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Dogs Stolen for Meat

Written by PETA | October 4, 2011

The proliferation of restaurants that serve dog meat in Vietnam has created a lucrative moneymaking opportunity for thieves. “Dognappers” cruise neighborhoods on motorcycles, grabbing dogs in broad daylight and stuffing them into cages. If the owners give chase, it is not uncommon for the thieves to hurl bricks or shoot arrows at them, sometimes injuring or even killing them. Yet many of the same people who despise dog thieves still order dog meat in restaurants.

Amanderson2 | cc by 2.0

Before we point the finger and call such people hypocrites, think of people in the Western world who have “pet” hens and pot-bellied pigs yet still eat fried chicken and ham sandwiches. They balk at eating animals they “know” but have no problem eating an animal they never met who invariably endured a miserable life on a filthy factory farm and ended up in a very scary place: the slaughterhouse.

To stop the cycle of violence against animals from Vietnam to Virginia and everywhere in between—animals we won’t “get to know”—we must recognize them as individuals we can help by saying “No” to flesh foods.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Sherry says:

    My heart is just broken. Unfortunately we can’t just blame China for this brutality. I live in Canada and the seal hunt in still legal in this country not to mention the amount of individuals that abuse their pets and treat them like waste. I have recently come into contact with an individual who feels his dog is just a dog and has no feelings. How incredibly sad. Love and compassion for these angels is the only way to try and solve this impending travesties.

  • MA says:

    dogs are technically domestic animals, pets.. you don’t eat them unless it’s apocalypse or what. unlike pigs,cows or chicken, they are the usual animals we get meat from. “usual” it’s more acceptable.. unlike horse, elephants, lions, etc which are ‘not usual’ especially dogs and cats which are home pets. come on!

  • DogLover. says:

    It breaks my heart to know that people still eat dogs in some countries. I can understand eating beef,pork and chicken but when it comes to dogs that’s horrible! I am vietnamese myself and I know a ton of people who don’t eat dog. I’ve been to Vietnam, and I have not witnessed any of this dognapping or have I seen any dog meat sold in restaurants or on menus. But I do not know for sure if the entire country refrains from eating dog. But if we get enough word around the entire world, we can stop every one from eating dog meat. These animals are innocent, I dont even look at my dogs like a pet, I look at my dogs like my own children (: so I don’t think I’d ever eat dog nor will I encourage people to try dog meat

  • riley says:

    if people want to make dog meat they should raise their own dogs but stealing pet dogs is just sick.

  • CaringCanines says:


  • olesya says:

    IF you put people in there like they did to dogs, would people be cquetly crying? DOGS CANNOT spead for themselfes, they do but it like another language that we dont speak! so stop abusing them!

  • LizzELizz says:

    So disgusting…don’t people have hearts?? This just breaks my heart.

  • isis neumann says:

    poor dogs

  • Ichiro says:

    THANK YOU!!! I have been saying that about people here in America (and all over the world) who own farms and have certain ‘pet’ animals that they refuse to eat but don’t descriminate when it comes to eating the pet’s mother or father or anything else!S**t,I hate that the whole world thinks there’s a difference between eating a cow, a dog, a quail or a dolphin; they’re ALL ALIVE!!

  • Heather<3 says:

    Wow. I feel so bad for them.!~