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The Dog Who Screamed When Touched

Written by PETA | October 5, 2011

When PETA’s Community Animal Project team got a call from a man who asked us to euthanize his sick dog, staffers weren’t expecting to see an animal who had been suffering for months—or possibly even for years.

Cordie had mange so severe that she screamed in pain when anyone touched her. She had likely been chewing on her skin to relieve the itching for so long that she had developed a bacterial infection that had eroded her teeth. Cordie was also suffering from a swollen, fluid-filled mass on her ear and a raging yeast infection. As gently as possible, so as not to hurt her further, we ended her suffering and let her slip away from this world

All of Cordie’s conditions would have been relatively easy to treat if the dog’s owner had taken her to a veterinarian long ago when he first noticed her symptoms. He told the PETA staffers that he loved his dog but was unemployed and had had no money for vet care.

Working for a nonprofit, we understand what it’s like to live on a tight budget. We recommend that everyone do whatever is necessary to plan ahead for emergency veterinary needs. Putting away even a few dollars a month, buying animal medical insurance, or trying to find a vet who will arrange a payment plan can ensure that animals don’t suffer in a tough economy.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Caroline says:

    This poor animal. I lost my job Christmas 2009. I have 5 stray cats that are all my indoor cats now and 2 dogs. One i adopted from Hurricane Katrina. She was an absolute mess. My other dog was found half dead on the side of the road. They have been nursed back to health-everyone of them. Please DO NOT own another animal. You break my heart. I feel angry but feel that you could have.made an effort instead of watching that poor animal siffer for sooo long. Shame on you.

  • lynne says:

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have animals!

  • Ashley says:

    No EXCUSE, Hes careless and layz! period.

  • Luzbel says:

    I know that beautiful baby is now in a better place than this.I do not know how to give apolize…

  • Chickens_<3_ilove!! says:

    This story is horrible!! How could someone treat a pet like that?? i’ve got 12 hens, 7 ducks, 3 turkeys, 2cats and one lovely dog, (all are pets, we dont kill them and i am a vegetarian) and i could never treat one of mine like that! i would rather take my own life than hurt my baby pets!!!!! <3 GO PETA!!

  • LeciaLee says:

    Animals are a precious gift from God. Iwould go without eating, tv or anything else if my 2 beautiful cats were in need of medical care they are a special part of our family, I could never watch them suffer and not do anything.

  • SickSadWorld says:

    I am flat broke unemployed with no income, I still love my dog enough to get her properly fed with good vet treatment. There is no excuse at all for this, if he loved the dog he would have sent it to a shelter for treatment and re-homing. He did not love this dog and should be locked up and banned from animals for life. Being poor is no excuse for cruelty.

  • Allie says:

    God bless this beautifull Angel. Low budget is never an excuse! Animals are our responsibility! I rather my dogs have the only bit of food I have! How cruel can you be. There is no doubt in my mind when I say many people would of helped this little Angel if we knew. This person should be put behind bars.

  • Levi says:

    There was an elderly woman. She heard a family telling people they were going to shoot their dog, a young beagle. After abusing the dog, they didn’t want it anymore. The woman called several town and state agencies. They all said since the dog was not shot, they could not do anything. So the elderly woman went to the abusive house. She went to the door, rang the bell and demanded the dog. She took out her phone and dialed 91. She told the family that if they did not give her the dog she was going to press the other number one on the phone (911). They gave her the dog and she brought it home. She kept the dog for almost a year. She called us for assistance in finding the dog a new home. She did not have money to continue to support him and she was no longer physically able to meet the dog’s needs. The day we picked the dog up, the woman cried- no sobbed. She knew she was doing the right thing for her friend. This is an owner who loves their dog. The words “I love you” are meaningless without acts of love. The man you spoke of should be barred from owning animals.

  • summer says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this same person who was so broke smoked and had cable. It all comes down to priorities

  • SarahJ says:

    I don’t care how broke you are. If you have an animal, it is your responsibility to do what is best for it, even if it means you find a better owner. I was in college and broke and I went hungry in order to feed my dog. When you truely love your animal, it is easy to do without in order to care for them.

  • prairiegal says:

    Sorry but if I were in that situation I would make sure my pets were taken care of, no matter what. I would go without so I could feed and medicate my pets as to me they are family. There is always a way. The problem is too many people make excuses instead of doing something.

  • Annoula Wylderich says:

    Most shelters will charge a minimal amount ($10 or $20) to humanely euthanize an animal that is suffering. Anyone who is considered about their companion animal can pick up a phone and start calling around to find some assistance. I find it hard to believe that this guy cared about his dog if he allowed the situation to go on to the extent that it did.