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Dickerson Park Zoo Scene of Gruesome Death

Written by Chrissy Matthies | October 11, 2013
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  • Kathleen Wirt says:

    No zoo has enough land for even one elephant, and further more, elephants should never be separated from their families or friends. There should be a law that they cannot be kept captive in an area that is smaller than 40 acres.

  • mandi says:

    close the zoo.

  • Raquel Iglesias says:

    Elephants don´t belong in jail!

  • Sue Wise says:

    As it says this is a culture of death. There is no excuse for intelligent people to mistreat Elephants in the way you house and treat them. Please review your practices of housing and treatment of these beautiful intelligent animals. We too are animals. I repeat there is no excuse for cruelty

  • Craig Destephanis says:

    Please investigate the I humane practices at this zoo.

  • danielmartinez590 says:

    that was expected has happened because you can not tame any animal if taken away from their young because worse is going to reveal to anyone that this is no

  • Claudia maier says:

    please help put an end to the suffering of these innocent elephants. they deserve a life of freedom and comfort not abuse and neglect of all things natural and safe.Show your campasion, shut the zoo down!!

  • Douglas Smith says:

    Ms Stephens, I would like to begin by stating that I am not a tree hugger and do not support PETA blindly. As a human ( and humane ) physician I recognize the need for using animals in research with apprpriate veterinary oversight. Sadly, you miss the point entirely. You are a strong proponent of the quality of care at this zoo. Great, BUT IT IS A PLACE OF CAPTIVITY, not a natural environment, I assume that during your veterinary education somebody pointed out the role of stressors to the psyche, elephant or otherwise. I find it appalling that someone purportedly interested in the wellfare of animals could be so short sighted. Perhaps this is the difference between large animal veterinary medicine and small animal medicine. Empathy.

  • Awsumniss says:

    You guys are idiots

  • Dixie Lee says:

    So sad. We know too much about elephants in this era – the 21st Century. We know better. Please read Caitlin O’Connel’s The Elephants’Secret Sense. So sad for the man and the elephant. This did not need to happen!

  • Anna Tangi says:

    It is time to close your elephant exhibit and send Patience and the three other remaining elephants to a reputable sanctuary. No creature should endure a life of misery, especially for the entertainment of mankind. It’s time to let them live!