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Why My Doggy Loves the Proggy Awards

Written by PETA | April 23, 2009

Yesterday, I found my dog Henry’s “bucket list.” He’s a pretty open guy, so he won’t mind if I share:

  1. Get five minutes alone with Michael Vick (that’s on my list too)
  2. Play Sandy in a community-theater production of Annie
  3. Win the Cutest Mutt Alive contest
  4. Catch his tail
  5. See his dream of a car built for canines come true

While the first four aren’t really possible (Henry’s a licker, not a fighter; he’s too short to play Sandy; he’s ineligible for the contest; and, well, he has a stump for a tail), American Honda Motor Company’s new Honda Element Concept has made number five happen.

Honda has long been a leader in animal-friendly design, first earning a PETA Proggy Award back in 2005—and the company haven’t stopped innovating since.

The new “pupped-out” ride includes a cushioned mesh canine containment system for the cargo area and the back seat; safety pet restraints; a collapsible ramp; spill-proof water bowl; a fan; fur- and leak- resistant seat covers; a dog-bone–patterned rubber mat; and a special leash and dog tag.

Puts the “wow” in “bow wow,” right? Tongues would totally wag if you pulled up to your local dog park in a sweet ride like this! But don’t worry if buying Honda’s doggie-mobile isn’t doable for you right now. Your hounds don’t care what kind of hoopty you drive. All they care about is hanging out with you.


Henry (Hearts) Honda


Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Ellie says:

    That sounds great but my dog would NEVER go for that. She would cry nonstop if we kept her contained in the back. She likes to trot around on the seat and take naps in the passengers’ laps. Also if someone leaves the car she just HAS to go to the window and cry for them to come back.

  • Jackie says:

    This car isn’t just great for dogs but it sounds wonderful for cats too!