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Dolly Parton and Kathy Najimy Hit All the Right Notes

Written by PETA | December 4, 2008

Stop! Put down that doggy sweater. For all you folks out there wondering what to give your favorite four-legged family member this holiday season, look no further. The answer is a lot easier and cheaper than you might think.

This year, take a hint from country legend Dolly Parton, comedian Kathy Najimy and the ever-adorable doggums, Daisy! These three femmes star in PETA’s awesome PSA, and they know what every pooch wants this year. And no, it’s not a tennis ball in every color of the rainbow. Ready for the answer? Check out what the ladies had to say:


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Dogs don’t care if they aren’t sportin’ the latest sweater that costs 75 bucks! What they really want is your love and attention as well as the necessities to keep them warm, safe, and healthy. But you know that, right? Does your television set greet you at the door each evening and sleep at the foot of your bed each night? Neither do ours. So this holiday, plan play time and extra walks with your pup. And as an extra treat, a nice warm sweater or stuffed squeaky toy will guarantee you extra wet kisses. Love a dog, and he or she will love you endlessly and unconditionally. It’s the perfect present for both of you.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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