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Don’t Tell Me Dogs Can’t Smile

Written by PETA | March 12, 2012

Meet Boss. As you can tell, he’s one happy dog:

But Boss wasn’t always so happy. In fact, here he is just a short while before:

What made the difference? One of PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) fieldworkers noticed Boss during one of her visits to a trailer park in a very impoverished part of North Carolina, where CAP delivers straw and signs up residents for SNIP’s spay-and-neuter program.

Boss’ owner had moved out and was paying someone to give the dog food and water, but the “caretaker” was simply throwing food over the top of the pen, which hadn’t been raked or cleaned in some time. There was no clean or dry place for Boss to sit or stand. Even his Igloo doghouse was full of urine and feces, and his feet were wet, red, and irritated from standing in his own waste.

Determined not to leave him in that miserable condition, the fieldworker who found Boss persuaded the owner’s mother to care for the dog and then drove Boss to her house, where he rolled in the grass. “He was so freaking happy,” the fieldworker says, “I thought I was going to cry.”

How You Can Help ‘Outdoor Dogs’ Like Boss

Please always be prepared to help animals in need and you may be rewarded with a smile that you’ll never forget—like the one on Boss’ face!

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  • Emily Holtz says:

    I WANT TO HELP!!!!!!!

  • Anna says:

    Ever since i adopted my dogs they smile all the time now.

  • Olivia says:

    Of course pits can smile! They have the best smiles of any dog EVER. 🙂

  • Ket says:

    While I’m THRILLED to see Boss so happy and in much better surroundings, I have to wonder if it’s truly wise to turn the dog over to the mother of someone who basically abandoned him in the first place. If the owner’s mother was willing to care for Boss, why did the owner abandoned him to the sloppy care of the neighbor in the first place?

  • lisa lo says:

    I’m happy someone gave him a chance to live, every animal deserves to be treated with respect and love.

  • Dorothy says:

    So happy see that someone help boss by taking him in her care he seems very sweet and deserves a good home after all he has been through I cried when I saw his smile He is so happy being out of that terrible place . No animal should have to live like that . His owner should be held accountable . I am happy that boss is now in a better place.

  • Lisa says:

    I would of cried lol, hope you have a great life BOSS.

  • luna says:

    of course, I did see a dog smile.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    There should not be any such thing as an “outdoor” dog! If people won’t take their dog into the house at night or when there is bad weather, they should not have a dog! I still feel bad for Boss. Unless the mother will take him inside.

  • Christine says:

    my rescued doberman smiled and grinned all the time because she was so happy, and i treated her like the queen she was for 12 years, and when she left this world in peace i knew she was going peacefully wherever she was going to…smiling.

  • nitin vaishnav says:

    Boss was really lucky that he was carrolina… But in India only few ppl are there to help these animals… Even govt. Don’t do anything for animals. When ever there is any kind of disaster like earthqu

  • asha maharaj says:

    Dogs do smile! I have rescued many dogs that had a haggard sad worrysome face! After the first day of a good bath, a meal and a warm dry clean place to rest, no matter how badly off they were, you could see a change in their eyes, and a panting face smile up:)

  • Denise Polich says:

    There is still a few good people out there!! Good for you BOSS!!