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500 Dolphins Captured in Taiji, Japan

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 22, 2014

500 dolphins have been driven into the infamous cove in Taiji, Japan, for the annual dolphin slaughter. In response to international outrage over the “hunt,” Japanese fishers placed tarps over much of the cove to keep cameras from obtaining images of them sorting out which dolphins would be sold to marine-mammal parks and which would be slaughtered for meat. It’s unclear how many dolphins were captured, how many were killed, and how many, if any, were released. What is clear is the horror of it all: the fear, panic, and stress of the dolphins. And it’s also clear that we must all get involved to stop the killing!

140121-Killers-remove-a-drowned-dolphin-from-the-nets-032©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Dolphins gained a strong new ally this year, in addition to international protests. U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy tweeted her opposition to the slaughter, writing, “Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. [The U.S. government] opposes drive hunt fisheries.”

As for Japan’s claim that the killing is a “tradition”?  The annual dolphin slaughter only began in 1969—when buyers started popping up who were willing to pay for dolphins they could keep in captivity for entertainment purposes.

Humans started the dolphin slaughter by shelling out big bucks to marine-mammal parks and swim-with-dolphins programs. And now we have to stop it.

There are loads of things that you can do, no matter where you live, to help dolphins. Follow PETA on Facebook and Twitter to get weekly updates on our campaign to end marine-mammal captivity, which we urge you to share with your friends. Lead a demonstration at a marine-animal park in your area, or leaflet about the cruelty of these places. Ask SeaWorld to release the animals to ocean sanctuaries, and until it does, proudly wear your “SeaWorld Kills” T-shirt. And when it’s your turn to pick the movie, choose The Cove or Blackfish, available on Netflix.

Together, we can make sure that the water in the Taiji cove never runs red again.

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  • Sylvia says:

    We need to stop as humans to be so Cruel and Ignorants .Animals have feelings , hearts , loyalty and they don’t attack until humans do first ….

  • we have been fighting this cause for many years, what will it take to finally stop it? Can we encourage the japanese government to “pay off” the fishermen with a lump sum? this is what we are trying to do in canada with the barbaric seal hunt. We must sign petitions to encourage governments to sign a bill that stops all wild whales and dolphins from being held in captivity. NEVER swim with a dolphin in Mexico or anywhere else in the world, teach your children about this and get them to tell their friends. Children are the future and they can make this end.

  • Susan Arkin says:

    It is time that Japan begins to treat sea mammals in a humane way and stop
    the brutal slaughter of dolphins and whales.

  • These are not the only people who slaughter dolphins. It is being done in Norway as well. A

  • Kari Schmidt says:

    I am so upset about this. Breaks my heart. I just don’t understand how this can happen and no one do anything about this. We won’t have any beautiful creatures left. 🙁 Heart is so broken.

  • ali says:

    It is so horrible to see these beautiful creatures treated this way just for our amusement These people should be ashamed of themselves. We sure are the worst species out there!!!!!!

  • jo says:

    When I saw this video on the itv news my heart broke into pieces! This treatment of dolphins is barbaric and horrific. How can we, as humans let this continue, shame on us!!. Why, why, why is not illegal???? Please PETA help those dolphins!

  • Gladys B. says:

    This needs to stop!

  • Günter Kleinschmidt says:


  • Jackie Woodcock says:

    The horror for those captured dolphins, and the tragedy that is man’s inhumanity toward fellow sentient beings in mind-numbing.

  • Anne Jakubowski says:

    shame on you!

  • Dr. Christa Pardeller says:

    Please forbid to kill the dolphins urgently!!!
    Forbid to kill animals. Do not mistreat animals. Do not be cruel, Do not kill. This is Law and Order of God. Do not kill animals. God sees everything. Not every person will be resurrected from the dead. Not every person will be resurrected from the dead. Obey God. Do not be cruel to animals and do not kill animals. Animals are living creatures!
    Forbid to kill the dolphins urgently!!!
    Vegan all (without “animal products”).

  • Elphangor says:

    Peta, you guys are great. Just many people say what they want to hear, and not all is good. I know you can solve this problem.

  • Emma says:

    Thats sick. Those dolphins belong to be free, not killed!

  • Ms Margaret Rebecca Keller says:

    The annual slaughter is not over, it goes until March.

    • anne dominguez says:

      It ended on tuesday, january 21st. We are committing genocide on animals. Wherever you turn to, we are killing, torturing animals. So tired of the violence caused by humans. I dream of the day it ends.