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Dogs Agree: Choose Cruelty-Free

Written by PETA | October 14, 2009

Yesterday morning, Procter & Gamble’s annual meeting received a special guest when a PETA doggie (a gal in a costume, not a canine in Norfolk) stopped by to urge P&G—the maker of Iams dog food—to stop making animals suffer in laboratories.


Iams demonstration


PETA’s ongoing campaign to end animal testing at Iams has led the manufacturer to end all invasive and deadly animal tests involving dogs and cats—but Iams refuses to end its support for experiments on other species, and it still keeps as many as 700 dogs locked up in its laboratories for feeding trials and nutritional studies.

To encourage passersby to choose cruelty-free doggie chow, PETA demonstrators passed out free samples of V-dog high-protein dog food. Not only is V-dog not tested on animals, it’s also vegan!

V-dog is one of many alternatives to animal-unfriendly dog food. You can check out a complete list of cruelty-free dog foods here.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • not telling says:

    iams is also puttin makng yoy dog a cannibul

  • Michael Dolan says:

    The Iams video was revolting. How could the experimenters not have by arrested! It is illegal to cause suffering to cats and dogs unfortunately not all animals I’m sure most lawyers were afraid to take on a large company like Iams if it was brought to court. We really need more vegan or vegetarian lawyers!

  • S Morris says:

    I actually telephoned IAMS about a year back regarding a video exposing them testing on dogs. The women I was speaking to lied straight at me saying this was a false accusation against them. I dispise a LIAR! NO RESPECT for IAMS. Most people I know will not buy IAMS food for their pets. IAMS days are numbered.

  • Stefania says:

    i emailed iams saying how mean they are to their animals and how it is wrong and they sent me one back saying that its all a lie and that the video was from ages ago but i don’t believe iams. they are still not treating animals with respect.

  • AMY says:

    i sent in my protest letter to iams via peta and they emailed me back saying oh that happened a long time ago through a contract company as soon as we found out about it we stopped it and adopted the dogs. and thought it was unfortunate peta was exploiting this issue. don’t worry i sent them a nice letter back. give me a break.

  • Caroline says:

    Love you guys!

  • Brian Whiting says:

    I was horrified when I viewed Peta’s hidden video of Iam’s testing on beagles. I felt so bad seeing the miserable life they had. I wrote to Iams and not being satisfied with their answer I decided to never purchase Iams’again or their company pg proctor gamble

  • Tom says:

    How cruel could testing dog food on dogs be? they either eat it or they don’t. If they don’t then Iams changes the formula

  • carla says:

    You have been so done with me Iams…

  • Jillianne says:

    This is great my doggie LOVES her veggies. She eats carrots radishes squash zucchini potatoes raw or cooked you name it she eats it.

  • Montana says:

    I totally agree with PETA! I love animals so muchand I have always been an animal activist.Iams should NOT test on dogs!

  • Rosa89 says:

    Iams stop testing on animals now!! I wish I could get sone Vdog for my puppy she loves tofu and veggies like crazy ahaha wih I had money.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Lams has been abusing animals for years and they refuse to cease and desist. That means Lams should not even exist !