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Dogfighting Now a Felony in 50 States!

Written by PETA | March 7, 2008

Huge thumbs up to Wyoming and Idaho! It’s wonderful to have legislators in all 50 states recognize that forcing dogs to tear each other to shreds in a bloody pit is a felony level crime that must be taken seriously. Sometimes a high-profile scandal like the Vick case shocks people in high places into officially recognizing that we simply can’t keep turning a blind eye to atrocities that are going on around us. Whatever the catalyst, a result like this one is something to celebrate.

As of this week, when Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal signed legislation to make dogfighting a felony in his state (following Idaho’s similar decision last week), every state in the U.S. considers participating in dogfighting to be a felony offense. A huge thank you to the governors of both of these states for taking this compassionate step forward.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can announce that foie gras is illegal in all 50 states as well. We’ll get there.

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  • BK says:

    I lived in Idaho for over 10 years and bred pitbulls. I am personally ashamed that it took Michael Vick for this to become important. For over 100 years the sport and I do mean sport of dog fighting was a country back woods white man sport and now that you have a black face to pin this on we are all up in arms. I personally know at least 50 dog men in Idaho Utah and Oregon that have been involved in the dog game and no one has said a word. A very respected public figure in Oregon is also a well respected dog man and has hosted hundreds of shows at his house charging upwards of $100.00 to get in and now you want to use Mike Vick as the poster child for dog fighting. I call BS period. What has happened is they were only successful at pushing dogfighting further underground. It’s not Vick’s fight alone look in some of these barns in blackfoot ID. and saltlake city Utah that is where the real dog fighting is shame on you to every person that drug Michael Vick’s name through the mudd he didn’t start it and he wont be the last to do it so wake up and tell the truth about who really opened this can of worms!!!!

  • Debra Weiler says:

    Nancy Clementi I don’t know the answer to your question. But are you the Nancy Clementi that lived in Charleston Illinois years ago?

  • anythingbuttruth says:

    Well people are confusing. we let Boxing Street fighting with bums go on Legal but imprison people for doing things that harm themselves. peter McWilliams book opened my eyes. Maybe we all should read it before imposing politics and agendas on each other.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Maya So very right you are. I could not believe my ears when we listened to Bill Maher awhile ago when he said BushCheney were going to add mining along with hiking bird watchingand so many other activities. Bush believes that “mining” is an “activity”? These 2 are in desperate need of mental help. PLEASE someone make these mental midgets disappear. A chopper needs to drop their butt’s in Afghanistan. They are killing everything that moves. They are criminals and cold blooded murderers that kill farm animals horses and wildlife including the Feral cats. Do you have any idea how many Sea Mammals have died because of the Fing Navy’s sonar that Bush says we need so badly? It’s just awful. Peace Maya Judith

  • Ashes says:

    kelly read what I wrote. I never said we shouldn’t have laws. I said that the laws aren’t getting enforced. Quit assuming that everyone who doesn’t say things in exactly the words you would use is a breeder for pity’s sake. You are so obsessed with hating breeders that you can’t even see that I was saying that just putting laws on the books does no good. And in this instance enforcement has never been a priority even in the states that have had the laws on the books for years. Something else must be done especially once the Vick case fades from the public’s mind. And if you disagree with my posts you are actually a member of AKC and act like you hate them only as a cover! Of course I don’t actually believe that but that’s the sort of ridiculous leap you’ve made in response to others on the site who are just trying to express legitimate opinions.

  • Nancy Clementi says:

    I really have a question What are the two states in which dog fighting is still not a felony? Thanks Nancie

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    VICTORY!!!! I am thrilled! Even thought Vick did a horrific thing it brought so much awareness everywhere that is a positive thing!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I think that it’s great that different animal welfarerights groups have their own niches and come to the same issues in their own way. I know that many organizations have been working against dog fighting for years and it is a victory for animals.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Judith RM and Annie bravo!! I’m saddened that the connection between endangered species and animal rights is often so far apart. It would complicate PETA’s mission to discuss these “environmental” issues but the post where mountaintop removal mining was discussed and killing of wolves is important!!! Maybe if PETA could address these issues some groups like Sierra Club Nature Conservancy and NRDC could do the same. Millions of feral cats are being killed in the name of conservation. Wild animals are being bred in zoos for the same absurd reason. As a biologist I think this is disgusting. I would love if PETA made sure their “heros” were not torturing wildlife as well! Namaste my friends! Keep up the good work!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I think that Vick may have been the exception most of these people fighting pitties are disturbed inner city youth. Unfortunately these problems can be even more complex than educating a bunch of well off meat eaters or educating people to adopt from shelters. The best thing for these dogs is to make it illegal to breed them.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Rexs Mom and Ageless Annie We did all we could do. The petitions the letters the alerts phone calls faxes. BushCheney would not listen. They are all monsters that murder wildlife. They have their own agenda and it looks like they are going to start shooting the Bison in Yellowstone again after we all waged a war a year ago to stop it. The land will be for the cattle only. If they have their way all land will be for the cattle. And our wildlife as we once knew it will disappear all together. This is down right murder. They refuse to listen to the will of the people. Our voice’s are seldom heard with this group of crooks. But we keep trying. These bastards are ruthless murderers as all hunters are. Peace! GO VEGAN!

  • AgelessAnnie says:

    Rex’s Mom hit the nail right on the head!!! The Governor of Idaho was quoted as saying he wanted to be the first one to take a shot at a wolf…..isn’t that special? Blech! It’s not bad enough these wonderful creatures are great familyoriented “citizens” but to shoot them from above while sitting in a comfy seat in a helicopter?are these men who are so eager to KILL defenseless animals blaming the wolf for leaving their Yellowstone Park boundaries and “trespassing” onto nearby ranches??? Good Grief! It took years of lovingly dedicated work to regain a healthy population of wolves around Yellowstone today and a few Macho Men with their Big Ol’ Rifles are just chomping at the bit to slaughter them? What a world!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Kelly You are absolutely right on! We have laws that protect animals. We must go throught the political process and introduce bills that the Congress will vote on. How sad to think animals are politics and politics are animals. But that is a fact. Without the laws we can’t fight for them or protect them. We must have laws. Then we can at least make our move to stop the horrors going on with all animals.

  • Ly says:

    Now this is a delicious slice of progress.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    You’re right Kelly. First you’ve got to have the laws and then the tough part the upholding of those laws. But you can’t enforce a nonexistent law.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Unfortunately a lot of laws pertaining to animals are not enforced. The best thing for people to do is to know what laws exist so that they can help ensure that they ARE enforced either through letterwriting campaigns or petitions or whatever. For e.g. in NV there is a smoking ban for all restaurants but some restaurants don’t enforce it. People can go online and anonymously report nonconforming restaurants to the Health District who will then follow up as appropriate. Soif you know the laws and you know to whom any noncompliance should be addressed you can help to ensure that they are enforced.

  • Kristina says:

    Ashes It’s almost like drugs. Coke pot etc have been illegal for awhile but will the “actual” crack down ever happen? One never knows. I feel the same fate as dog fighting. I feel that it will take the next President to die of a heroin overdose and the next Benji to die in a dog fight for anyone to sit up and take notice. I hope it doesn’t come to that though.

  • kelly says:

    Yeah Ashes great idea. Just don’t pass any laws. Are you an AKC dipshit? There are actually many noncorrupt authorities who wanted to shut down dog fighters BUT THE LAWS WEREN’T THERE! Climb out of your hole Ashes and connect to reality!

  • Amanda says:

    I agree with a bunch of other people that just because they made it a felony doesnt mean that they will actually do something to stop it. These states do not deserve a big thumbs up because it should have been made a felony a long time ago but it’s about time. Those states r just doing something because of Vick. But i guess they r doing something to prevent it so that’s good.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I wouldn’t give either Idaho or Wyoming a huge thumbs up since both states want to rid their states of wolves “by any means possible!” Until they have compassion for wolves as well as their relative the dog they don’t deserve a huge thumbs up! It is nice that they find dog fighting a felony but still…

  • Ashes says:

    It’s been a felony in 48 states for a long time many years in some states yet it’s still going on. Making it a felony changes nothing. These two states have given in to political pressure brought on by the Vick case but once that case fades no one will worry about it anymore. I mean it was a felony in Georgia but no one was stopping it until it involved someone famous. If no famous people are involved in dog fighting in any state none of the states will be motivated to do squat.

  • kelly says:

    I hope that officials in all the states figure out how these dogfighters are operating in plain site. To keep dog fighting running they need to breed large numbers of dogs. So all these dog fighter breeders operate as pet dog breeders or pulling dog breeders or show dog breeders and pretend to be legit. That’s even what Vick hid under for a long time when he kept getting reported for dog fighting. He just claimed he was a breeder that loved dogs and sold them as pets and he just kept right on going in the dog fighting racket for years. It’s all a big scam. They are breeding as many dogs as they can to torture kill abandon on the streets. These fake responsible breeders are just hiding these dogfighting businesses under supposedly legit dog breeding businesses. They even have “responsible dog owner” groups that lobby for their real interests keeping the dog fighting breeding and business going.

  • Sarah says:

    Dude this is so amazing. All I know is nothing is more disturbing then seeing the physical and mental state that these dogs are left in. Hopefully each State will actually enforce this.

  • Nicholas Camp says:

    It is one thing to make dog fighting illegalanother to have the will to actually stop it.