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Don’t Believe Experimenters’ Lies

Written by PETA | April 22, 2011

Although experimenters would have you believe that they only torment animals when alternatives are not available, PETA always exposes this for the blatant lie that it is. The truth is, facilities such as the University of Michigan, the Medical University of South Carolina, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital are still subjecting cats and pigs to invasive, painful, and often deadly procedures in some training courses even though the facilities already teach the same exact skills in other courses using sophisticated and superior human-patient simulators! It’s up to us to ensure that these cruel animal laboratories are replaced with modern methods that spare animals and better prepare trainees to treat human patients. As World Week for Animals in Laboratories comes to a close, you can help by urging the University of Michigan to cut animals out of its training courses and switch to cutting-edge technology instead.

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  • Student says:

    Article forgets to mention that only couple animals are used in training, for UofM, it’s like 3 cats, that’s not much compare to the difference it makes in saving human life. simulators are just simulator and can’t substitute a life organism. I have worked on certain animals and found it far more rewarding in learning experience. PETA please stop protesting and spend money on homeless people that are also live in inhumane condition. For some reason nobody cares about them.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Ralph, What about the 100,000 of Americans that die each year from adverse reactions to drugs that were deemed safe according to animal testing? Of what benefit was vivisection to those unfortunates? Any good pharmacist will tell you to never take another’s medication—even your identical twin’s. If individual humans are so different, then results obtained from other species can in no way be considered applicable as regards human safety or efficacy. Researchers are generally brainy people. Surely they can devise non-animal methods that can predictably and consistently benefit humans.

  • laurie harris says:

    We humans are animals too, but we are supposed to be superior to animals who are lower on the food chain. We differ from other animals because we have the power to choose right from wrong. We have consciences and superior intellect. We are capable of having compassion,thereby eliminating suffering for ourselves and our fellow beings on our planet. If you have a superior intellect, please help end the unnecessary suffering of animals. It is within our power.

  • Spider Woman says:

    message to Ralph and Marcus Gordon: i’m utterly tired to read and hear the same vivisector’s statements again and again! you are snow from yesterday which doesn’t want to melt – clearly spoken: you don’t want to loose your job! this is the hangman’s philosophy of the deathpenalty! i don’t want to argue personally with you – but for everybody who needs to be educated: please read the books and statements of Hans Ruesch, Dr. Milly Schaer-Manzoli, Dr. Croce, Dr. Herbert Stiller, Henry Spira, or go on the website of Doctors against Vivisection full stop

  • Phoenix says:

    I applaud these efforts… though the wording could be better for NLP purposes than having the words “cut” and “animals” side by side. It almost sounds like an inappropriate pun. ‘Omit animals’ comes to mind as a viable alternative. Not semantics, rather science of how the mind hears and responds to words. Passing on the message though.

  • mino says:

    i’m outraged about vivisection! this has to stop immediately and on ALL animals, not just chimpanzees! because there is a tendency to treat this species as ‘preferred’ because of some ‘similarities’ to the human being! this is very dangerous politics concerning animal protection! we had this phenomenon in europe, where the import of dog and cat fur was banned – but not concerning the fur of other animals! ALL ANIMALS MUST BE CONCERNED! i repeat it again and again! otherwise it has nothing to do with animal protection but with speciesism! me, my family and my friends, and they are many, ask an immediate stop of vivisection of ALL ANIMALS and an immediate stop of fur production of ALL ANIMALS!!! every animal has feelings and every species has their own language – not just the chimpanzees of mrs. goodall at chimpunga!

  • Leonardo Garcia says:

    And people think they are smarter than the rest. My God we are stupid!

  • Claudia Dimampera says:

    Please, stop it!!!

  • Leonardo Garcia says:

    And people think they are smarter than the rest. My God we are stupid!

  • SarahK8180 says:

    Why don’t you create a billboard with all the failed and recalled drugs that they have determined the ‘efficacy’ and ‘safety’ of using animal experimentation. Yeah, because testing it on a mouse or rabbit ALWAYS proves it’s safe from humans. There have NEVER been people hurt because of these methods.

  • Marcus Gordon says:

    Hi, I do biomedical research at the University of Michigan and I have experience with this models and the surgery involved with the harvest of the tissues you discus. I don’t think you fully understand medical research, the animals are anesthetized using medical grade chemicals prior to surgery. The biggest misconception is that the surgery is done for strictly teach purposes, which it is not. The pigs are used as a model to study disease in humans, because we are able to harvest tissues from pigs in ways that we could not do to humans. This allows us to progress our knowledge of diseases in human models and test new therapies. This could not be done by a “high-tech simulation” nor should it be. And if your argument is that the University should use these “high tech technologies” where do suggest they get the money? One pig costs approximately $300 to study, while the equipment costs over 2 million dollars for 3 modules. Is this how you want tax-payer money spent during a recession? It is scientifically and economically unfeasible to not use the swine model for research. I think PETA’s efforts would be best targeted towards changing the attitudes of the general public towards meat consumption, because that is the only place that true change will lead to big consequences of animal cruelty.

  • Humans > animals says:

    Better that they use animals that give cheap, clear and consistent results than some ambiguously defined “cutting edge technology”. Animals exist to be exploited. That is what you see in nature, that is what we are doing. If it betters HUMANITY (who are better than mindless animals) I say keep experimenting on animals. Mayby PETA members should remember what they are and support their own species first. Or go live like dogs in the street and leave humanity alone.

  • lynne passam says:

    STOP this barbaric act of testing on innocent animals in this day and age there should be alternative ways!!!!

  • Sophia says:

    What a disgrace to practice barbarian methods while educating the students! And those students taking it… I wish vivisection and all kind of experiments on animals will be soon acknowledge as any other crime and all so-called scientists will be prosecuted as they deserved to!

  • Sophia says:

    What a disgrace to practice barbarian methods while educating the students! And those students taking it… I wish vivisection and all kind of experiments on animals will be soon acknowledge as any other crime and all so-called scientists will be prosecuted as they desreved to!

  • orcasta says:

    Do we have the same in Moscow?

  • Shannon Vassos says:

    Why are you subjecting cats and pigs to invasive, painful, and often deadly procedures in your training courses even you already have the facilities to teach the same exact skills in other courses using sophisticated and superior human-patient simulators! WHY? STOP NOW!

  • carole692 says:

    Stop treating animals as if they are lifeless, they are alive and they have feelings. God created all of us to be living in harmony, not killing each other. How are you going to answer to him on your judgment day? If you don’t believe in this God, you should believe you are an ethical human, a human who is humane, otherwise what are you?

  • Tu Luong says:

    Please stop, all animals can feel pain and it’s not right to treat these animals like this just for human benefits.

  • Yvonne Wickramasinghe says:

    stop this nonsense…

  • Tammie Grove says:

    Please stop the unnecessary torture of animals in labs. Animal testing is not a reliable way to test products, medication or medical techniques. The medical world should use human simulators which much more closely resemble the anatomy and physiology of a living, breathing human being. Animals are not ours to test on , torture and kill. God created animals as well as humans to live in harmony with one another.

  • Colleen Maranda says:

    To all supporters: If it was your child, parent, sibling or friend imprisoned and tortured in place of these creatures – would you be saying “Please…” to the torturers? Over many decades, ignorant human monsters have shown contempt for these polite requests. Do we continue to squeak “Please… ” for another century, or do we DEMAND they obey the higher universal law of compassion without borders, exception or excuse?

  • andrada says:

    please,stop this!:(

  • Saeideh says:

    You are not the owners of creatures. You don’t have this right to decide about the way of living or the time of death of animals. it is a shame. STOP IT PLEASE.

  • saead ebrahimi says:

    please stop the animal testing. animals are like us. stop stop stop

  • zeroelliott says:

    never,ever think one life is collateral for saving another.That way lies madness,and horror,and madness.The entire concept of vivesection goes against any and every possible spiritual law man could ever think up.And he does make them up.Entirely to serve his own ends.Human beings are SO flawed,it is up to us to try and mitigate the fundamental mistake in our design by using the intelligence we were (luckily) gifted with.Please use your compassion,intelligence,rationality,and love to bring this entire holocaust to an end.All of it. Including meat-eating,exploitation of animals at every level,and mistaken belief that this is OUR planet.

  • gina says:


  • Bianka says:

    If you call yourselves humans, please practice humanity and stop this unacceptable cruel practices. I, for one, don´t want to be cured of anything if it takes the suffering and death of innocent animals!!!

  • KDavis says:

    Please replace your animals with human simulators, the humane alternative for teaching.

  • Bobs says:

    Why would you test it on animals! Sure we want to find a cure for certain diseases like cancer but if you already have human simulators or whatever why are you telling lies that its over on testing animals!

  • T Stone says:

    I’d like to think there isn’t a hell, but sometimes it’s appropriate.

  • Tina Ladd says:

    Please get with the times and stop killing animals for student labs. Their are many alternatives to live animals you can use. Its the 20th century. Pls stop the torture. i am an alumni and am shocked U of M is using these methods. Tina Ladd

  • troy payne says:

    please stop this barbarity

  • lynurb says:

    This has got to stop!! How can you people live with yourselves?!

  • Steve Conrad says:

    Please stop torturing animals. Would you want someone to do to you what you are doing to them?

  • Steve Conrad says:

    Please stop torturing animals. Would you want someone to do to you what you are doing to them?

  • Terri says:

    When I was a RN & Nurse Practitioner student we had to practice on each other–breast, pelvic & RECTAL exams every day. Try that instead of experimenting on animals!!

  • SHERYL LONG says:

    STOP animal testing and torture!!

  • michelle smith-gaughan says:

    St. Louis Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan, and the Medical University of South Carolina, While I appreciate your dedication to advancing medical knowledge, I feel that the use of animals in your laborities is wrong. Please use cutting edge technology instead. The time has come for the world to realize that it needs to respect animals. Please do so. Sincerely, Michelle Smith-Gaughan

  • leah says:

    Please stop!!

  • Zephra says:

    PLEASE use more sophisticated and humane methods of teaching that will be both applicable in the future, as well as setting an example of respect for ALL living things for our children.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Using live animals in many medical training exercises is probably not necessary, and should always be avoided when possible. However, considering that the title of this post is “Don’t Believe Experimenters’ Lies”, I feel obligated to point out that all of these programs are for medical training–none of them are research involving “experimenters”. Maybe you should change the title to “Don’t Believe Doctors’ Lies”?

  • Johany Lopez says:

    TO: University of Michigan. Please stop using animals for training and tests and switch to cutting-edge technology instead.

  • Diana Stephens says:

    It is a known fact that animals do not replicate the human body. Please stop testing on them for no reason. Find other ways. Thank you



  • sally miller says:

    This is the yr 2011 and we have not come very far at all it makes me cry to see what we do to animals and I hate people and we have to stop it

  • Kmgb says:

    It’s horrible that with all the technology today “big 10” school still mistreat animals. They are just a bunch of “big bullies”

  • Linda says:

    It’s time to move into the modern age with animals as we have with other methods. No good comes from treating animals so callously and causing so much pain and suffering.

  • margaret says:

    please stop this cruel practice!

  • Elizabeth Tinoco says:

    Stop animal testing. Their suffering is not justified. Enough harm has been done. Use alternate methods but BY NO MEANS LIVING CREATURES.