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Doggy Business

Written by PETA | December 18, 2007

As you may have noticed, I’ve been scouring our Holiday-themed ads a little bit recently. There are some real gems in there, but this one kind of jumped out at me. It makes an important point about not buying animals for Christmas, without hitting people over the head with it. Check it out:


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  • lovealldogs says:

    Amazing. While I agree adopting from a shelter is a great idea I did it twice and they both died within a few years from medical problems the shelter failed to tell me about not all pet stores and private breeders are “puppy mills”. If animals have feelings like you say and I agree then a puppy or kitten from a pet store should have a chance at love just like the ones at shelters. Also why do so many of you seem to think that puppy mill operators all live in the backwoods or midwest? That’s an arrogant thing to say. A pet as a gift is a horrible idea true but regarding pet stores and private breeders…I bought my current dog from a pet store and I love him just as much as I did my shelter dogs. He’s happy healthy and I was able to meet his parents and his breeder. If an animal has a chance at a great life with owners who care about him WHY be so snarky about it? And…the police don’t “beat down doors” over things like that. You watch too much t.v. They have animal control officers who aren’t armed with anything more than pepper spray and tazers which look a lot like a firearm. They have no arrest authority and are not commissioned law enforcement officers. Should an animal cruelty investigator declare an incident as “cruel” an actual armed police officer will accompany them to the house of the offending party. People do not call the police or fire department over things like this. Grab a phonebook and look up the number for the ASPCA. Unless cruelty is IN PROGRESS do not friggin call 911 you’re tying up the lines call the nonemergency number. Your cat in a tree is not a crime. If he’s hungry he’ll come down.

  • Caboose says:

    I know Maya its just that I dont have a big trust for the Policia Ugh the Carabineros of Chile are worse. I’m only criticizing the fact of their abyssimally slow response a snail with autopulse cannons is better I’d rather be my own police force driving a tankette. Happy Holidayz and remember dont leave the water on we love our Everglades more than an animal really.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Caboose! Well it wouldn’t be a firefighter I don’t think! LOL. There are animal police believe it or not. If you have Animal Planet just watch Animal Precinct. They carry weapons and everything. Very CSI and all that. I worked with some humane officers at the MSPCA it’s a very interesting new field. Have a good holiday!

  • Carla says:

    Anthony adopt from a shelter. There are wonderful animals there that would be more then happy to be with you. Buying a pet from pet stores and breeders only increases a shelter pet’s chances at death and you will be encourging the puppy millers to breed more!!

  • Anthony Wrifford says:

    again really I want to understand from anyone that might read this…why is it bad to have a pet? Of course treating it well goes without saying…but digging a pet and really getting into having one…how is this bad?

  • Caboose says:


  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Jake completely incorrect that dogs are property. For example if you were to throw your chair down the stairs and break it into a million pieces no one would care. If you were to throw a dog down the stairs and break his bones into a million pieces the police would break down your door you’d be handcuffed and your sorry ass would be hauled off to jail and rightly so. Wake up.

  • Tamara says:

    Jake Women and slaves used to be considered property too. Dogs and all animals are intellegent sentient beings. JUST as smart as you and me. Maybe even smarter. They just express it in their animal way. They are not property. Unfortunately that is the way the law is set up. But with dillegent work maybe it will change the way the law changed for women and slaves…

  • marysol says:

    Some people obiously don’t understand that a dog is a living thing with feelings… They buy puppies like they were toys because they are cute but when they see how much time and money it takes then they don’t want to take care of it anymore!!! It makes me sad. I know people like this and I try hard to educate them on how to take propper care of their pets but I can’t get through their heads these people do not deserve to own these wonderful creatures!!!!

  • jake sharrock says:

    Are you serious? You help take a man’s life away from him you kill more animals than you take in and now you think it’s wrong to buy animals as presents? Dogs are PROPERTY that’s why they cost money. They are not human nor should they be compared to one

  • Pomeranian Power!! says:

    Here in South Florida it is commo for people to buy pets for their elderly parents or grandparents. The problem is that buying a pet as a gift doesnt guarantee that the recipient wants or can take care of these pets. More often than you would imagine tese pets are abandoned at supermarkets or shelters because they cant be taken care of properly. PLEASE dont buy a pet as a gift. Let the person you love choose their on pet an make the commitment on their own.

  • Carla says:

    Over lunch yesterday I over heard a lady talking about a puppy she’d bought her grandaughter last year from Petland. She went on by saying that when she bought him the puppy the girls’ parents weren’t too thrilled and told her that the job she just recently got would have to help go towards any medical expences should any araise to the care of this animal should she decided to keep him. Well six months went by just in time for the guarantee for the puppy to expire they found out that he had a heart condition and the only option for him would be to humanly euthenize him for there was no guarantee he would live through treatment! Countless times I’ve heard these stories and it’s high time people get educated “NOT” to buy from pet “stores” $1000.00 is a sad price tag to pay not only for the purchaser but for the animal that their only problem in life was being born!!

  • Terriers Rule says:

    It’s funny but the local pet shop claims their dogs aren’t from puppy mills. Sad to say I did buy a couple of dogs from them a very long time ago then found out years later that these dogs were from mills that were shut down I researched this myself to find out. But the shop still denies they use puppy mills even though the majority of their puppies come from the midwest and outlying areas mostly Missouri etc. I’m not going to say I regret buying my dogs they have been the most wonderful and heartwarming creatures I’ve ever known but I guess I won’t ever buy from this store again even though I feel very bad for some of the dogs there that nobody seems to want.

  • Tamara says:

    Dont’ even get me started. In our bigtown St. Louis newspaper the puppy classified ads are growing the closer it gets to Christmas. I believe today we are up to two full pages. I’m sure it’ll grow everyday. Like people are gonna pick up the paper and say “hey I don’t know what to get Junior lets get him a puppy”. You know that last minute. Oh and these puppy mills are getting good too. They have web pagessites. That make everything look peachy keen. And the names want to make me throw up. “Love and Care Farms”. Sure. I’m just disgusted and have no words.

  • Rebecca says:

    Our shelters are so over burdened I wish more people would look more at the fact that pets are a responsibility not a novelty like a present. Owning a pet is something that needs to be discussed thoroughly with everyone involved in its love and care and not really used as a surprise. I feel strongly about any issue that contributes to our shelters that are stretched beyond their resources and capacities. I would take them all home if I could every one! A girl can dream cant she besides I have spoiled jealous four legged princess who might not share my feelings and understanding. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all and your pets!!