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Dinner Is Served … Still Writhing

Written by PETA | April 13, 2010


Showing cruelty of gastronomical proportions, restaurants in Queens (Sik Gaek and East Seafood Restaurant) are chopping up and serving live octopuses to customers. Octopuses have their tentacles cut off while they are still conscious and are then served, writhing, while their hearts are still beating. Others are slowly steamed alive in front of customers before their tentacles and upper bodies are cut into small pieces with scissors.

Since we can’t “release the Kraken” on these animal abusers, we’re unleashing our legal team on the district attorney—calling on the DAs to file cruelty charges against the restaurants. Because octopuses have sophisticated nervous systems and feel pain just as acutely as mammals do, we feel that the restaurants’ practices clearly violate the state’s anti-cruelty statute.

Recently, octopuses were observed carrying around coconut shells to use as shelter—making these complex cephalopods the first known invertebrate animals to use tools. These “deep” thinkers are also fond of decorating. They decorate their dens with bottle caps, stones, and other objects that they find on the ocean floor. They are so smart that they can also learn how to do things such as unscrew jars by watching someone else do it—once!

Let’s hope that the district attorney in this case is just as smart and sentient. You can call or fax the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and politely ask that they take action against these restaurateurs. We’ll keep you posted. Until then, take this octopus-inspired poll.

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Mrs. L Steinhoff says:

    I am ashamed to share this planet with such evil and vile people! Please stop this…these are living beings not inferior nothings put on earth for humans’ entertainment! People who treat animals like this are cruel and barbaric. One is forced to ask “Do you even HAVE a soul?!” MAKES ME CRY

  • Kimberly Ohanesian says:

    Please stop this…these are living beings not inferior nothings put on earth for humans’ entertainment! People who treat animals like this are cruel and barbaric. One is forced to ask “Do you even HAVE a soul?!”

  • Margarita says:

    How can someone watch a poor animal that can’t defend itself die in front of you without any remorse… that’s inhumane please stop this practice and let all the animals live there lives as we live ours…

  • Linda says:

    Incredible the things that the human mind will conceive in the guize of sophistication or trends and that the population accepts. Why can’t the majority of the population conceive of kindness and a possible connection to animals? Eating maybe but eating alive? Stupid depraved people.

  • karen lyons kalmenson says:

    the depth of this moral depravity proves that mankind has an empty cranial cavity

  • Ana Fontan says:

    Im horrified of how cruel and abusive can some “humans” be actually I don not think there is a single atom of “human” in either of them!

  • Sally says:

    Do you andyour clients think that torturing living beings acceptable? Are you seeing money and your clients seeing entertainment torturing these animals. Do any of you even think from the perspective of the creatures being served up in this inappropriate way? Are you so superior?

  • Caroline Fugett says:

    I have no words for this!!!!!

  • Rui Viegas says:

    It’s always about money isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

  • Veronica Ratcliffe-|Speakman says:

    This is truly barbaric! The most dreadful act that ‘socalled’ humans could do. This would never be allowed in the UK

  • JHarrelson says:

    The more I hear about humans the less I want to be around them



  • Susana Houser says:

    What is wrong with people that they choose to torture animals prior to eating them? It’s not that you must be a vegetarian but if you are going to eat animals at least treat them with respect! Animals experience pain and fear just like we do. Only a sick person would subject an animal to unnecessary pain.

  • Gaby Ferré says:

    Please Stop this barbaric practice. Stop animals cruelty.

  • kary says:

    karma will get em! thats how life goes u kill u’ll pay 4 it. xoxoxo to all PETA lovers!

  • N. Reens says:

    I haven’t watched the footage because I just can’t but I am convinced that “lower” animals like fish lobsters crabs and octopusses have a huge share in the global animal suffering. As all animals virtually defenseless they are left over to the empathymercy of the humans they meet on the way. And most of the time not much empathy to be found there…. Carrying the brain we have it must be possible to have the decency to totally reduce unneccessary suffering of animals to zero. If humans really think they have to eat animals then at least they should take care of the animals being killed in a painfree way. Better not eat animals at all to be on the safe site. They only have one life just like us and only one body just like us. N. Reens the netherlands

  • Jessica says:

    How is this possible..these people deserve the same torture. These beautiful creatures that God has created..I hurt so badly for these animals. Everyone must join together in an effort to stop this. The sick chefs demented customers at the restruants…laughing at the poor things suffering…they need help…serious help.

  • Jean Cameron says:

    After reading about this barbaric practice I have to feel sorry for the individuals committing these acts. These have to be people without an ounce of compassion humanity or ethics … not very evolved or advanced as humans. Poor specimens of men.