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Don’t Let Congress Hurt Horses

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 23, 2012

Just envisioning horses crammed inside two shallow levels of a double-decker trailer intended for cattle, it’s easy to see how these tall animals would be cramped, uncomfortable, and terrified. But forcing horses to squeeze into these confined spaces is more than uncomfortable—it can cause falls, injuries, trampling, and even death.

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would ban transporting horses in double-deckers, but one congressmember has proposed a last-minute amendment that would strike that provision from the bill. Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado is asking Congress to approve his amendment to the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act because he feels the ban on double-decker trailers targets Western states and rodeos.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has already acknowledged that these trailers are unsafe and inhumane for horses and has banned transporters from taking horses to slaughter in them.

Inexplicably, it is not illegal to transport horses in double-deckers for any other purpose—but it should be. Ask your representative to support the humane treatment of horses and oppose Gardner’s amendment that strips away their protection.

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  • Natasha Bate says:

    It saddens me greatly to routinely learn more about the horrific cruelty our gentle horses endure at the hands of those who should be protecting them. Until all human creatures cease their arrogance and superiority over these beautiful animals and acknowledge them as feeling gentle creatures, I don’t believe that the cruelty imposed upon some of these unfortunate horses will stop. With the help of a horse rescue, my horse was bought from a meat buyer when he was 8 months old. He has since grown into a beautiful well mannered gelding who is always seeking to please. The thought of where he would have ended up sickens me. Please people, be responsible horse guardians and don’t breed your horse unless you have a very good reason to and educate others to follow the same guidelines. Also, please don’t eat horse meat and encourage others not to as well!

  • katie says:

    i think it is very bad for these horses no one ever thinks to care about them they always end up getting hurt in one way or another i am a big fan of horses and i have 2 of my own (polly) and (roxy)x just think about how them horses feel x

  • Jordan says:

    I just wrote my representative!

  • blpaints says:

    I had raised Paint horses for over 40 years, so all this totally disgusts me. I will contact my representative about this and also a company called Unified Equine LLC who wants to put a horse meat processing plant near Mountain Grove MO. They say they are wanted, THEY ARE NOT WANTED here or anywhere. Anyone living in MO, please make a big fuss about this so these terrible people will go away.

  • lisa says:

    I didnt even know what double decker trailers were untill i went on youtube to find out think PETA need to realise that all of us are Americans and a double decker to us in te UK are buses lol, so had to go onto youtube to find out what they are and oh my god they are trailers that are used here in the uk to transport pigs and cows not horses, although i hate passing these trailers on the motorway cos i know where they going what i have seen the animals are not crammed in and do have enough room, alot of the trailers ive seen are half empty, cant quite believe America actually puts horses in these trailers.

  • MelissaM says:

    I wrote my representative!

  • Myrna Burdick says:

    The plight of horses is heart wrenching for me. I live in AZ where we have lots of horses. Spay and neuter is vital for small companion animals but the over breeding of horses is a BIG problem, also. The wild horses are harrassed by ranchers and the BLM. Now, after having a solution for 20 years, yes, twenty years, the government is making known that they have had a vaccine to prevent pregnancies in wild mares. It has also been used on elephants in South Africa and deer in suburban settings. An interesting fact was presented in our newspaper, domestic horses are normally wormed with agents that are Not to be used for food animals. People of France, Belgium and Japan, that horse you are eating is coming back around to bite you on your fat —.

  • Fran Sherwood says:

    No amendments. It’s time to make this inhumane and dangerous method of transporting equines illegal for once and for all. No exceptions!

  • Marco Schuler says:

    What? Why would this be allowed for some horses, and not others, if it’s been deemed dangerous? That’s just ridiculous! I transport my horses on padded, divided horses trailers, and even that makes me nervous!

  • danet maertinez says:

    I have horses and I would hate to see them.suffer like this

  • Stephanie says:

    These beautiful animals you all use for amusement, need at least proper caring…how can you allow these horses to be hurt and scared in horrible transportation?

  • Carol Delahoyde says:

    How many times does this have to be asked……please stop.

  • renee wines says:

    Please pass this bill to treat horse humanely…

  • Megannnn says:

    What? Why would this be allowed for some horses, and not others, if it’s been deemed dangerous? That’s just ridiculous! I transport my horses on padded, divided horses trailers, and even that makes me nervous!