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Ditch the Dog Graveyard!

Written by PETA | February 16, 2010

It’s a fact: the Westminster Dog Show aggravates the already dire animal overpopulation crisis and contributes to the deaths of homeless animals by encouraging people to buy purebred dogs from breeders and pet stores. That’s why PETA’s Grim Reaper showed up on Monday to usher in the dark event:


Grim Reaper


This year, dedicated PETA supporters gathered outside the dog show to tell passersby that Madison Square Garden should be the final resting place for Westminster—and that keeping shelter dogs out of early graves is as easy as choosing to adopt from a worthy rescue group rather than buying from a breeder.




Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Marnie says:

    I don’t understand how can one be attracted by dogs that all look the same more or less? They score the walk the grooming or what? Mutts are unique!

  • Terri Hughes says:

    I agreewe need to put an end to these puppie mills. This is not humane. There are alot of animals in shelters that need to be adopted.They would make great pets and they would like for someone to love and take care of them.

  • leanna says:

    i usually dissagree with PETA’s over the top things. As a matter of fact I find some of them to be PROVEN lies but I agree about the dog thing. A purebred dog is no sweeter or better than a loving old mutt. I wish people would see that. Paying thousands of dollars for a purebred dog is stupid in itself when there are other beautiful dogs suffering somewhere. And i think a mixed breed dog show is BRILLIANT not to get back at anyone but to show everyone how amazing any dog is. That would probably lead to an increase in adoptions and meybe if you’d make ads about the shelters the mixed dogs come from instead of wasthing millions putting other things down you might actually accomplish something

  • Holly says:

    Im so proud. It gives me goosebumps how the brave PETA protesters stood up and said something about this on going show promoting breed saying one dog is better than another.. Completely disregarding the beauty and companionship inside all the dogs that may not fall between the lines of black or white but rather gray in the eyes of many breeders and pushed to the side.. Thank you PETA

  • Cargo says:

    You know a dog show featuring all the dogs from the local pounds animal euthanasia centers might be a good counterprotest to Westminster’s eugenicallyinspired event… Imagine if they had a similar “best of breed” event for humans? A eugenic version of a beauty pageant that would be odd wouldn’t it? Segregate all the contestants along racialethnic lines… You can see why people say that dog breeding attracts the fascists.

  • John says:

    The “pro puppy mill” committee at the AKC is also called the High Volume Breeder Committee to try to disguise its PUPPY MILL dealings!

  • Callie says: Awesome! I wish I could have been there to protest too.

  • Jay says:

    This dog show people are sooo proud of their purebred dog and don’t see the companion behind the animal. Poor dogs poor blind breeders and poor dogs dying because the others “needed to be” bred! Fools who buy purebred dogs!

  • John says:

    If anyone would like to see one of the faces of “pro puppy mill” AKC here is one. Patti Strand is an AKC board member on their puppy mill commercial breeder committee. They hook up the registration business with the puppy mill breeders brokers like Hunte Corporation and pet stores like Petland. They also actively lobby AGAINST anticruelty laws against licensing against inspections against protections for puppy mill dogs. httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titlePattiStrand IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR THE AKC!!

  • John says:

    AKC equals PUPPY MILLS! The AKC makes most of its money registering puppy mill puppies. That is what pays for these dog shows the dog sales promotion and the lobbying FOR cruelty and suffering in the mills. The AKC actively supports PUPPY MILL CRUELTY. They are partners with puppy mill breeders and puppy mill brokers. Without the puppy mills the AKC would go broke. And AKC breeders would not be making fat incomes selling genetically flawed dogs.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Breeding is such a heartless thing to do. How can a person love these animals when they realise this is going on. It’s up to us to let the public know the real story.

  • Shari says:

    Great Job! Eye Catching!