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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

DMX Arrested

Written by PETA | May 12, 2008

DMX’s album art leaves little doubt as to where he stands on cruelty to pit bulls
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Rapper DMX, who apparently thinks cruelty to animals makes him seem tough, was arrested on Friday, after being indicted on felony drug possession and animal cruelty charges, reportedly associated with dogfighting.

The indictment came after reports that dogs were being abused on his property in August led authorities to search his home, where they seized 12 pit bulls and found the bodies of three others buried on his property. I can’t say that I’m all that shocked about this arrest, given that DMX has used his music to glorify dogfighting in songs like “Dog Match”, where he talks about how his dogs “love to fight” (which is eerily reminiscent of all those folks who’ve been claiming that horses “love to race” in the wake of Eight Belles’ death at the Kentucky Derby).

We’ve contacted the prosecutor in this case asking him to ensure that, if DMX is convicted, he’s given the maximum jail sentence, a ban on owning animals, and mandatory psychiatric counseling. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Krystal Chapman says:

    I think that he should not even be alive anymore because of what he did to the dog. He should not even have any pets anymore due to it. I hate people who are cruel to animals.

  • sasan says:

    and sorry…cruelty to animals makes him think he’s tough?…are you serious?…i chuckled when i read that

  • Maryna says:

    lock him up!! What kind of dirt bag gets pleasure out of watching animals rip eachother apart! MONSTERS!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Or a very poor man either.

  • Annalena says:

    Hello Maya. I agree with you to some extent.Howeverif we stopped the breeding of pitbulls men like this would simply turn to another powerful breed. Pitbulls have a natural inclination to human contact though they sometimes have dog agression. This is no excuse for violence because a proper guardian would socialize their companion.I know many pitbulls who are honestly some of the most gentle dogs I know.I have been attackd by various dog breeds from beagles to lab crosses.Pitbulls deserve consideration like the said Tyke with cropped ears I mentioned. I do not believe in letting the breed die out though this is much better than instant bans that hurt those who truly love their dogs. I think that it is somewhat of a bandaid solution. It is also unfair to those that are truly dedicated to their dogs.There are many lesser known breeds who are naturally much more agressive than pit bulls.The guardian breeds of the middle eastern area for example.Brian I am imperfect. I recognize my faults and try to forgive others but I have my limits. I am not all forgiving but I do have mercy for those willing to change. There are no excuses for a very rich man to torment other living beings.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Brian thank you for considering my comment. I would LOVE to see a ban on breeding pitbulls. However I worked with about 3000 dogs at the MSPCA shelter many of them pitbulls. If trained correctly these dogs aren’t any worse than many other large dogs. Pitbulls do have extreme jaw power so they can injure people more. It’s a real problem what to do with the thosands of unwanted pitbulls. We need to give them to the few folks responsible enough to keep them from harming others and let the breed die out.

  • brian says:

    I’ll admit i’m not very knowledgeable about pitbull terriors but am i wrong in saying that it is arguable that they are dangerous to people and other dogs. The are banned in the UK and Ireland and some parts of Europe. Owning or breeding them will result in a custodial sentencing. So in all fairness it is what they do. They are born dangerous dogs regardless of upbringing. the european supranational government seems to think so anyway. but of course i see what you are saying dog fighting is dispicable

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Sorry to comment twice. Brian I totally agree with you we should never count any person out of our prayers. Plus which in this country it’s innocent until proven guilty!! Having said that there is no excuse for fighting dogs. Forget about DMX for the moment let’s just discuss dog fighting. No dog on this Earth is LESS worthy of protection than any of us. I’m not saying animals take priority over people just that killing or injuring a dog is just as terrible as doing the same to a human being. Loving a dog and caring for it are two different things!! A real guardian does not EVER let their dog get injured MUCH LESS stand there and watch the dog get chewed up!! If my cats fight I am there to stop it every time. I won’t allow so much as a scratch on my cats because I am a responsible cat guardian. Anyone can “love” their dog. But if they set their dogs up to have a bloody fight they belong in jail.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Jodi Well said you’re a very cool woman for taking the time to write to your government. I don’t know where you’re from but in Canada at least the government needs to step up. We can all scream poverty for the folks in Newfoundland but if Harper et al weren’t such incompetent buffoons they would fix this situation. And Annalena is right a real man does not need fighting dogs to feel masculine. Being a man means getting a real job and earning your living the hard way like the rest of us have to!!!!!

  • brian says:

    Nobody is beyond prayer. You need to stop being so narrow minded. An animal is a beautiful thing but should never take priority over a human being. I’m not justifying the act he committed I am simply asking people to stop pretending to be so righteous. There is no evidence to even prove it. I read his autobiography and it says he grew up with a pitbull he named ‘Boomer’ he loved it so much that he tatooed it on his back. So any rational being can conclude that this was not an action committed out of hate if he even did it but rather carelessness or other reasons. Therefore it is unfair to call him a bad person. There is news circulating around the internet that DMX hired someone to look after the dogs and he was devastated when he heard the news. Does nobody relise that he is known as ‘The Dog?!?’. He is so passionate about dogs he uses anologies about them and cross references their characteristics to his own life. Do some research before you accuse!

  • Allison says:

    Stop Drop Shut him down open up a rescue ohoh oh put the rough rider in jail. They should have locked him up for trying to act a long time ago. Tell the Scifi channel to stop employing him in their made for tv movies.

  • debi says:

    what a monster.. hope he gets a hefty jail sentence

  • Gina says:

    The photos of the dogs confiscated last Aug. was the worst case of abuse I’ve ever seen. Those dogs could not have been fighting dogs because they were deformed from being left in cages for too long outgrew them the cage grills were embedded into the skin their ribs were poking out and they had been left outside in the AZ heat with no food or water. If I didn’t know the horrifying images were dogs beforehand I would never have known what these poor creatures were the bodies were so disfigured. I hate this man a millionare who spent a fortune on keeping his body muscular bought drugs fast cars big houses. He didn’t look lioke he missed a meal but didn’t feed these animals this is the third or fourth time pit bulls were found on his property either abused dying or dead burned buried!

  • lynda downie says:

    DMX you be nasty! And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  • Annalena says:

    I have no intention of praying for a man like this. If you go down that path you can justify all cruelty with various neurotic “troubles”. This issue bothers me endlessly. Working at the SPCA I have seen guys like this coming in to adopt a “toughmean dog”. One man even came in with a gun demanding that we give him a rottie dane crossnow living with a lovely family. My neighbours have a staffie whom they rescued from a dog fighting situation. He is such a sweet boy. He was just a puppy when they rescued him so luckily he has no problems with other dogs. His pathetic “people” had cropped his ears themselves and they are so short and jagged he barely has them at all. People like DMX have fostered negative attitudes towards dogs with “the look” and these negative attitudes are only founded in these thugs.What kind of “man” forces vulnerable and sensitive beings to tear each other apart? Does he think he is a Roman emperor?That cover is moronic…Oh yeah what a slick tough manly man you are DMX. I wish people would stop “cropping” the ears and tails of dogs. It is so ridiculous.

  • Jodi says:

    I have a few comments however I would like to address Tom and welcome correction if in fact I have misunderstood his comment. GIVE DMX a break are you kidding when we are small children we are taught right from wrong whether something is technically illegal or not there is a level of common sense we should all expect from ourselves and others. Today with media and technology there is absolutely no excuse to plead ignorance. Regarding why things are illegal when others aren’t when they should be is due to the fact that politicians and law makers make certain issues priority however it is largely the responsibility of “civilians” to do there part by writing letters and signing petitions and stop supporting the demand which creates supply. I received a letter from my elected officials today confirming they heard my voice and they are escalating it to the minister regarding the seal hunt. Human beings like to play god by determining who is priviledge to rights and who is not. Study’s show that animals feel and think but as we all know can not speak nor can they fight back therefore they are lower class and it is fine to torture them I mean really there cries are just noises right…BULL ST again it is great to respond via blog but there are so many ways in which we as people can end the cruelty and suffering of animals everywhere and in every industry. Could you imagine if one of these sick cowardly people who not only torture animals because it’s there job but actually enjoy it grabbed a god cow sheep etc and it punched himher and actually spoke….You would see how quickly things would change now since that probably wont happen YOU have to be the voice. Sorry if I sound like a preacher I’m trying to be

  • Jennifer says:

    I am shocked at the “give DMX a break” I think people have a right to voice their opinions over this. And let’s pray for DMX?? I pray for the animals that are beaten. I pray for the animals who go hungry I pray for the animals that suffer. I pray for the animals who will never know love. I will pray that DMX gets what he deserves. P.S. Maya and Judith you both make very good points. Peace

  • Tom says:

    Give DMX a break?? I’m sure many of us have done wrong but not in this way. I know I can go to bed at night and sleep easy knowing I haven’t abused killed or made any animal suffer in this way. People like DMX are beyond prayer the ones I pray for are the animals.

  • HannaBanana says:

    I keep going back to this particular blog Jack… DMX is nothing but a huge weenie.

  • brian says:

    Give DMX a break. OK what he done was obviously wrong but he is a troubled man and we have all done wrong who are you to judge?? It helps no one talking bad about him it would be more beneficial to all if you simply prayed for him.

  • kacey says:

    Why does this not surprise me?!?!….yo yo yo look at him. And who is he anyway? Oh right….another gangsta loser with a hit record or lack thereof on a power trip. Gawd….humanity! Give him a year’s supply of white chalk and enough black board to circle the globe so that he can spend his days writing “I WILL NOT GLORIFY DOG FIGHTING IN SONG. I WILL NOT ENGAGE IN THE PRACTICE OF DOG FIGHTING I WILL NOT KILL ANY DOGS AND HAVE THEM BURIED ON MY PROPERTY”. No doubt the dog that’s featured in that pic. with him is stuffed as well.

  • SHARIE DELLA says:


  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Hi Jennifer You are absolutely right. They should all be against the law and many people are working on that. But what the Goverment still can’t get through their moronic brains is that the “Will Of The People” is suppose to stand for something. It’s all about greed. The people that partake in these horrific horror’s and allow them to happen sold their souls many years ago for the almighty dollar. We must continue to speak out. Peace for all animals!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hey Jenninfer That is a really good question. I’d like to know the answer. I would guess that the government would claim animals injured while dogsledding or horse racing is unintentional and does not happen often enough to call it cruelty. I’m not saying I agree just that it’s a wash. BUT if I was caught out on some tourist beach by myself clubbing a baby seal I would probably get arrested! So what’s the deal? I assume fur farmers and seal hunters get permitsm meaning that these animals are under some kind of legal category making them a food or product “item” of some sort. But then horses are sold for food yet they have cruelty protection as well. Does having a permit render companion animals protectionless? Maybe someone can explain the laws to us.

  • Ana says:

    Another lowlife notalent abusing animals. Jerk!!! Keep the fool in prison and let him fight for his life in jail.

  • Jennifer says:

    First I’s like to say that I think dog fighting is disgusting. But what I don’t understand is that dog sledding horse racing bullfighting fur farms clubbing baby seals and the inhumane way of killing livestock are not considered animal cruelty. Why is that?? Is it because the government doesn’t get it’s share when it comes to dog fighting??

  • Rusty says:

    DMX obviously has small testicles that he hides behind his baggy jeans and cruelty to tortured dogs. Karma is a terrible thing lets hope he is ‘poked’ with sticks starved and made to fight in prison…or better still put him in with the poor dogs he has warped

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    It’s about time they arrested this creep. Keep his ass in jail! Peace for all animals!

  • Michael Boyer says:

    i think he should get the death sentence for what he did!!!!!!!!!!

  • HannaBanana says:

    He makes me sick!!! …the one crappy CD of his that I have…It’ll be discarded today. Gross. What a dumb selfish tool.

  • kelly says:

    Wasn’t this the guy busted for dog fighting in NJ in the late nineties? He then moved to Arizona and set up anmother dogfighting racket. Too bad they didn’t deal with him better the first time. Another one who tried to pretend he was just a “dog breeder” who loved pit bulls and sold them as pets. No surprise what they are doing with the pit bulls they breed. There are people hiding the dog fighting all around us through their “breeding businesses.”