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It’s a Dog-Eat-Dogma World

Written by PETA | July 29, 2010
Jonathunder / CC by 3.0

A priest at an Anglican church in Toronto found herself at the center of a very unchristian row over the concept of human supremacy after allowing a dog named Trapper to eat communion bread.

When Trapper and his guardian, Donald Keith, visited the church last month, the Rev. Marguerite Rea invited Keith to take communion; while conducting the rite, Rea gave Trapper a communion wafer as well. While to Keith and many of the church’s parishioners this was simply a kind and inclusive gesture, one upset observer left the church after filing a complaint with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

Rea has since apologized, but she shouldn’t have to! She should be applauded for recognizing that animals are included in God’s infinite love—something that compassionate people of faith already understand and others should hear. As another Anglican priest, the Rev. Andrew Linzey, has said, “Animals are God’s creatures, not human property, nor utilities, nor resources, nor commodities, but precious beings in God’s sight.”

If you’re a practicing Christian, please show respect for all God’s creatures and order a vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Saucy says:

    People exhibit a profound lack of understanding and critical thinking skills when it comes to the Bible. One can only surmise to be demonic.

  • Aled says:

    altho im a vegetarian i really find it offensive to suggest that animals should be given communion and in fact i think any christian that has read the bible will know that Jesus came and died for human sinners. i dont believe animals can sin! i think they are wonderful innocent creatures made by God via evolution perhaps but that they dont need forgiveness unlike humans! thus they dont need to remember Jesus’ death and ressurection which is what communion is! i dont want to offend anyone! but regardless what you think about the rights of humans and animals please dont claim that christians should be vegetarian. the bible isnt againts killing animals AT ALL. i am but for different reasons! posted respectfully. Aled

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My dog Buck often shares the bed with me and my husband especially on cold nights. In addition to his dog food he eats the same things we do…we share a small portion of our meals with him. He has gone with us to motorcycle rallies riding in the support vechicle and since the support vechicle has air conditioning heat and access to food and water he is often more comfortable than we are. He goes to the dog park where he socializes with dog friends on hikes where he socializes with dog friends and has a standing invitiation to swim in our best friend’s pool along with their Golden Retriever Ranger. I would say this counts as being treated as almost human so as an ordained ecumenical minister I would have no problem serving him or any other dog communion during a service. I don’t think he or any other animal need it the way humans do as they are closer to God than we will ever be but if the owner wants it done I’ll do it. I’ve also performed a memorial service for a beloved cat and it was beautiful.

  • Sam says:

    While I don’t see the problem to a point of giving a dog a communion wafer one has to remember that some religious rites are not specifically for everyone. Now if this dog is a service or police dog I definitely am for it they’re treated like humans nearly by their masters. Otherwise… yeah I can see why this was questioned.

  • Saucy says:

    When I look into the eyes of my doggie soft sweet attentive I see God. When I look into the playful mischievous fun loving eyes of a pig I see God. When I look into the peaceful wise eyes of a cow I see God. Just like the sun the moon the stars and all the fishes in the sea and all of creation…….. I see God.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Oh my goodness the person who complained about that needs to get a life!! Also let me ask this question If you are against dogs sharing the communion bread are you also against Blessing Of The Animals ceremonies? After all at those ceremonies holy water which has been blessed by a priest just as the communion bread has is sprinkled on the head of an animal instead of a human although owners are usually included in the blessing. If St. Francis of Assisi who preached sermons to animals and is their patron saint had no problem including animals including a wolf who had killed several humans in God’s love and mercy why should mere mortals have a problem with it? The animals of Canada need more ministers like Rev. Rea to remind humans that we are all God’s creatures and that he loves us all down to the tiniest sparrow. Those humans who support or participate in the seal slaughter especially need reminding of that. If I am ever in Toronto I will be sure to attend Rev. Rea’s church services and tell her of my support.