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I Didn’t Know Animals Could Do That!

Written by PETA | August 2, 2012

The following graphic shows some of the things that we have in common with our animal friends—and some of the differences that humans can only envy. Respect!

I Didn’t Know Animals Could Do That! – An infographic by the team at I Didn’t Know Animals Could Do That! Animal Infographic

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Now that you know how impressive animals are, won’t you help PETA protect them? Learn more (even on the go), become a member, and get active today!

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  • Frugal Me says:

    This is crazy! Thanks for sharing

  • animaldigitizer says:

    I like your articles… I’ll share them. thanks

  • Gabelle says:

    I show pigs for the fair and they are truly very smart! On the first day I get them,they learn how to open their feeders after we show them how it’s done. We open the lid once,and they catch on. Same with drinking out of the water thing. They just bite down on the thing, and it squirts out. They are also so funny and cute,gotta love ’em! My dogs are also very smart too! They are just like humans. I love animals,they have so much capabilities.

  • Julia says:

    thats really cool

  • Matt says:

    This simply confirms my long held belief that if we’re going to eat animals, then there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t consume humans as well. It’s only fair. I support legal cannibalism. Not commiting murder, but once someone’s dead, why waste a good piece of meat I say?

  • PanicFun says:

    Pigs – is glamorous animals. They are pink, and around them so much dirt that the tabloids can not dream.

  • Cephalopod Lover says:

    Octopuses can use tools, learn by observing, change not only the color but the texture of their skin, mimic multiple poisonous animals, grow lost limbs back, and eventually die because they spend every second of their life after laying eggs to care for them. Easily the coolest animal out there.

  • Lynn says:

    Horses can catch yawning from other horses or animals but they also do it to communicate that they are bored. Horses also can remember and recognize significant people in their lives after not seeing them for decades

  • Jfo44 says:

    Male seahorses do not get pregnant, they knock the females up and the females give the males the eggs to carry

  • Jfo44 says:

    Male seahorses do not get pregnant, they knock the females up and the females give the males the eggs to carry

  • jessxdom says:

    This is so cute. No wonder my dog is always yawning, because I am! And pig enjoy music and massages? That’s a great reason to give up bacon… they enjoy the same things as humans!

  • Bakeca Roma says:

    I love these! I am going to post a link on facebook! Its a have to share!

  • Lisa says:

    Cows also have best friends 🙂

  • Tourism in Chennai says:

    Amazing facts about animals… thanks for this fantastic post

  • Forks says:

    D’you know why animals have biological adaptations like this? Because they don’t change their environment like we do. Humans change their environment to suit them. Animals change to suit their environment.

  • Traeykwon says:

    Cool stuff but the statement about cows lining up magnetically has been disproven!

  • Kitt E. cat says:

    pigs sing, elephants paint(abstract) and they also have orchestras, and play amazing harmonica.

  • Candice says:

    who’s idea was it to massage a pig to see if it enjoyed it lol

  • Donne Bologna says:

    :)) I didn’t know animals could do this things!

  • free classifieds says:

    I didnt know animals could do that

  • ThatGingerGuy says:

    That’s cool but cows don’t align their bodies to the Earths magnetic field. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, they face north or south to get maximum surface area facing the sun.

  • Clarise says:

    Good to know these about animals. Thanks to the team. Lovely presentation. But we will never know animals enough. So lets continue to show love, respect and appreciation for them. Hold them in awe and not exploit them.

  • Mohammed says:

    nice website i love it

  • northierthanthou says:

    Some of this stuff is really interesting, but context is everything.

  • Spears says:

    I don’t get it: what is the lesson we should take as humans? Anthropomorphic interpretations of animal behavior are fallacious. Why should such animal activity be interpreted in terms of higher psychological processes, when it can be fairly interpreted in terms of processes which stand lower in the scale of psychological evolution and development? “My cat hears ghosts as much or more than me.” There’s no such thing as ghosts. “Maybe if we took the time we could communicate with them telepathically.” Wow.

  • Mari says:

    Maybe if we took the time we could communicate with them telepathically, they definately respond to love

  • Sarah says:

    i know this is True Story 😀

  • cowsgood says:

    forgot a super power for cows

  • Vegan for life says:

    Love it!

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Isabel says:

    All animals have six senses, humans only five. They never choose a wrong leader, humans often do. They have a much better sense of orientation than we. They understand other animals language, we don’t. Most animals have a lot of abilities which surpass the human ones, such as sight, sense of smell, strength, speed etc. Humans do not know how to interpret the crying of their own babies. After all, we have to recognize that we are not so smart and perfect, and could learn a lot from animals. And last but not least, we are animals too, apes.

  • Daved Waxman says:

    What our Beloved Creator Made is beautifully beloved creatures with whom we should love,respect,protect and cherish because they are part of His family.

  • Ella Preston says:

    My cat hears ghosts as much or more than me. Once we heard a bell being rattled downstairs, like the bell of his collar but in a deeper tone. Perhaps it was a housemate jangling a child’s percussion instrument; but it sounded like a taunt from a larger beast. Me and my cat gave each other the same look, a sideways ‘W.T.F.’ look. He went down to investigate, came back looking a bit angry. I don’t get scared anymore, because I’ve becpome so close to animals. Sometimes if I’m really close to him i hear all sorts of noises and talking, and I know it’s through his earstream.

  • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    Why wouldn’t other creatures have love, sadness, feel loss and fear and pain and everything else??? For sure they would. They also need each other just as we do. Did you know that if you hurt an elephant, the tears run down their faces – well surprise, the same happens for many other creatures and others would, however, they have no tear ducts eg: rabbits. All creatures are just amazing – the worst species is unfortunately humans!

  • Jennifer says:

    These are the reasons I can’t eat animals. I can’t justify killing life for my consumption. Especially when there are so many other things to satisfy my appetite!! They feel, they love, they live.

  • Ben says:

    When posting claims such as these, it would really be useful to cite the studies/evidence supporting them. Otherwise this is essentially nonsense.

  • HorseLover says:

    Horses will mourn the loss of friends and will make other equine and human friends. They will also play with soccer balls. I am glad that PETA made this but disappointed that horses were left out.

  • Louisee says:

    Thanks for these amazing facts, For info that the Male sea horse does in fact get pregnant and give birth.

  • umar satti says:

    Social animals luv you 🙂

  • Meenakshi says:

    How dumb I am. I didn’t know any of the above listed facts. Stupid me. Very informative post.

  • Kat says:

    “Faithful Fathers” “Male seahorses get pregnant and give birth” Yes, but during the pregnancy they don’t eat at all. They hide to protect the babies. As soon as the babies come out of the pouch, the father begins to eat them. The babies flee instinctually. “Faithful”. Hah.

  • Billy Sonata says:

    I admired your helpful writing. topnotch work. I hope you release more. I will continue reading…

  • Delicious says:

    Man, these are some cool facts. And Peta isn’t trying to make people not eat animals with it. Have you changed for the better?

  • PETA says:

    Thanks for your comment, Steph. Scientists who study seahorses refer to this process as “pregnancy”, as they did in this Science Daily article: Male seahorses don’t just incubate the eggs, they fertilize them inside their pouches, then provide the proper environment for the embryos’ development.

  • steph says:

    male seahorses do not get pregnant and give birth. the female lays the eggs the male stores them in his pouch until they hatch.

  • Raul Moreno says:

    Ryan: You are making very dangerous affirmations about the difference between how animals and humans “feel”. I know they do not have our complex concept of life, ourselves, etc. but to say they are not sad, as if you or anybody really know it, may have horrible consecuences if people take it for granted. I understand your good intentions, but I think that’s a very arrogant position. And I am sympathetic with science, as I have a Physics degree, but we cannot say animals don’t have feelings of sadness. Haven’t you ever seen a depressed animal? an scared one? haven’t some commited suicide? I am sure they can feel something equivalent to our feeling of sadness, fear, etc. although surely with different mental complexity.

  • Sananda says:

    Thank You for sharing this 🙂 Delightful information!

  • Aww About Animals says:

    Absolutely loved this graphic. Some really cool facts in it, never ever would have thought turkeys picked pet humans 🙂 Uber cute 🙂

  • Ryan says:

    And yet most of that knowledge comes from not only observation in wild but observation and experimentation in captivity. And guess what. It also comes from trying to teach them tricks! Who knew! I won’t argue that there are some shady people out there that force animals to do things using shady tactics. However, most training is quite rewarding to the animal. And a properly cared for animal will live years, sometimes even twice as long as they would have if they were instead in the wild. Without having to concern themselves with lack of food, resources, disease, predators, and many other negatives. These tricks are often times for the benefit of the animal. In the wild, they would play and use play to learn. Zoo animals are given challenges to over come for their food and for play. This is mental exercise, not a form of torture. There is no intention of starving the animal, but to give them additional mental stimulation. I’m in no way saying we should then put all animals in zoos and teach them things because it’s better. And I believe that we should respect animals. But many of these studies significantly benefit not only all of mankind, but the animals that are captive and trained. Some animals are so near extinction, the only known population of these near extinct species are in zoos. They are trying to preserve them if not reintroduce them to the wild. People tend to over anthropomorphous animals. As example, you see a picture of a beaten dog and it has a “sad” look on it’s face and you think “awe it’s sad. Bad human!”. But dog psychology doesn’t work that way. I’m in no way saying it’s ok to beat a dog, but animal psychology is different then human psychology. The dog isn’t sad because it’s beaten. It doesn’t understand that it was beaten. It’s confused because the conflicting signals the human masters has given it. The dog then either shows submissive behavior (looking sad) to try to please the master/humans or showing aggressive behavior to challenge the human masters for pack dominance. Anybody who even casually studies animals and animal behaviors knows this. And any dog owner should know this. Anyway. I’m appalled to see horrific treatment of animals. And I’m glad peta is here to push us to behave better. If we can accomplish something without animal experimentation and caging, then we should push for that. I’m glad peta does. But often times peta goes way to far, misses the point all together, and just plain doesn’t seem to understand nor want to understand what it’s trying to protect. Which is just sad.

  • Shari says:

    I love stuff like that! This is what people should be learning about animals and not seeing them do stupid tricks. The more we know about them and how they love and care for their families ,hopefully, we will not be seeing them being used for entertainment,fur,etc…