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It’s a Doggy Dog Soup Kitchen

Written by PETA | November 5, 2008
allmoviephoto / CC

In what might very well be a canine first, an all-dog soup kitchen that caters exclusively to dogs of the homeless and unemployed has opened its doors in Berlin, Germany. Yep, that’s right, if you don’t walk on all fours, you aren’t getting a measly morsel from the kind folks at Animal Board.

The soup kitchen receives much of its food through company sponsorships and has already proven vital to the Berlin community. Much like soup kitchens that are geared toward humans, Animal Board is reducing the number of hungry dogs one meal at time.

It’s no surprise that when bills are high and the economy isn’t exactly booming, money woes extend to all members of the family, including animal companions. The free services of the soup kitchen might just reduce the number of animals who are deserted, turned out, or given up by guardians for financial reasons. We’ll have to wait and see. But for now, we’re excited to see more compassionate individuals looking out for dogs. We give the kind folks at Animal Board two furry paws up.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Sandy says:

    How wonderful that pets are being recognized for the loving family members they are. I’ve heard some are criticizing the shelter saying it should put efforts into human care. How sad that these people would begrudge ONE shelter that sees to the welfare of creatures who give so much comfort to those who have experienced great loss.

  • Nancy Reyelt says:

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  • Jess says:

    This is so wonderful it’s almost bringing tears to my eyes Some animals are member of peoples families and those families love them and even if they fall on hard times it’s good to know that no members of the family will be dropped off at a pound or abandoned.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Thanks for the newsflash Shari. It looks like they are trying to reorganize and resume operationslet’s hope not.

  • Shari says:

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  • SASHA says:

    What a great idea! This is something that should be done over here in Texas. Two paws up for Germany is right!! And big hugs from Texas!!

  • NT says:

    This is so great! I was in London once and I saw a homeless man who gave his dog his only jacket to use as a bed. He said he couldn’t live in a government building because they don’t allow animals and he would never abandon his dog. Needless to say I bought him a meal and some dog food. I hope they are both doing OK now.