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Dogs Cooked to Death in Car

Written by PETA | April 12, 2010
jeremydeades / CC by 2.0
Dog in Car


Spring is here—and with rising temperatures come the all-too-familiar stories about dogs who are left in cars where they suffer and die from heatstroke.

One such case has prompted PETA to support cruelty charges against two women—a mother and daughter team—who are accused of leaving nine dogs unattended in a truck outside a PetSmart store in Warner Robins Georgia on a day when the temperature reached a high of 86 degrees. When the women finally returned to their vehicle, four puppies and an adult dog had reportedly died of heatstroke—and one of the four survivors had to be euthanized, according to police.

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  • Rachel says:

    A few years ago in August I was on a road trip through Georgia. I had my boxer and little terrier with me. It was a super hot day about 102 degrees. even my ac would hardly cool the car off. I had to stop at a rest stop to use the rest room. There was no way in hell I was going to leave my dogs in the car even with the AC, I swear the heat was working against my AC. So I put them on leashes and took them inside the carpeted building with me. When someone told me I was not aloud to bring them in.. I asked them “so am I supposed to urinate with my dogs outside”. She looked at me in a rude manner….. I just smiled and walked into the bathrooms anyways…. hahahaz I wasn’t going to leave my babes in 102 heat.

  • Cheryl zegelbone says:

    I just got home from Blockbuster and I’m fuming. When I came out of the rental store I saw a dog panting in a car with the windows rolled up. I couldn’t just leave it there and I waited to speak to the owner. When no one appearedI finally went back in the store and asked whose dog it was. There weren’t many people in the store and the guy was at the checkout counter. Of course he told me to mind my own business get a life that he loved his dog more than i loved my family. I told him I doubted that very much that i loved animals and his was panting and looked bad.he said the dog had just had surgery and that was why she was panting. I said ” So you leave the dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up? Needless to say he drove off completely unrepentant the dog was ok this time. These arrogant jerks don’t get it! Loving your animal is not the issue. Being a responsible owner and taking the proper precautions is what matters. Unfortunately these jerks need to be educated and what I said made no difference I’m sure. In the furure who can I call to report a problem like this?

  • Sam says:

    That is soo sad! I would never want to leave a dog in the carespecially during spring and summer. It’s just not right! and what’s worse they were at PETSMART so it’s sad.

  • Kim I. says:

    This makes me sick. I can’t believe how cruel people can be! I have two dogs and REFUSE to leave them in the car even if it’s nice out! Dogs aren’t meant to be left inside of a car and if I ever see any dog inside a car I will immediately flip out. Animals are helpless you’re supposed to love them not let them burn alive inside of a hot car. This makes me sick! Where is the love anymore?

  • amanda says:

    SOME PEOPLE ARE SOOO DUMB……. I 3 ANIMALS……… I have 2 small birds 2 dwarf frogs 1 newfoundland dog and 1 snail

  • melissa says:

    if your that stupid you dont need pets! And it sounds like they did that on prupose 9 dogs in one car it would have been easyer and more humane to shoot them then let them cook to death!

  • Linda says:

    What is wrong with these people who leave their pets in a hot car are they just Stupid!! Lets put them inside until they pass out how about that!! Jail would be good don’t you think?

  • Earline Gowens says:

    I think people should leave their pets at home.No responsible pet owner would do this to their pet.It’s very cruel to the animal.

  • Kitty S. Barfield says:

    I just learned of this horrific act to these helplessever so trusting gifts from our Heavenly Father. I can’t fathom WHY??? Could it be they weren’t thinking?or was this some satanic act ? The irony is these precious ones are better off in God’s hands than thiers. If they were still here and could talk they would FORGIVE you as we humans and PET OWNERS and LOVERS find it VERY HARD to be that forgiving. IT’S TOO BAD THAT YOU TOOK THE JOY AWAY FROM SOMEONE WHO NEEDED THE LOVE THAT A PET CAN GIVE MAYBE A SICK CHILD OR AN OLD PERSON .


    Here is the article on what happened. People are just plain STUPID. PUNISHMENT…. put them in a hot car for hours x 9 like the pups. They should no longer be allowed to have animals of any kind. A mother and daughter have been charged with animal cruelty after five dogs died in a closed truck. According to a Warner Robins police news release 45yearold Yvonne Worthington of Fort Valley and 22yearold Jessica Spence of Warner Robins are each charged with nine counts of animal cruelty. The release says the two took nine dogs to the Petsmart on Watson Boulevard on Friday April 2 to be placed for adoption. Police say a tipster later told them that the two left the dogs in the back of a closed truck without air conditioning. When they returned police said four puppies and one adult dog were dead. One dog was later euthanized by a veterinarian and three survived. Tabitha Pugh of Warner Robins police says they don’t know how long the dogs were left in the truck. Worthington and Spence are scheduled to appear in court on June 16 police say.

  • carol says:

    I only wish there was more we could do than just leave nasty notes. I HATE when I see this and I will call the police if I think the animal is suffering. What is wrong with people? Why would you ever take a pet to a shopping center or store and leave them in the car anyway?

  • Debra Dephillips says:

    I am a pet owner my dogs love to go byebye and hate to be left at home. I do bring them on errands however I always leave the windows open enough that they can stick their heads out the window and if it is hot above 75 the car is left on with the AC on and the trips inside are in and out. Is this really such a hard thing for people to understand or to grasp?

  • Gwen Cline says:

    I’ll never understand why animals are in the hands of people that care less about them. Why do they have them? If animals are such a problem that they lock them up in a car with the windows rolled up on a scorching day why not open the windows wide open and let them free? My only conclution is that thier own mothers and fathers were as sick as they are and practiced this act on them but fortunately for them they survived! It makes me ill the horror stories I read. And there’s no reason for it.

  • Charlotte says:

    people dont think weather are so hot dont leave window open for their pets because heat will kill them and they are so dumb. they should leave their pets home when hot day.

  • Meagan says:

    This is sick and uncalled for. It doesn’t take a BRAIN to know that when you’re in a carsmall room when its HOT you need AIR and ventilation! COME ON! Those poor animals. Animals are NO different than humans they feel and think just as we do and DESERVE to be treated as we are. They are like children. I am glad to be part of PETA as they are a HUGE help to the voiceless animals. WE speak out for them!

  • toni curry says:

    I am truly ashamed to be a human! We are the most selfish niave and arrogant species on this planet. While other animals are fighting for survival we are breeding ourselves to extinctionDuggar’s anyone? Every day I read find out more about the atrocities we are committing towards the planet each other and animals and it makes me sick. When we will learn from past mistakes?

  • Jackie says:

    I have an idea for a note regarding this. It should say “Would you leave a human baby in a car like this?” since people for whatever reason seem to think a animal’s suffering has less importance then a human child’s Animals are just as defenseless as babies and if someone were to leave a animal to suffer from heatstroke in a car who’s to say they wouldn’t do that with a child? Maybe once they wake up and realize people will start wondering how they treat their children if they’re seen abusing their animals.

  • Cindy says:

    I have been leaving notices for those that have left their pets in cars on a hot day. I am so disgusted with the pet owners reaction to the notice. They are so clueless and need to realize how dangerous it is for their pets to be in the heat! People can be so cruel!!

  • Andrea says:

    I’m sick of trying to be nice! These people are the most arrogant stupid people I will never meet! How can you think it’s okay to leave 9!! dogs in a car with the windows up on a hot day! Dogs do not have superpowers they are just like us. you wouldnt leave a kid locked in there neither do you leave a dog!!! or for that matter dogs. horrible people and i hope not a day goes by where they dont remember this. I hope they got what they deserved and I mean it because if your going to make yourself responsible for the care of 9 nine dogs thats 9 lives! then you should have better judgement. It’s bad enough people lock up these animals in there house and in shelters now we have to lock them up in cars and neglect them? Hell no this is wrong!

  • sabrina says:

    yeah this should not happen but if the windows are cracked open is that ok?

  • Trish says:

    Was eating at a restaurant on a warm day that had outdoor seating available for those with pets. A couple was sitting there however whilst their dog sat in the car five feet away panting. A fireturck full of firemen arrived to eat and my friends and I ran to tell them about the dog and to point out the couple. ALL of the firemen went over to them and told them they had to take the dog out of the vehicle and lectured them on the dangers. The woman was visibly annoyed and told them “We left a bowl of water in there!” But they did take the dog out of the hot car.

  • anne hoesch says:

    and i wonder what kind of punishment these women got from the law? probably just a slap on the wrist and a “dont do it again”!!! the law is far too lenient on punishing animal abusers…and leaving a dog or other animal in a baking hot car is abuse!!! we must change the laws on animal cruelty fight for thier rights its the only way to change anything.

  • Marilyn says:

    I remember I was in a savealot parking lot fixing to leave and it was about 8090 degrees outside and a dog was locked in a car windows completely rolled up and that poor dog was barking a whining so I called animal control gave then the description on the car and the plate numbers. People are so stupid

  • Lori Ugolik says:

    Maria Siemon I couldn’t agree with you more. I have had this several times left a card and was criticized. People lack common sense and should not have a pet nor children if they leave them in a vehicle unattended! Heat rises quickly in a parked vehicle even in 70 degree weather. This group if from my area and they need to prosecuted to the fullest extent. Ignorance is not an alibi!

  • Kathy says:

    people are freakin idiots! who does this!?

  • carla says:

    Yet just more proof that human beings are pathetic.

  • cindy says:

    People who neglect their pets in such a manner should have criminal charges against them.Harsher penalties and prison time might cut down on this and other types of abuse.

  • ashley says:

    WOW. How stupid do you have to be. Also when did this happen? I’m from Warner Robins and have heard nothing about this.

  • Jiyoung says:

    Once I was at the market and a dog was in a car. If you’ve ever been to Florida its humid AND HOT. me and my mom got curious. So i decided to leave a note for the person and it turns out she came paid no attention to her dog and my mom left yelling at that women. Nobody should ever do such a thing.

  • Jon says:

    This is very true and I’ve seen it far too often. The human race is very naive and selfish.

  • Susan T says:

    Sadly I got a call from a woman who had gone ballistic after finding one of those helpful windshiled cards on her vehicle. She spent almost but three minutes telling me how well she takes care of her dog what kind of day it was that all four car windows were down two inches there was a nice breeze blowing and the car was only partially in the sun and the temperature that day was in the low ’70’s. Someone had noticed the dog and placed a “Don’t Leave Me in HereIt’s Hot!” card on her windshield. On and on she went until I finally just said “Goodbye” and hung up. If someone is that pompous and easily offended by a public service card that is designed to alert people and SAVE animal lives then she surely doesn’t deserve to have an animal. Rather than complain about a little window card she should be grateful that people care enough about animals period to notice her dog. Lady…whoever you are you are one insecure witch!

  • maria siemon says:

    That is terrible that those woman did that to those animals. You can’t really put any kind of blame on the store though they can’t help what customers do.

  • Cin Pineda says:

    I always leave the engine running with the ac ON. Idling Doesn’t burn much fuel at all…

  • Joel Carrasquillo says:

    Some people are so fking stupid. The think animals are differnet than people and can tolerate things that no human would ever under go. Pain is Pain blood is blood. When you inflict pain on anything it fucking hurts no matter the life form… if you were locked in a car with the windows rolled up in almost 90 degree wear you’d sufficate too … it really pisses me. Have common sense.