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No Dog Meat for Olympians?

Written by PETA | July 11, 2008
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The Beijing City Government Food Safety Office has reportedly stated that dog meat is off the menu during the Olympics. The world’s best athletes are now free from worrying that the meat on their plate may be from someone’s stray or confiscated Fido. All 112 official Olympic restaurants are forbidden from serving any dishes containing any part of a dog during the summer games, which start on August 8. So, swimmers and sprinters, don’t worry if you see a finger-like object floating in your stew—it’s probably just a finger ….

Let’s face it, China may be on top of its game in terms of technological innovations, but when it comes to animal protection, the country is dead last at the bottom of the dog pile.

China severely lacks any form of animal welfare. Our investigations into Chinese fur farms and live markets have shown some of the most horrendous acts of cruelty and conditions for animals raised for human use.

We’re pleased that Beijing has opted out of the dog-slaughtering business—at least for a few weeks and if only for Olympic restaurants. But I have a suspicion it’s not because someone up top realized that dogs feel pain.

A better idea would be to ban all meat from the restaurants. Cows, chickens, pigs, and fish value their lives and don’t want to suffer, and they certainly die as wretchedly as dogs do, even if most people never get to know one in the way that they get to know a dog. Kind of a double standard, don’t you think?

Besides, the Olympic athletes certainly don’t need all the fat and cholesterol loaded in each bite of meat. It would suck to be one lap away from winning gold and suffer a heart attack. Take a bit of advice from Carl Lewis, a legendary Olympian, a vegetarian, and the man who’s broken more records than humanly possible.

The only real breakfast of champions is one that’s meat-free. And you can take that to the winner’s podium.

Posted by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Amy Veloz says:

    I also wanted to say that I am disgusted and outraged and sick at heart that people would make a festival out of torturing dogs and cats. To kill an animal slowly so it will pump adrenaline and make the meat taste of it, is diabolically evil! I also find it interesting that South Korea, where they have this cruel festival every summer, has one of the highest rates of stomach cancer in the world. China comes in second to South Korea in stomach cancer. I call this “Revenge of the Dog” and “Curse of the Cat.”

  • Amy Veloz says:

    China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and most of Asia seems to be totally without mercy when it comes to animals. Right now in South Korea, they are having a summer dog meat festival. They make it as painful and horrible for the dogs And cats they eat by torturing them and boiling them alive. These people believe that a dog or cat who has suffered the “Tortures of the Damn” before they die makes the eater sexually stronger . They want the poor creature to suffer as much as possible and flow adrenaline through it’s body.

  • Kaylee says:

    I can’t belive those STUPID china people!!!!!!!! Why are they killing helpless animals just to EAT them!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 MAKES ME SOOOOOOOO ANGREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen says:

    This is a great article I read “courtesy of hatsumomo on the WWGym board For those calling for a boycott of the 2008 olympics Shut up. Just…shut up. Now I’m not saying this because I disagree with your sentiments. I do agree. I honestly do think that Tibet is an important issue that needs more media attention. But calling for a boycott isn’t the way to do it. Why? Because you’re essentially asking the estimated 600700 athletes that the U.S. believes will be competing to sacrifice their childhood dreams the years they spent training and sacrificing many aspects of their own lives. Fuck you. Think about the athletes please. Take gymnastics for example most of these gymnasts don’t have another four years of dieting strenuous training 2536 hours a week intense competition schedules a few of the U.S. gymnasts just went through a series of PanAmerican Games Nationals training camp and World Championships in a span of about six weeks injuries and recovery training camps etc. on top of schooling and trying to stay on top while new and younger talent is coming in in them. And that would be on top of the massive disappointment you hit them with. Talk to the gymnasts who were pumped for the 1980 Games only to find out that the U.S. was boycotting. Many of them have said that there is a hole in them because of a dream unfulfilled.No. If YOU believe in something so much then YOU sacrifice yourself for them. Don’t ask others to do it for you. That’s supremely unfair.The Olympics aren’t the podium for politics. 1972 1980 and 1984 taught us those lessons. Any and all politics between the U.S. and China will be symbolically played out in the medal counts. A boycott wouldn’t accomplish much anyway because not enough countries would be willing to participate for it to make a big enough dent. Wouldn’t the U.S. beating China in medal counts on their home turf pack a more powerful punch than any boycott would? I can guarantee that both countries are working their athletes much harder because both want to top the other. I can also guarantee that there will be athletes who agree with your sentiments but will not say anything publicly because they know they will face a permanent ban from China therefore ruining their Olympic dreams. They probably also think that beating China on their turf will show more than a boycott.And please George Bush will never call for a boycott. And if he does it won’t be because he cares about human rights or Tibet.Not only does one need to learn to pick and choose their battles they need to learn to pick and choose when they will fight their battles and who is going to do the necessary sacrifices for them.”

  • Rex says:

    China is concerned about the cultural shock value attributed to canine BBQ. Serving dog would result in the Olympics being covered for the menu and not the sport. They’re no ones fool. P.S. Be more concerned about the plight of children and our fellow humans first over there. The critters will follow in time. Remember species loyalty … people first.

  • Dana Clark says:

    I am so horrified at the thought of dogs and cats plus other animals skinned alive for their fur and just abused horricaly. that I am going to boycott the olyimpics I will not watch one secend because its in a conuntry known for their lack of respect to animals I hate china!!!!!

  • Carol says:

    All those who are concerned with dog and cat eating unfortunatly south korea is as bad as china Right now there trying to pass laws to make dogs livestock easier to keep them on dinner plate also the treatment of these dogs and cats are as horrific cruelty cats and dogs are subject to being boiled alive made into tonics also besides being slaughered fotmeat Their suppose to be our freinds so we should all call the korean ambassey at 202 939 5600 and voice our oppisition to this law thier trying to pass and peta i wish you would put this on your blog since most of us are all concernede about this dog and cat touture and eating

  • Carol says:

    To put it simply on the issuse dog eating in china As far as im concerned anyone who wants to eat our best freinds dogs and cats can be no freind of mine would you be freinds with somebody thst wanted to eat members of your family thats how most people see thier pets as members of the family NOt to even mention the increadible caulous cruelty the way animals are abused there To put it mildly I can be no freind to China

  • Karen says:

    I agree with Zeta about the athletes not boycotting. Maybe it’s because I actually see BOTH sides of the issue. I have been watching gymnastics for a while now and know they work 6+ hours a day. They show up to gym everyday except maybe Sundays even if they had say a broke wrist. I know if I were Nastia Liukin I would not give up a chance to win the Olympics.

  • beetz12 says:

    Bet you dont need to put people down to make a point. It only hurts your credibility. I can see why you believe China is rich. But the economy alone is not the only indicator of wealth. China may have the fourth largest economy in the world but its also the worlds most populous nation. We all know that when more people share a pie each person gets a smaller slice. If we compare USA and China by per capita income we see a completely different picture. Chinas per capita income the average income per person in 2007 is $2000 which is significantly less than USAs $38611. Many products we buy are made overseas in sweatshops. Im sure you are aware of the terrible conditions at these places and China is famous for them. Do you believe a normal person would WANT to work there unless he faced extreme financial difficulty? You mention that in the west cows and pigs are frequently stun before they are killed. It is seems that you are suggesting that the West is never responsible for animal cruelty and mistreatment. In that case what are your thoughts on bull fighting scalding live chickens keeping animals confined in small filthy cages their entire lives castrating bulls and other heinous acts?

  • Karen says:

    I agree with Zeta about the athlete’s not boycotting…….. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching gymnastics for quite some in fact that is all I do for the majority of my computer time and know that they condition and do routines for 6+ hours a day even if they had a broken wrist or other type of injury… An athlete dedicates a lot of their time for having a chance at making the Olympics and I know that if were Nastia Liukin I would not refuse to go to the Olympics.

  • liz says:

    having forged ahead in technology commerce industry modernity wealth.. etc etc.. it’s v. evidently obvious what is still sorely lagging far far behind.. in terms of humane treatment of creatures or animals and not regarding them as merely a kind of living breathing commodity only ‘to be used’.. as they wish or please and abused horrifically short of saying.. unbelieveable cruelty I feel their minds in this respect is still a good many decades if not centuries behind.. what was all the teachings of Confucius and Lao Tze?.. didn’t kindness come in somewhere there?.. respect for elders.. I know was one important teaching.. what about respect for ANIMALS?! as the saying of Gandhi goes.. ‘you can tell the greatness of a country by the way it’s animals are treated’.. I’m not sure if htat is an accurate benchmark rule to ascertain the greatness of a country.. but kindness and compassion to animals all creatures.. and humane treatment of them. surely has to be a good thing.. in anyone’s eyes..

  • carol Joy says:

    sarah idont believe everyone of asian origin chinese korean are evil i have met some very nice people of asian yes chinese and korean But I cant uderstand whats going in a country in 21 century to allow so much unimaginale crulety to these lowely creatures a country now one of riches in world that cant even promote Any animal protection laws where so much rappant animal abuse is going on I watched them skin alive these animals I could see one dog they showed this poor dog put up his paw to trying stop the touture and touturer just slapped his paw and kept on skinning him you could see this poor dog was suffering excurtiatinly this has just made my blood boil like any normal human being I would think and the chinese goverment knows about this why dont the millions of people thier do something if they cared at all it seems apparent to me they dont thats why I consider them a heartless country and also it is awell known fact that they consider the touture of an animal and its suffering agood thing its been well documented but whereever this horrid evil belief came from Its got to STOP especially in these mordern times people should start to no better there could be no excuses with all information out there

  • Zeta says:

    You know bet asking me if I live in the dark ages so sarcastically is not earning you any respect from me. I automatically stopped reading your post after that. I agree with what Sarah said.

  • andrea smith says:

    It is a sad thing that we have this still happening in the modern world. Yes we are all known to treat our food animals with creulty. Due to places like You Tube and other sites we are now more educated to this going on. Going blindly through our day we are usually unaware to the plight that animals go through on a daily basis. Almost all of us do eat meat as we are after all still carnivores and I don’t see that changing any time soon. We need to eat meat to be healthy.I believe that there needs to a system in place that prevents a certain list of animals becoming part of the food chain. Dogs and cats should be on this list as prohibited for human consumption. There are so many other options. If they have to be eaten by certain cultures that have been doing this for a very long time then this has to now be done humanely. Eventually this will happen but for now we are subject to seeing the worst human behavior and it is all showcased for the world to see. I have seen images that are forever burnt in my mind. Animals that are still alive after being skinned. How do we condone this. Especially an Olympic Commitee that selected this country for the Summer Olympics. How would it be if the civilized world came here for our Winter Olympics knowing that we consume cats and dogs as part of our culture. Animals will continue to be culled for us yet we are trying to improve on the creulty front. Now even more people are helping to ensure that animals don’t suffer needlessly. This has to become global. A good way of getting the message across is banning these products from our markets and to make sure that future countries comply with all human and animal rights laws before awarding them any kind of honorable events such as the Olympics. What is anyone doing about the Winter Olympics in Russia. They are known for all of this there as well.