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In ‘Donkey Basketball’ News …

Written by PETA | June 6, 2008

After covering the zoo-prison connection just recently, the folks at The Onion have put together a spoof news story highlighting how absolutely ridiculous (and—dare I say—lowbrow) “donkey basketball” is.

2-Year-Old Donkey Called Up To Pro Donkey Basketball League
It’s worth noting the newscasters’ description of Nubbins, who drops in weight and perceived value as he stops performing for the crowd: He ends up “tethered to a trailer out back” and dumped at a roadside petting zoo. Surely, high school and community fundraisers could come up with more compassionate and less absolutely weird sporting events than these. I mean, we’ve established that people often play basketball without donkeys, right?–SeanPosted by Sean Conner, Laboratory Investigations Special Projects Coordinator

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  • Ditte KS says:

    Where do I sign Lisa Jacobsen’s petition against the donkey basketball?

  • lynda downie says:

    Get off the backs of those donkeys you big lugs! It has to be said who are the real asses here?

  • Scarlet says:

    I don’t see how this could be wrong as long as it doesn’t become a heavyhearted sport then fine let the donkeys play.

  • Shelby F says:

    Wow. Theese poor poor donkies. The men who support this are bas. If I ever met them they would wish they were never born. I would sue them for animal cruelty and probley win.

  • John Carmody says:

    This donkey basketball is horrid how on earth can this be allowed or even supported by people it’s so degrading!

  • kelly says:

    Any school that has donkey basketball affiliated with it is suspect as an educational system. Over and over again the worst administrators and worst schools support this backwards insanity.

  • keith says:

    Its a crying shame donkeys world wide are the most abused animal. along with chickens. Not very strong at all.. they are made to undertake the most horrendous tasks.especially in the Indian brick fields.

  • ex meat eater says:

    hello. i just found your great kick ass website. and all i have to say is wow. i never knew how many company’s use and mistreat animals. it is sad. i have thrown out evey piece of meat and fur coat i own. and i went out and bought vegan meals. thank you for changing my life peta. you are the best

  • Holly says:

    Guess one of the problems with people is that they think if its fun for them it must be fun for the donkey…or they just dont care if its fun for the donkey cus its fun for them. Donkeys love to be in the field. also these donkeys end up at auction and slaughter house to just like the race horses… BOYCOTT THE BELMONT THIS SATURDAY! GO VEGAN