Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Donkeys Ain’t Got Game

Written by PETA | April 3, 2012

After parents and residents expressed their concerns about a donkey basketball event planned for Mona Shores High School in Michigan, PETA quickly contacted school administrators with information about the cruelty of those “games.”

© Jill Howard Church and PETA

To their credit as responsible educators, the superintendent and principal decided to cancel the donkey basketball and replace it with a humane alternative. So the students are getting a valuable lesson in compassion—and they get to have guilt-free fun, too!

Klearchos Kapoutsis
|cc by 2.0

The change of events also helps protect students and other attendees from possible harm. Donkeys, like other animals who are mistreated and forced into loud, confusing environments, can become frightened and panic in desperation to protect themselves. A participant in a Waterloo, Illinois, donkey basketball game was awarded more than $110,000 after sustaining injuries in the game, while on another occasion, a Wisconsin state senator fell off a donkey and broke her leg.

The takeaways from this story?

  1. Donkeys aren’t ballers.
  2. Animal abuse can put people at risk, too.
  3. Never be silent about animal neglect or abuse.

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  • Eva-Maria says:

    No, Animal Cruelty has nothing to do with Nation, Gender, Age, Money, Culture – the cruelty is most because of money, but generel: The only beast living on this planet is the Human! And they will kill our planet and itself – its only a question of time! Anyway there are too much of humans on this earth!

  • Nancy Simpson says:

    Cannot believe something like this actually exists. What is wrong with these people…poor sweet innocent donkeys are subjected to this barbaric senseless stunt. So many humans…just don’t get it. Sometimes…I just don’t understand how this kind of behavior still happens.

  • Taylor65 says:

    Thank you PETA! This was written so cleverly, too.

  • Danno says:

    I cant believe what I’m seeing in that first picture. Total insanity and cruel beyond belief. A school would do this?

  • Myrna says:

    Humane thinking in this country, how wonderful. Always thought it was just me and a few others. Congrats parents – you did good. Your children have good reason to be proud of you.

  • happy walrus says:

    Hooray for the donkeys. it’s good that there are people that don’t automatically reject compassionate alternatives out of hand, and without a second thought. donkeys are intelligent and peaceful animals.

  • lisa says:

    As us Europeans would say only in America would this happen anything go’s in America,as a country you have no respect or protection for animals and for a school to allow this kind of thing they are just encouraging their students to have no regard for animals, quite disgraceful.