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Alleged Would-Be Dog-Eater Prompts ‘Would You Eat Your Dog?’ Billboard

Written by Heather Moore | August 1, 2014

PETA is hoping the prosecutor will seek the maximum penalties—as well as a psychological evaluation—if a conviction is handed down in the Torrance County Magistrate Court for Salvador Martinez, a New Mexico man who allegedly stabbed his then-girlfriend Mandy Malone’s puppy Onyx in the heart with a screwdriver, skinned the dog, and left her flesh to marinate in the refrigerator, intending to serve the meat to Malone’s grandchildren for dinner.

PETA is also planning to place this thought-provoking billboard in the area to remind people that, when it comes to feeling pain, suffering, and love, there is no difference between a dog or  cat and a pig, cow, or chicken.

If You Wouldn't Eat a Dog, Why Eat a Pig?

Reportedly, he threatened to “kill one and barbecue it,” but Malone didn’t believe him because he’d made those threats in the past and because she thought he loved animals.

But the next morning, Malone says, she found meat marinating in the fridge, and since she knew there wasn’t any meat in the house, she asked Martinez where it came from. He allegedly told her that it was Onyx, then suggested that if she didn’t want the meat in the house, she should have her daughter take him to his mother’s house so he could butcher and barbecue three of the other dogs there.

While these allegations are certainly disturbing, this type of cruelty takes place every day in slaughterhouses across this country—it just doesn’t normally make the news. The victims—farmed animals and fish—may look different from dogs, but they are alike in other important and relevant ways: They’re made of flesh, bone, and blood; they feel pain and terror; and they don’t want to be butchered.

If you don’t want fish and farmed animals to suffer any more than you want dogs and cats to suffer, please eat vegan foods.

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  • Sophie says:

    When will this cruelty stop if wernt for PETA thousands of animals would be dead or still abused. Just wish all animals could be saved

  • Jeannie DeVito says:

    What is thie world coming to when people like Salvador Martinez are allowed to walk free after committing such a barbaric act. This person belongs behind bars – for life.
    Thank you PETA for all that you do. Your work on behalf of the animal kingdom is so very much appreciated.

  • Dana says:

    Sick man. Thank you PETA for all the work you do! I am happy to be vegan.

  • Leslie Stanick says:

    Thank you PETA for your compelling questions and challenge to live vegan. This truly is the humane way to live, for the animals, for humans and for the whole planet.