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Dog vs. Furniture—See Who Won!

Written by PETA | April 17, 2012

Some folks have wondered what the dog and cat (and occasionally lizard and rat and seagull and chicken) rooms at PETA headquarters look like. Well, they don’t usually look like this …

“Who? Me?”

… but this one did just a few hours after the little dog seen here, Precious—a dachshund mix—arrived for a pajama party. Everything seemed quiet after she had been taken for a long, long walk, but by 5:30 a.m., the couch was down to the wooden frame. Who’d have guessed that such a little dog could wreak so much havoc?

Dogs often tear things up when they feel bored, frustrated, or anxious. If your home contains a canine demolition crew, make sure their need for stimulation and attention is being met. Provide plenty of playtime, tummy rubs, and walks (a reputable dog walker can help when you can’t get home yourself), and please don’t crate them—after all, they’re dogs, not cargo.

Sometimes, though, you have to cut your losses—literally: The sofa had to be chopped in half with a chain saw and thrown out. While Precious was being spayed in one of PETA’s mobile clinics, staffers were at the Hope House thrift shop picking up a comfy new (or, rather, gently used) couch. And, hey, at least she had fun!

Want to help animals in need—and, perhaps, replace a shredded sofa or two? Join PETA.

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