says:

    yeeey hurray for Peta i hate liars lol

  • E A Greene says:

    Donna until you cut this use of fur from your line there won’t be any DKNYAnything purchased in this home. Never ever. Please reconsider. Do you really need to do this?

  • kathryn says:

    Fight the good fight. Not every battle can be won. I will fight to the death until all companies quit using fur. I don’t see how wearing a dead animal is a status symbol. Why don’t they just go and pick up road kill and wear it. I mean it has fur too.

  • Josh says:

    Here is the way I see it obviously animals will be killed until everyone becomes a vegetarian. Instead of wasting parts of a dead animal put them to use if everything cannot be used then what was the point of killing an animal???!!! If companies would practice humane ways of using an animals natural “assets” shall I say then I don’t feel it would be wrong to eat meat or wear leather. NOW killing an animal for fashion is in my opinion completely ridiculous. I see how companies kill an animal JUST FOR its fur then feed the remains to the other animals waiting to be killed for fur If I wore fur which I dont the first thing that would come to my mind is QUALITY after hearing that. Also I see how companies torture the animals waiting to be killed for food as they are bored or whatever. Dont these idiotic companies know that when any living thing gets stressed nervous hurt or any feeling that causes the animal to become scared the body naturally releases chemicals into the blood stream that are not good for humans to eat??!! I feel if companies were strict on policies of humane ways to “exterminate” animals for food ONLY and the remains to be used wisely maybe things would be a lot more reasonable. Anyone disagree?

  • Rondi Spurling says:

    I don’t really understand why this matter is even argued. Any fashion designer that uses animals in any way in their designs is a speciest idiot. And anyone who buys it is just a follower with no mind of their own. If people actually knew what went into the process I would like to think they would never wear it. In addition wearing leather is the same as wearing fur! It’s time for people to have the balls to stand up for banning fur to also refuse to wear leather! Do you think the process is any less horrific? Watch the documentary Earthlings. See if you want to wear any animal product after viewing how it all happens.

  • ocean says:

    Lisa I don’t see much difference between killing one type of animal rather than a variety to get their fur. Each animal is important wether they’re being killed with a group of the same type of animals or a variety. I think what you said is a ridiculous argument in defense of DK of how you think she’s better for only using rabbit fur. In fact rabbits are one of the animals that need more of our help being protected because they’re more defenseless and get preyed on enough by humans and other animalsincluding foxes.

  • Abby says:

    If you target all of them at once they can all “gang up” on you and the case won’t be as strong. As I always say “patience is key.”

  • Jan De Wilde says:

    Doesn’t it disturb anyone that there is absolutely no discussion on this site? Only one worldview is presented. Most people do still eat meat. Rabbit meat as well. I’m a vegetarian. Don’t you ever wonder where those rabbit skins go to? Is it really worse than leather to use those skins? What about lambskins? The moral issue doesn’t only arise once the skin still has hair does it? Full disclosure I’m a vegetarian and I don’t wear fur but I do wear leather. As do most people.

  • Ashley D. says:

    It angers me to know that people are becoming upset with PETA because they are trying to get DK to stop using fur and to stay that way. Obviously they do not understand her wrong doing and how she must not be forgiven for her recklessness and hatred toward these animals. Bravo PETA! You keep on doing everything in your power to stop this evildoer.

  • bbr says:

    For the person who asked why DK was being targeted when there are other designers who seem far worse does one wrong outweigh another when it comes to PETA’s stance on fur? I think not. PETA’s point is that DK said she would stop using fur and renigged. She made a false promise as I am sure this has happened to you by someone and so you must understand how it feels to be promised something and then it doesn’t happen. Right? For this person you missed PETA’s point completely. They were promised something by a top designer and she didn’t make good on her word. Thefore PETA feels the need to let DK know where THEY stand. I like the posters. She shouldn’t have said she would stop using fur if she had no intentions on doing so.

  • Carla says:

    Sweetie Natalie and to johnny… My post means that I’m SICK AND TIRED of hearing about this fur hungry HAG THAT as embarrassing it is or NOT for her she still chooses to promote fur… soooo Peta won’t stop untill she stops!!! Get it now?!! From a proud Veg for 8 years and counting!! Peace

  • patycakes says:

    Andif you do wear bloody animal fur Lisashame on you.

  • patycakes says:

    Lisa DUH!Peta does this to DK because she went back on her wordmultiple timesdon’t you read the entire post? You must wear FENDI and Gaultier to be sticking up for them.

  • johnny says:

    thanks Natalie. I had never given the caveman fashion thing a thought. great snap for someone that claims to be fashion forward… and for Carla you should know better than to promote apathy o a website like this. It WILL GO AWAY.

  • David says:

    Where does Donna Karan stand on fur? Apparently where it will do the most damage.

  • Simran says:

    Oh… wow. thats kool. GO PETA

  • Rain Mashlan says:

    Why does it not disgust more people that leather and fur are from murdered corpses? I hate people who think that the animal is dead already so it’s no big deal. Wake up people!

  • candi says:

    as soon as I found out DK used fur in her clothing I stopped wearing one of my favorite shirts and haven’t since then. I only ever bought one thing from DK but not wearing it is a small price to pay in an effort to stop the disgusting thing that is the fur industry.

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    donna karan is a ruthless animal killer but she is not alone! shameless ugly people like jlo and madonna are not at all better from her and the worse is mary j blige! go to look on ecorazzi! this ugly outfashioned hag is wrapped up in dead animals as she would have escaped a gravelpit! i spit on such brain and heartless people! but i ask myself what kind of shit and dirt is ruling their brains!!!!????

  • chris says:

    How about DKFU? I will never buy her garbage again thanks for letting me know about this sorry ho PETA!

  • Natalie says:

    Why Donna? Because she not only promotes fur she went back on her promise to phase it out of her collections. She’s a disgusting fur hag no other reason necessary. Why not some other designer? Um PETA targets LOTS of other fur pushers just take a look at for the list of retailers and designers currently being asked to ditch the dead stuff. As to “getting a grip” because “fur will never go away” wake the feck up sweetie. Compassion will eventually win out over selfish vanity thanks to organizations like PETA and the grassroot efforts of activists worldwide. As it stands only ignorant fuglies are draping themselves in tortured animals nowadays the intelligent ecosavvy animallovin’ super people of the future are long since past dressing like Neanderthals. Donna Karan is churning out a collection only a caveperson would covet hardly the look any modern fashionforward man or woman would want to cultivate yes? Kindness over murderous vanity why is this such a hard concept for some of you to understand?

  • jenn says:

    I agree with a couple people here. There are many other fashion designers who use fur and to a greater degree. DK made the pledge then broke it okay she’s a twat but going out of the way to humiliate her is a waste of your time and just makes you guys look like sore losers. It’s like if an organization is getting donations from someone and then the doner decides to stop giving donations. one day the organization wouldn’t attack them they would thank them for their contributions and move on to the next group. Seriously. think about how it makes you guys look. I respect your organization but it goes too far in the wrong direction sometime.

  • Lorri says:

    Good on you PETA! You should go for DK and any other designer that goes back on their word about fur. I wonder how they would like it if someone broke their word to them? And I wonder if they actually really think about all the torture pain suffering these poor innocent animals go through just so they can have their fur! It’s pathetic and disgusting and PETA does an excellent job in targeting these designers. Go get ’em so this hidious and pathetic business can stop! The only place where fur should be worn is on an animal AND THAT’S IT!

  • Deb says:

    I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING made by Donna Karan ever again! Nor any other socalled “designer” that uses animal “products”. These arrogant selfserving egotistical dishonest greedy bloodthirsty zombies have no place in my life my closet or on my skin! End of story. Love is all I need and love is easy to spot. Love doesn’t skin sweet little woodland creatures who would only lick you to death if given half the chance. I know. I live with 3 house bunnies and there’s a herd of wild deer a family of 5 raccoons 2 squirrels and a skunk that practically live in my backyard. I know my wild animals up close and personal. ANYONE who could be responsible in any way for harming them is a jerk in my book. And I don’t give jerks my money!

  • for_lisa says:

    Lisa PETA targets Dk because she said she wouldnt sell fur but she has gone back to it. PETA cant focus on every designer out there that uses fur because then there wouldnt be enough pressure to make all of them stop using fur.

  • Heathe r says:

    i wonder how DK and other designers would like it if someone shed their skin to wear it?… hmm.

  • radonna Grace butler says:

    BRAVO!!!!!! Peta is the awesomest!!!!! Donna Karan you must keep your promises. Have honor.

  • Carla says:

    Wow Donna!!! Give it up already Peta believe this… IS NOT GONNA GO AWAY!!! Get a grip!!!

  • lisa says:

    I dont’ get it.. why are you targetting DK solely ok I’m aware she uses rabbit fur but other designers are EVEN WORSE.. they use fur indescriminately.. ALL animals.. including foxes.. FENDI Gaultier etc. they are the ones that need to be shamed even more so than DK..